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Found 5 results

  1. 20 years ago, Siegfried and his band of rebels fought to bring peace to all of Solum. Now, Queen Kammi, of the newly assembled Atheyan kingdom, threatens that peace. The now-retired Shon must follow in his father’s footsteps and save Solum once again, with the help of old and new allies. Despite everything, Shon must carry on as the last words he exchanged with his father still echo in his mind, always doing his best to keep their last promise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm0Rtw2uwCQ&feature=youtu.be That’s right, this is really happening! Planned features: • 30 main chapters (not including Gaiden chapters) • Brand new classes and reworked promotions • Class skills • A completely new story, set 20 years after the events of The Last Promise • 40+ playable characters, with supports • Custom animations (most of which from other amazing users, works will be credited) • Weather that doesn’t slow you down, just looks pretty! • A serious story, but with a couple of joke units and references for some fun Sorry, no download link yet, but please stay tuned, we’re all hard at work to bring this hack to life! Dev Team Credits: Community Credits:
  2. What is This? This is a difficulty mod for Blazer's The Last Promise. For those unfamiliar with what the Last Promise is, you can find the thread on your own time which details every and all things about what the mod details, the graphics, the credits and everything under the sun that you could want. (Except Hard Mode). What should I expect? My intentions with this are to make something near or around traditional hard or near lunatic levels of play without it being terribly luck based. Players who play this should also expect twist and turns during chapters such as enemies using unexpected weapons and even changes story wise. To play successfully, you must think before you act and pay attention to what's occurring on the map! But that goes without saying. Really I'm looking to fill up some space here so things look nice. This is largely a work in progress and is subject to changes of all sorts. Feedback is welcome and highly appreciated! How can I help? Play through what's currently available and provide feedback. Credits Regina - For providing amazing support to me via encouragement and portraits. Blazer - For allowing me to do this to begin with. ECut and Kitty of Time for Rogue animation There are plenty of people along the way I also need to credit here. I haven't forgotten you. This is the hard part. Patches Version 0.3.2 (Chapter 20) No Growth Mode (Normal-Full)
  3. I was in a mood to play The Last Promise again after having recently watched someone's LP of it, and that gave me an opportunity to maybe do some fleshing out. TLP does not at all use a narrator to tell its story, and additionally the story is very "tell, don't show". I finished playing The Road to Ruin not long ago, and its storytelling was more in line with the GBAFE games in that it has a narrator and a world map detailing the continent of Pandosia. So that gave me the idea to try and create a world map of TLP's continent of Solum based on all the plot details and character dialogue. And after having completed my playthrough of it, this is what I've come up with: This is what I could make sense of based on what the game told me. Everything seems to be in the correct places, and the routes the characters take seem accurate... hopefully. Regardless, I hope I've made the setting look a little more lively. Because sometimes, words alone aren't enough.
  4. I Wonder What This Could Be About. Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open.
  5. Let's play The Last Promise. The title's Pretty straightforward. But yes, after many failed attempts of playing this, (Ending giving Ace way too much XP) (Having 1 23-use Iron sword when more than half of my party is sword-users, etc) I will be LP-ing this. And not in video format. Like this guy. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38705 Which by the way is a way better LP than this will ever be. Let's get on with it. [spoiler=Prologue] Starting a new game. If you're legitimately interested in the story, then just play the hack. But basically this country Magnus is being a dick. Secondary main lord, Shon. Pretty much a piece of trash, but he's fast and skilly. He's much better after he promotes. Siegfried, our MAIN MAIN lord. And he lives in Maine. On to gameplay. I'm not using Siegfried during this chapter at all. Or at least not fighting with him. That's because I get a SUPER-SPECIAL prologue gaiden for that. Siegfried gets to go back home and gets: Aw yissssss. Slicey slicey. 1000 gold. Lotsa good stuff. Now Mr. Shon shall take on an influx of axe users. But first: equip dat Iron Sword. I don't want you wasting no Cav/Knights Pref. Weapon. Shon stays on that tree and the enemies draw close. The fighter winds up a 27%! And misses. Shon hits for 6 and gains 10 XP. The rest of the chapter is pretty boring... Except 2 things: It's so... GENERIC And Mr. Obvious Batta splice over down by the south. Shon's gonna wipe that frown of of your dirty face. He equips his special Piercing Sword and waits in front of Byron. The results of the first round: Shon does 11 damage Byron does 9 Shon does 11 Shon levels up! And no, Shon doesn't start at Lv. 2. I missed his first levelup. And Shon beats Byron with an Iron Sword. I hope you find minor enjoyment from reading this. Because I know you won't
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