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Found 4 results

  1. Lately, I’ve been on an Awakening kick. I’ve been reading many supports and I started playing the game again. Some time ago I created a favorite Fates character tier list topic, so I thought I’d create an Awakening version. Like the Fates version, this is meant to be a subjective list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. I ordered mine in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect everyone to do that. Also, I count male and female Robin and Morgan as different characters, but I don’t count Masked Marth and Lucina as different characters. Share your favorite character tier lists as well!
  2. Since Fates has such a huge cast, I thought it would be fun to create an entirely subjective tier list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. Share your favorite character tier lists! I organized my favorites in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect that from everyone. I also count Male Corrin and Female Corrin and Male Kana and Female Kana as different characters. Feel free to copy my list and move character names around if it’s too much work to try to remember them all or type them out again. I listed every playable character and some NPCs and bosses when I felt inclined to include them. Top 10 Camilla, Jakob, Azura, Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Shigure, Shura, Felicia, Leo, Elise Top 20 (I love them just slightly less) Peri, Charlotte, Anna, Nyx, Ryoma, Reina, Xander, Selkie, Laslow, Siegbert Like Kaze, Percy, Flora, Sophie, Izana, Scarlet, Silas, Subaki, Arthur, Hayato, Kana (M), Kana (F), Kiragi, Lilith, Mozu, Ophelia, Odin, Hisame, Keaton, Velouria, Orochi, Rinkah, Kagero, Oboro, Yukimura, Kaden, Mitama, Benny, Effie, Rhajat, Caeldori, Kotaro, Candace Neutral Setsuna, Hinoka, Beruka, Asugi, Mikoto, Sakura, Garon, Midori, Shiro, Gunter, Fuga, Funke, Nichol, Senno, Hinata Mixed Feelings/Ambivalent Azama, Hana, Ignatius, Iago, Nina, Zola, Soleil, Forrest, Dwyer, Selena Dislike Takumi, Niles, Saizo, Hans
  3. Finally finished all routes in maddening recently. Maybe this is too late, but I always have this idea of plotting the tierlist as Max-Performance vs Required Investment (still assuming reasonable investment though, e.g. shouldn't impair building other units, no excessive babysitting, no stat-booster dumping unless for fixing very unfortunate RNG). This picture I did a while ago and doesn't include Cyril, who I recently enjoyed in AM maddening (NG). I don't have a lot of time for comments, and half of the units might be a bit off, but I will supplement with my reasonings if this kind of tierlist interests anyone. I didn't include most church members because I basically never used them in maddening. Edit: let me add the build assumed for some of the units (that I feel confident about as I use them a lot): Edelgard: Axe Wyvern, double Blows, Raging Storm, early game armor cert (super durable) Dimitri: BVBW, Hit+20, Killer lance, Paladin, early Duscur Heavy Soldiers M!Byleth: War Master, Killer knuckles, high-crit battalion (200~400 damage per combat on PP almost guaranteed) Felix: same as M!Byleth, OP Fraldarius crest in exchange for authority bane Petra: Sword Wyvern, Sword Avo, AS+, BW, WoDao, similar to Dimitri, slightly less kill power in exchange for better mobility and versatility Ferdinand: Lance Wyvern, SS, Death Blow, AS/AS+, Spear of Assal and/or Ochain shield with Crest of Cichol and personal, best if talking about dual-phasing Lysithea: 6-range Valkyrie or 5-range Gremory easily achievable, warper (I use it for strategy, but never skipping maps) Constance: similar to Lysithea, no warp or faith boon in exchange for Rescue, Bolting, and much better early game Dorothea/Marianne: super convenient Trickster when you have at least one dodge tank these two need to be updated on the graph I can add more later
  4. Note: This is still a work in progress, after I finish running calcs on most of the cast I'll elaborate on teammates etc. Max level stats (taken from wiki): 37 HP/25 ATK/35 SPD/32 DEF/28 RES After (+Atk/-Res) nature: 37 HP/29 ATK/35 SPD/32 DEF/24 RES Skill set: Weapon: Wo Dao+* Special: Moonbow* Assist Skill: Reposition A skill: Attack +3* B skill: Swordbreaker 3* C skill: Threaten Speed 3 [Set Comments] Moonbow's 2 cd means that Selena will always trigger it on her second attack as long as she took a hit beforehand, giving her 1RKO potential on most of the cast. Reposition allows a 2 range unit to chip and then retreat to safety (that Selena has the skill naturally also eases inheritance requirements). Attack +3 and Swordbreaker secures crucial 1RKOs (notably on Hector and Swordlords with similar speed. If the opposing Swordlord has Vantage, Swordbreaker causes Selena to 1RKO, if the opposing Swordlord has Swordbreaker, Selena's good speed tier ensures that she won't be doubled, and can attack on player phase for the KO). Threaten Speed is kept for utility and to ease inheritance requirements. [Set Details] Maximum attack power while sacrificing minimal bulk (-HP variants will be 3HKO'd by +Atk Hector, and be brought too low to tank a Hector hit if Selena fought a +Atk nature, +3 Atk Lucina beforehand). Swordbreaker to secure kills on opposing breaker and vantage users (vantage and swordbreaker are both B skills, meaning Selena either 1RKOs or can attack on the player phase to finish). [Usage Tips] Usually functions as the go-to bait unit, tanking a hit then counter killing. Reposition also gives positioning utility---ex. letting a ranged unit chip for free, and then moving them behind Selena so she tanks the enemy phase damage. [Inheritance Requirements] Swordbreaker 1 is perfectly usable, so a 3* Sully is sufficient if a 4* Abel couldn't be obtained. Wo Dao+ is Karel only, so the set would require the sacrifice of a 5* unit to function. Attack +3 is heavily recommended, requiring either 4* Gordin, 4* Cherche, 5* Cecilia or 5* Lilina. Moonbow is available from 4* Palla and 4* Odin, or 5* Ephraim. [Team Options] Deathly allergic to blue tome users due to the necessity of taking a -RES nature, can tank blue units surprisingly well thanks to excellent bulk, though still not recommended. (Lives through +ATK Azura with Sapphire Lance+ and +3 ATK skill with exactly 1 HP remaining, unless I did my math wrong.) This means a Green damage dealer will be very welcome. Julia in particular neatly covering Selena's lack of Falchion against Dragons while wiping the floor with opposing Lindes, Reinhardts, and RobinMs. Reposition means that Selena can easily keep Julia safe as well. Some form of recovery like Ardent Sacrifice, Reciprocal Aid, or Breath of Life will ease bulk requirements, allowing -DEF and -HP variants to be used. (Julia is again an honorable mention, although anyone can inherit the listed skills.) [Specific Matchups] Hard counters physical greens (+ATK hector deals 12 damage, others fare even worse while Selena either 1 or 2 rounds in return---+Def Hector variants barely survive the 1RKO, all others are cleanly 1RKO'd), 1 shots Neutral Nino (+HP or +Def variants will survive with 1 hp), 1 rounds Julia, Robin (F), and Cecilia. Merric takes 2 rounds to kill thanks to 32 speed and good bulk, doing 23 damage in return with +Atk nature and +3 Attack(-Res Selena does NOT want to face tank magic). Hector: 1 Rounds +Atk Hector, taking 12 damage in return. (Takes 44 ((39+16)*.8) - 32 = 12, deals 54 ((29+13+3)*1.2) - 37 = 17 & 54 - 26(37*.7) + 10 = 38. 17+38 = 55) 1 Rounds +Hp Hector, taking 10 damage in return. (Takes 42 ((36+16)*.8) - 32 = 10, deals 54 ((29+13+3)*1.2) - 37 = 17 & 54 - 26(37*.7) + 10 = 38. 17+38 = 55) Fails to 1 round +Def Hector, taking 10 damage while Hector survives with 2 hp . (takes 42 - 32 = 10, deals 54 - 40 = 14 & 54 - 28(40*.7) + 10 = 36 14 + 36 = 50 52-50 = 2). If Wo Dao bonus damage was affected by WTA, it would be a clean 1RKO, but it's not. Red Calcs in Spoiler, note that I'm not calculating for L&D, so add 2 to the maximum damage Selena takes if you run into someone with L&D 5: Interestingly, this means that, the higher you are on the Tier list, the easier it is for Selena to murder you. (This is because high tiers tend to sacrifice defense and hp for attack and speed, and the lower tiers, who reverse that, should be food for your ranged units.) Blues (aka, why Selena needs to run like a little girl and let Julia handle things): With special thanks to eclipse for a lot of these. Effie with -Atk bane, Silver lance+, and Death Blow 3 deals (37 + 15 + 6)*1.2 - 32 = 37 damage. That's right, MINUS ATTACK EFFIE will 1HKO Selena. Get the hell out of there, Sev. Linde with +Atk boon, Aura, and Death Blow 3 deals (38+14+6)*1.2 -24 = 45 damage. 8 points of overkill---not even neutral nature AND a +4 res buff would save Selena. An unoptimized Linde (no Atk boon, no +Atk A skill) would allow Selena to live with 3 hp... assuming Linde didn't get 4 Spd from somewhere, causing Selena to be doubled. Odin with +Atk boon, Blarblade+, and Death Blow 3 deals (25 + 13 + 6)*1.2 - 24 = 28 damage. Yeah... Odin's not too great without buffs. HOWEVER, even a single +4 ATK buff and Odin deals (25 + 13 + 6 + 8)*1.2 - 24 = 38 damage, a clean KO. (Note that Death Blow 3 + 4Atk buff and Defiant Attack 3 both give +14 Atk, so a half HP Odin can 1HKO Selena with just the Defiant Attack Buff.) {Note: I'll need to double check Blade math, Blade tome bonus damage might not be affected by WTA.} MRobin with +Atk boon, Blárraven+, and Triangle Adept 3 deals (32+11)*1.4 - 24 = 36 damage, so Selena lives with exactly 1 HP. Ursula with Blárwolf+ and Death Blow 3 deals (29+10+6)*1.2 - 24 = 30 damage, so Selena lives with 7 HP. Olwen with +Atk boon, Dire Thunder, and Death Blow 3 deals ((30 + 9 + 6)*1.2 - 24) * 2 = 60 damage. Reinhardt has similar math, except even a -Atk bane easily 1RKOs. To put it another way, stop making your -Res sword tank magic hits. Being neutral on Res will make 1RKOs harder for a lot of these characters, but you'll be sacrificing either physical bulk or damage to do so. Not worth it, let the rest of the team handle the blue mages. Will add more later. But as you can see, Selena cleanly 1 rounds even the most defensive Lucina while keeping enough HP to tank a Hector hit afterwards. Takes barely any damage from green physicals while 1-2 rounding in return, and 1 rounds every every green magical except Merric.
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