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Found 9 results

  1. Lately, I’ve been on an Awakening kick. I’ve been reading many supports and I started playing the game again. Some time ago I created a favorite Fates character tier list topic, so I thought I’d create an Awakening version. Like the Fates version, this is meant to be a subjective list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. I ordered mine in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect everyone to do that. Also, I count male and female Robin and Morgan as different characters, but I don’t count Masked Marth and Lucina as different characters. Share your favorite character tier lists as well!
  2. The most up-to-date tier list I found was tier list 3.5 , see https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/932999-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn/78706267 , although perhaps there's a better one on r/fireemblem . === SS Tier Haar Ike Volug Reyson Titania S Tier Sothe Janaff Rafiel Nailah Zihark Nolan Ulki Gatrie Leanne Shinon Tibarn Mia A Tier Naesala Caineghis Giffca Jill Oscar Ranulf Mordecai Micaiah Aran Black Knight Tauroneo Laura Elincia B Tier Heather Nephenee Skrimir Muarim Mist Rhys Nasir Boyd Volke Stefan Marcia Tanith Kieran Geoffrey Nealuchi Lucia Tormod Lehran C Tier Soren Edward Brom Ena Calill Danved Makalov Vika Sigrun Leonardo Gareth Rolf D Tier Bastian Renning Kurth Oliver Kyza E TIER Sanaki Pelleas Ilyana Lethe Meg F TIER Lyre Astrid Fiona === Let the best arguments win :)
  3. Since Fates has such a huge cast, I thought it would be fun to create an entirely subjective tier list based on personal likes and dislikes rather than somewhat more objective traits like functionality as units. Share your favorite character tier lists! I organized my favorites in order of preference within each tier, but I don’t expect that from everyone. I also count Male Corrin and Female Corrin and Male Kana and Female Kana as different characters. Feel free to copy my list and move character names around if it’s too much work to try to remember them all or type them out again. I listed every playable character and some NPCs and bosses when I felt inclined to include them. Top 10 Camilla, Jakob, Azura, Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Shigure, Shura, Felicia, Leo, Elise Top 20 (I love them just slightly less) Peri, Charlotte, Anna, Nyx, Ryoma, Reina, Xander, Selkie, Laslow, Siegbert Like Kaze, Percy, Flora, Sophie, Izana, Scarlet, Silas, Subaki, Arthur, Hayato, Kana (M), Kana (F), Kiragi, Lilith, Mozu, Ophelia, Odin, Hisame, Keaton, Velouria, Orochi, Rinkah, Kagero, Oboro, Yukimura, Kaden, Mitama, Benny, Effie, Rhajat, Caeldori, Kotaro, Candace Neutral Setsuna, Hinoka, Beruka, Asugi, Mikoto, Sakura, Garon, Midori, Shiro, Gunter, Fuga, Funke, Nichol, Senno, Hinata Mixed Feelings/Ambivalent Azama, Hana, Ignatius, Iago, Nina, Zola, Soleil, Forrest, Dwyer, Selena Dislike Takumi, Niles, Saizo, Hans
  4. I just finished my first (completely blind) playthrough of Berwick Saga and decided to look at a tier list to know what the community thinks about the different characters. The first (and, to be fair, only) one I found was made on reddit and left me a bit confused... I hope some of you can enlighten me. First off, why is Sherlock considered the best unit in the game ? I used him, I thought he was pretty good, but him being the best seems strange to me. The same goes for Dean, what makes him so good ? I know I am being a bit unfair with him as I only used him in the first map but he left me fairly unimpressed... I never managed to promote Elbert but I can see him being in High. My question is how much is Provoke part of his utility ? I assume Arthur is in High because of his good bases and his mount... or is it (also) because of his skills ? I found Flurry to be pretty anecdotal, while Desperation and Hurry were nice but not amazing, but maybe I'm wrong. I agree with Volo being in top just by virtue of Deathmatch, but then I don't understand why Leon would be 2 tiers lower. While I agree he is worst at combat, I never thought the difference was that important and having a mount is a real boon. Am I missing something ? Finally, I want to ask about Izerna. It feels a bit nitpicky as Upper Mid is still a good tier but it seems a little low to me. I feel Berwick's gameplay heavily rewards taking the initiative and waiting for the ennemy to engage your units is usually counterproductive. Having a healer then seems particularly important as you don't want your combat units to waste their turns drinking vulneraries instead of attacking... For reference here is the tier list I'm talking about: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/7w5fs0/a_berwick_saga_tier_list/ Thank you for reading.
  5. Huge Priscilla fan here, and I was wondering a few things 1: I heard she was top tier in FE7, is this the case, and if so why? Did I get the wrong information about Priscilla, is she as bad as her heroes counterpart? 2: What do you think of Priscilla? Is she a favorite of yours? Do you hate her? Are you indifferent?
  6. Greetings. You may know me as esteemed Tyrant Colonel M. I have been lurking the forums for a little while and also have been posting a little bit. Recently I was looking at the this thread and it made me re-consider how the FE6 Tier List hasn't really been updated in a long time. For the short-hand version: I think that the tier list isn't too shabby, but could use some improvement. This topic, by the way, is not to detract from the current "Let's make a tier list" thread. In fact, I heavily encourage users continue to post in there as it helps gauge opinions overall. Link to old tier list Basically what I have decided is to re-do the tier list to a point. The rules I will place in the spoiler tag below the tier list. I realize a lot of the higher ups like Gwympage have went to Reddit and some like Red Fox of Fire have since likely retired; however, I figured that I could still post this and maybe finalize everything within it or settle old scores. The tier list assumes both routes. No route is favored over the other. -Top Tier- Miledy Marcus Rutger Percival Lalum Elphin -High Tier- Saul Shanna Shin Niime Alan Lance Zealot Tate Astor -Upper Mid- Zeiss Noah Deke Yodel Cecilia Clarine Klein Sue Echidna Igrene Ellen -Mid- Fir Bartre Roy Lugh Chad Fae Lot Treck -Lower Mid- Gonzalez Garret Lilina Cath Raigh Oujay -Low Tier- Dayan Juno Wolt Dorothy Karel Ward Geese Hugh Douglas Bors -Utter Shit- Barth Sophia -The Worst Character in Fire Emblem History- Wendy
  7. Like in the FE10 tierlist which was made this year it's also a public competition. You vote for the introduced units from the scale 1-10. Furthermore you also can give a short comment. But I will only accept the votes in the poll. After two days I'll upload the voting results and represent the next five units. If you missed a voting, you can still vote afterwards by posting your votes in this thread or via PM. Reference: hard mode, casual run voting results Tierlist Roy Bases + Growthrates Lord Level: 1 HP: 18 (80) Strength: 5 (40) Skill: 5 (50) Speed: 7 (40) Luck: 7 (60) Defense: 5 (25) Resistance: 0 (30) Oh boi... where shall I just begin? Roy is the lord who has some issues unfortunately: Low bases Low constitution: He can't even use killing edges without speed penalty. Poor growthrates. He has the best growthrates in the least needed stats. Way too late promotion. It makes him pretty useless in some chapters and he's just a wasted slot. Roy is quite painful to use in HM. He barely doubles and his output damage is pretty low. On the other hand he has wields the best weapon type in the game and can turn out into a pretty good dodgetank at least. His quick supports with Wolt, Marcus and Alance can make his earlygame slightly better. But nevertheless he's still the least useful lord in FE till he gets the Binding Blade. 4 Marcus Bases + Growthrates Paladin Level: 1 HP: 32 (60) Strength: 9 (25) Skill: 14 (20) Speed: 11 (25) Luck: 10 (20) Defense: 9 (15) Resistance: 8 (20) Marcus is an amazing Jagen. Without him most earlygame chapters (especially 4 + 7) are impossible to beat. His bases are good enough to deal with the enemies. Furthermore he can use all three melee weapon types which makes him very flexible regarding weapon triangle. He's also the best axe user in earlygame till Dieck's or Alance's promotion. Even at the end his low growthrates don't matter all that much. With an energy drop and speed wing he's still very usable. Without him HM would be almost impossible to beat. 9 Wolt Bases + Growthrates Level: 1 HP: 18 (80) Strength: 4 (40) Skill: 4 (50) Speed: 5 (40) Luck: 2 (40) Defense: 4 (20) Resistance: 0 (10) Wolt has two main issues: He's a GBA archer. He's suffering on the low accuracy of bows. He's a decent chipper against soldiers and helpful in chapter 7, but at the end he's not great at all. He's not even trustful due to the bad accuracy of bows. His con is quite nice but pretty much pointless later on when you have Sue and Shin. If his bases were better and bows were more accurate, you could work with him much more. 2.5 Alan + Lance Bases + Growthrates Alan Cavalier Level: 1 HP: 21 (85) Strength: 7 (45) Skill: 4 (40) Speed: 6 (45) Luck: 3 (40) Defense: 6 (25) Luck: 0 (10) Lance Cavalier Level: 1 HP: 20 (80) Strength: 5 (40) Skill: 6 (45) Speed: 8 (50) Luck: 2 (35) Defense: 6 (20) Resistance: 0 (15) Red and green cavalier turn pretty much into the same: great paladins. Alan is a bit more powerful than Lance who's however a bit faster so he can double more enemies. All in all both have the same usage in total for me and so I give both the exact same rating. Their quick support to each other and the ability to be mounted and to use all three melee weapon types later on make them pretty damn good. 8
  8. I'm going to do a FE10 playthrough with the ten worst characters of this tierlist. A few characters are still missing, but since Meg and Fiona won't be pushed out anymore, I can start it already. This run will be played on normal mode. No, I'm not masochistic enough to do it on hard mode. Anyways the rules: Everyone who's forced for the endgame is free to use: Micaiah, Sothe, Ike, Sanaki, Kurth, Ena Leanne for being the worst rated heron will be brought to the endgame Healing and using herons are allowed. As for the DB chapters: Everyone may be used till 1-3, the chapter before Meg joins. After that only Micaiah, Sothe, Meg, and later Fiona may be used. Laura may be used for healing the entire time, but not in combat. As for part 2: Everyone is free to use till 2-2. As for 2-3... hmm... I guess it's a fair deal if I only let the NPCs and Astrid act. As for 2-E everyone is free to use till the CK's join. However it won't matter since I'll beat this chapter before turn 8 anyways. As for the GM chapters: Everyone is free to use till 3-3. After that it'll be more or less a trio of Ike, Kyze and Lyre. Rhys and Mist only may heal. As for part 4: I have no idea yet... Haven't made any thoughts about the teams yet. I only know for sure to send Lyre and Kyze to the Silver Army because of the desert chapter. Fiona will go to Ike's party. Want to establish a Ike x Fiona support to get sexy evasion. Everyone who doesn't belong to the worst characters may die. (of course I try to prevent it at any cost) I'll represent the level ups in Excel and post the link since it's way too effortful and timeconsuming to take a photo of each level up with the mobile phone, and to upload it on the laptop. I also will give a very short report of each completed chapter and mention the turncount. Non-forced top ten worst characters who must be used till the end: Tormod Pelleas Bastian Kyze Vika Astrid Oliver Meg Fiona Lyre Holy weapons: Urvan: Ike Vague Katti / Alondite: Meg Wishblade: Fiona Double Bow: Astrid Rexaura: Micaiah / Oliver Rexfire: Tormod Cymbeline: Sanaki Rexcalibur: Bastian Belberith: Pelleas That's it for now! If someone has something on their mind, then shoot!
  9. Rules: -Subs Included -Not Shitty troll pairings counted like Alec!Lester -Ratings are based on effeciency 220 turns -Things to consider Inheritence Aviabillity Offence and Durabillity -The list starts blank -Full Community Inclide aka not mine -Dont base this off by personal experience but by average stats Edit:The Tier list again isnt mine the turn count should be made by you Sigurd Tier: Sigurd Top Tier: Sylvia High Tier: Ethlin Finn Lex Quan Midir Fury Aideen Lachesis Low High Tier: Dew Levin Mid Tier: Noish Beowulf Holyn Ayra Jamka Briggid Alec Low Tier: Azel Claude Diadora Bottom Tier: Tiltyu Best Castle Guard Ever Tier: Ardan Gen 2: God Tier: Celice Leif Leen(Not even gonna bother nameing the fathers) Leylea OP Tier: Aless Beowulf!Delmud Oifaye Top High Tier: Levin!Arthur Shanan Levin!Sety Non Father!Finn High Tier: Claude!Sety Noish!Fee and Claude!Fee Azel!Nanna and Fin!Nanna Lana Azel!Delmud Midir!Lester Lex!Arthur Father!Finn Hawk Upper Mid Tier: Azel!Arthur Lachke Skasher Mid Tier: Amid Lex!Teeny Tristan Janne Linda Johan Low Mid Tier: Patty Teeny Faval Low Tier: Sharlow Claud!Corpul Lex!Corpul Levin!Corpul Bottom Tier: Johalva Assaello Best Castle Gaurd Ever: Hannibal Open units
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