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Found 6 results

  1. I've always found it hard to believe that Lucina's timeline was completely doomed. I know we're told that one of the gemstones has been lost (would've been nice if we found out exactly how that happened in the future kids' supports or something but I appreciate that they themselves might not be aware of the details) so the Awakening can't be done but surely there were other options that could've been explored before dooming the timeline and jumping ship to the past. Does the Valentian falchion exist or has it been lost to the ages? What about dark magic? Have they interrogated any remaining Grimleal for any info? How do the Morgans factor into this? We know that Robin themselves has the power to defeat Grima but we never see the future children (main ones or FP timeline-ones) question if Morgan could do the same. When dealing with armageddon it seems like a sensible thing to explore. Even if the 12 don't know about Robin having children, Naga surely would but she doesn't seem to bring them up once. Even if they were clearly under Grima's sway in the FP timelines, we don't know if they even tried to reach out to/reason with them. We also know from the main campaign that Ylisse has no shortage of legendary weapons from other continents lying around. Yes they're implied to be thoroughly depowered due to their age but that's some serious fire-power not being put to use in the supposed war for the survival of the human race. While I know it's a work of retcon - the Thabes labyrinth is certainly something Naga should've been aware of. When looking to best a lovecraftian-style world ending threat, it seems a sensible move to investigate the ruins that it came from. Maybe you'll find something in it's origins that'll help you destory it for good. Another avenue that probably should've been explored was making a new contract with Naga over some other weapon rather than despairing over not being able to renew the existing contract with Falchion. Is it ever stated that Naga can't do this or is it something to do with her only existing in that ethereal form so she has no physical fangs left to forge a blade from? But that brings me to anther point of contention - in Shadow Dragon, if Marth fails to reclaim Falchion from Gharnef and Tiki hasn't been recruited to the party, you're whisked away to a gaiden where you recruit (the manakete of questionable canonicity) Nagi. She then gives the Hero-king-to-be a heavier lower Mt Falchion that was most likely forged from one of her own fangs. While I appreciate Nagi might not even exist in FEA, Tiki certainly does. Couldn't she produce a Falchion of her own and bless it like she does in the FP timeline when she ascends as that world's new Naga? Yes they don't have the completed binding shield but I always got the impression that the Awakening was there to RENEW the contract/re-bless the blade rather than empower it in the first place. Sure the peoples of the far-future might be a bit screwed what with no mechanism to re-energise this hypothetical Tiki!Falchion but hey at least Lucina and co are in the clear. On a final less relevant point, we're never told whether Naga herself knows that their universe operates on multiverse/many-worlds theory rather than linear back-to-the-future style time travel. Grima clearly thinks its the later since he thought he had to travel to the past to ensure the kids didn't jeopardise his existence . We also find out in Fates that because of some Silent!Dragon shenanigans and Grima's jump to and subsequent demise in the past, the future has been able to recover somewhat. I guess that kinda makes everything feel a little redundant by that point. Why doesn't Naga banish Grima to a desolate outrealm instead? He might be a destructive force of nature but he's seemingly unable to jump between realms so he'd be stuck there... I guess seeing that "resolution" to the original/future timeline just rubbed me the wrong way. Felt like a bit of a cop-out all things considered. I think what I'm trying to say is that I really want a prequel-sequel type game exploring Lucina's timeline XD
  2. So we all know the ending to awakening where robin sacrifices him/herself to kill grima once and for all. However that was future grima right? so what of the Grima in the present is he still alive or did he merge with future Grima and is dead now? ugh I may love awakening but sometimes it's time travel can be bit weird.
  3. Both have time travel plots, both have an experiment gone wrong, both have some one travelling in time to warn their father of a dark future, and both Trunks and Lucina wield swords!
  4. Clairvoyance (noun): The supposed faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. In TFS words, "I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!!!" Joking and definitions aside, Naga has always shown to be a very powerful dragon without peer. By Awakening, her power has been displayed to even manipulate the fabric of space and time. Her fang was forged into a blade, empowered by a dragonstone, allowed a human to wield her power in their hands, and strike foes with her might. With it, the likes of Medeus, and later on Grima fell. And her tome possesses incredible power as well, allowing one to have the power to take down Loptyr. And she created the Shield of Seals, that with the Gemstones, allow one to become a demi-god and seal any entity with it. She is powerful indeed, and can make the most devastating weapons of mass destruction if she so wished. But can she actually see the future? Here's where I explain how I got this. Recall in Echoes, when Alm finally grasps Falchion and pulls it out, and later on, Mila emerges. Take note of what she says: Notice how Mila says that Naga KNEW that dragons would go insane. They were exiled several thousand years before Echoes started, so its even possible that this happened before the decline of the dragons began. If Naga knew for certain that dragons were destined to go insane she must have foreseen it. Furthermore, the fact that Naga goes and gives Duma Falchion seems a tad crazy. You give a guy that you have a violent clash with a weapon that can kill dragons just like that? What, confident that Duma would not use it against you? And how would she know that Duma would not just seal it away? What makes her so confident that she knows for certain that Falchion would for sure be used against him and Mila? Well, here's another thing that's revealed in Echoes: Rudolf explains that there's an actual prophecy about two children that will bear the Brand and will save Valentia from ruination. From exactly WHERE did this prophecy come from? Or rather, WHO gave this prophecy? If Naga had actually foreseen these events, everything starts to add up. Naga knew that Duma and Mila would go insane. She knew that Alm and Celica would be born with the Brand, and that Alm would use her Falchion to kill Duma and Mila. She knew these events, and thus did all the necessary things to prepare for the future to come. Now this is just Echoes. This can't possibly be related to the other games, right? Wrong. Let us fastforward to Awakening now. When Lucina begins explaining how she traveled through time, here's what she says. Now I dunno about you, but don't you think that time travel is a pretty BIG jump to make about Grima coming in? Rather than try anything else, it's like she had a feeling or knowledge that there was a chance that the future would come where humanity falls to Grima. So she prepares this case where she creates a new future. Of course, if she knows Multiverse theory, then Naga knows that changing time would do nothing to this future. So perhaps this was just to ensure that if this other world is saved, it would have the means to stop Grima when he inevitably arrives to conquer them. In that saved future, they could very well perform the complete Awakening and seal him away. But here's where things get really weird when you look at this other Naga in The Future Past. Now there are two ways this makes sense: 1) Either these events actually happened and Naga is literally pulling people from other dimensions to help her through time travel to the past of her world where they are there. Or. 2) She foresaw all of these events and is bring these Outrealm warriors into the exact moment when these fate comes to pass, so that they can alter the events before it even happens in the first place. Why do I think it should be #2 instead of #1? Simple. The first one creates more alternate futures. By bring the heroes into the point after it's already happened, then obviously it is only going to create another branch in the timeline. The future still happened. Even then, Naga would most certainly die if Grima actually destroyed the planet, since Naga is tied to the world as I wrote in this thread: But if Naga knew the events that were going to happen, she brought in other people so that the moment that the event is about to happen, it is avoided, thus avoiding creating different branches in time. Still not convinced? Well, I'll rewind back very far in the past, all the way back to the story of Genealogy of the Holy War. Answer this question: How did Naga learn of Loptyr's existence in the first place? Loptyr created his bloodline through Galle, and his will and power had possessed Galle, and for almost 200 years, Loptyr had gotten away with it. So how in the hell did Naga suddenly learn of the Loptry Empire's existence? Kaga actually stated in an interview that she didn't know at first. What, did Loptyr leave a note lying around that listed his evil plans? ^ Like that? Or did Naga's ability to see the future allow her to actually see the Loptyr Empire and thus she moved along to stop him? Kaga never explained how she found out, just that she did find out. Now going back to the original home continent of Archanea, if with Echoes, we know that Naga foresaw the dragonkin being driven to madness, then naturally she would already be in agreement with the transformation into Manaketes. So yeah, in the end, I think Naga's precognitive abilities allowed her to actually play a role into many events. The Divine Dragons are the strongest dragons, and dragons have incredibly powerful knowledge over magic. It would not surprise me if there was a way to see the future with this. Of course, even with this power, Naga is not omniscient. She cannot foresee everything that happens, else nothing in Fire Emblem would have happened. If she could have seen everything, Adrah would never have stolen the Shield of Seals, and Naga would have sealed Medeus in the Dragon's Altar rather than put him on guard duty that let him ultimately decide to try and conquer humanity. But what she sees and depending on how far it is, she might actually get a good idea and just be able to use her advanced knowledge and power to make preparations. So yes, I believe Naga does indeed have a form of clairvoyance.
  5. Time travel. It's seriously confusing as f*ck! Awakening did not explain to us exactly what happened in the original timeline. Only gives us the bare minimum. However, here, I will discuss with you what I think happened in the original timeline based on the information that has been given to us by the game and other sources that I could remember from. And you guys can chime in and give me your thoughts on what might have happened. So similar to Awakening being separated into three arcs, I'll do the same thing. Plegia Arc The biggest thing that we can draw from this is that in the original timeline, Emmeryn died at Validar's hands and the Fire Emblem was stolen. Along with that, Chrom sustained a critical injury that apparently scarred him for life. Now due to this, it's obvious that the Plegian War lasted longer, as it was Emmeryn's sacrifice that made her a martyr and the majority of Plegians to desert en masse. But she died here and thus was no martyr. However, I do not think that Lucina's birth was ever delayed. Rather, even with the war lasting longer, I think the birth of everyone does still happen in the proper course. So Lucina would be born around the same time as the infant Lucina in Awakening was born in. However, with Validar possessing the Fire Emblem, he also held Argent and Sable, two of the five gemstones. He only required the remaining three, two of which were located in Valm. Valm Arc Now here's where I am making several theories that I think actually has support behind it. See, Valm invades Ylisse after they had successfully united the continent. However, if the war with Plegia lasted longer for Ylisse, then 2 years is much too quick for Ylisse to even try to put up a response and handle it. However, note this: Say'ri cannot support with ANYONE but Robin and Tiki in Awakening. Why is that? Simple: Say'ri died in the original timeline. The Yen'fey that we recruit in the final paralogues, he explains that he never joined Walhart, and this led to Say'ri's death. However, note that Yen'fey's involvement actually plays a MAJOR role in the story. Yen'fey shows in Awakening that he was someone to be feared. In fact, many dynasts were too terrified to take on Walhart and Yen'fey when the two were working together, but the moment that Yen'fey died, all the dynasts went under Ylisse's banner. So if Yen'fey never joined Walhart, this would obviously mean that Walhart would have to deal with a lot more resistance, which would very well slow his entire campaign down. So if Walhart eventually won and united Valm, it would have taken quite some time. And he would have ultimately claimed Vert. Yen'fey, having failed to save Say'ri, abandoned the resistance against Walhart, which led to Walhart's victory, and Yen'fey eventually ended up in the past. To anyone that might ask why Yen'fey resisted Walhart in the first timeline, but surrendered in the Awakening timeline, I can only believe that it has to do with Emmeryn. If he got word that Emmeryn's sacrifice led to a mass desertion of the Plegian army, he intended to do something similar. Where by joining Walhart and holding as much fear and power as Walhart did, Yen'fey's death would crush much of Walhart's grip on the continent, and this would lead to the Ylissian army becoming victorious. Anyways, original timeline had Valm have a harder time, and thus did not have as much resources as before. Ylisse likely was able to match the power enough to break in and fight back, but Basilio is ultimately killed by Walhart. Walhart ultimately claims Gules by this, thus holding two of the gemstones, and Tiki ended up also giving the Azure Gemstone to Chrom. Of course, it's debatable on whether Tiki joined in the original timeline. After all, Lucina in the chapter we see Tiki the first time implies that Lucina and Tiki never met in the original timeline, so don't think of the Future Past in here for their meeting. Ultimately, Chrom defeats Walhart and claims the two Gemstones from him. Or what could have happened is that Validar had Excellus steal those two Gemstones for him. Grimleal Arc Given the amount of time, there likely has been a number of years that passed, either through those two wars, or other ways. Overall, the kids are all born and they have trained a bit as kids. However, likely Validar lured Chrom and the others and ultimately attained the final Gemstone. This led for him performing an Awakening ritual to release Grima. Chrom and the others intersected him and tried to stop him. But even though they had won, it is revealed that it was too late, and Grima was unsealed, possessing Robin and striking Chrom at the spot he had been scarred, ultimately killing him. And thus Grima was released, and the remaining parents and children ended up taking the fight, though the parents all fell one by one. Robin Biggest factor in some of these things is Robin himself. We have no idea who he was originally. His personality might in fact have been a mystery. Robin's personality in the games is due to him lacking his memories. Without memories, he's more interactive and wanting to learn about as much he can. It's mostly a way so he can have new memories to have a sense of identity back. However, would Robin be the same if he was with his memories intact? Maybe not. If his memories were intact, whatever happened to his past, or maybe him even being aware of his Grimleal connection, and this could make him a bit more distant with others. Without the bonds that tied him to his friends, he would actually be more susceptible to Grima's influence, eventually making it hard for him to even try to resist Grima and thus succumbed to his influence. This one is though a lot more speculative, since we have no understanding of Robin's backstory.
  6. The Setting New Arkham, Minnesota was one of those quaint little Towns that straddled the border between the idyllic purity of rural lifestyle and the decadent convenience of modernity. It was blessed with the peculiar quality that the young teens growing up in it felt a stifling oppression from the seeming lack of options it provided, yet come fifteen to twenty years later they would find themselves longing for a return to the simpler, more refreshing days of their youth. Indeed, one such generation of friends had grown up, moved away, and returned. Each of them had acquired and brought back with them their own experiences. To call the tensions that have arisen from the clash of newly competing and dissimilar worldviews a civil war would be overstating the matter. Yet such a sentiment is not completely without merit, and indeed, the days to come would find that a conflict not wholly unexpected had finally reached a flashpoint. One spark from the outside was all that it took to bring to the surface something that had long been brewing underneath. The discovery of the unexplainable tragedy at the Whateley Farm--the incomprehensible, otherworldly horror behind the deaths of that poor family, and the events that followed from it--was just such a spark. The streets are now lined with daily lynch mobs, ostensibly for the purpose of bringing justice and restoring the Township to a state of peaceful serenity. Whether or not such a goal will prove possible is yet to be seen... Introduction This game is a game for 17 people, and it is a "Bastard Mod" game. In the interests of being upfront and letting players know, at least somewhat, what they're getting into, I'm outlining whether or not the game includes particular elements that I would consider to fall under the "Bastard" umbrella. If there's a specific concern of yours that is not addressed, and may affect your desire to sign-up for the game, don't hesitate to ask. This game has the following Bastard elements: 1) Players may have exceptionally ridiculous sounding roles, with equally ridiculous powers. 2) Players' roles may change due to events outside their control. 3) Players' factions may change due to events outside their control. 4) Players may be given incomplete information by the Host. 5) Players may be given superfluous information by the Host. The following Bastard elements will not be present: 1) The Host will not explicitly lie to any player. 2) Nothing in the game will be "made up as it goes along" (except for flavor). Everything that happens in the game will happen for a reason. Rules The game's ruleset will mostly follow my traditional ruleset, with a few tweaks here and there. Barring any last minute changes, the rules you see below will be the rules used throughout the game. 1) Have fun. 2) Be active. 3) This game is NOC. 4) Every user has a Role PM. It will tell you your character, your role, your alliance, and your win conditions. 4a) If anything in the Role PM stands in contradiction with these rules, the Role PM takes precedence. 5) Voting must take place in a ##Vote: USER format. 5a) At the end of the day, the user with the most votes will be lynched. 6) If you have an action and do not wish to use it, you must send the host a PM saying PHASE X: IDLING. 7) The game will begin with Day 1. 8) Day Phases will last 72 hours. Extensions may be granted, but do not take them for granted. 8a) A Day Phase will end early if the lynch target has more than two thirds of the total votes. 9) There will be a Twilight Phase following the conclusion of the Day Phase. It will last as long as the Host damn well feels like. 9a) Posting in-thread during Twilight Phase is prohibited. 10) Night Phases will last 48 24 hours, with no extension available. 10a) Night Phases will not end early. 11) There will be a Dawn Phase following the conclusion of the Night Phase. It will last as long as the Host damn well feels like. 11a) Posting in-thread during Dawn Phase is prohibited. 12) There may be an occasional Eclipse Phase. Since both solar and lunar eclipses are possible, the Eclipse Phase may occur during any other Phase, and will last as long as the Host damn well feels like. 12a) Posting in-thread during Eclipse Phase is prohibited. 12b) Time spent in Eclipse Phase will not count against the time limit of its parent Phase. 13) When in doubt, ask the Host. ISOs Mods: Balcerzak Sunwoo Sign-ups: 1) eclipse the Town Time Anchor 2) Crysta the Traitor Neighborizer 3-shot Lie Detector. 3) Snike the Town Doctor 4) Iris, Lord Gaius 5) Wen Yang the Cult Role Cop 6) kirsche, Paperblade the Town Ascetic Nurse Voyeur. 7) Blitz the Mason Inductor 8) Marth the Town Ascetic Nurse Voyeur. 9) Terrador, Snike the Cult Astral Cop. 10) Weapons the Mafia Claim Sniper. 11) Izhuark the Cult Recruiter 12) Darros, Randa 13) Rapier, Crysta 14) SB. 15) Hunter Nightblood, the Independent Vigilante. 16) Neopolytan, Chen the Cult Martyr 17) MancerNecro the Town Astral Cop. Subs list: 1) ??? VIEW PHASE COUNTDOWN HERE
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