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Found 11 results

  1. Create a list of your favourite games of 2021. The list can be any length between three games and ten games (not including honourable mentions), and it can include any game that you played for the first time in 2021, even if that game was not released in 2021. If you want, you can also write a list of your top 3-to-10 worst games of 2021, blandest games of 2021, most disappointing/pleasantly-surprising games of 2021, etc. Here's my top seven games of 2021:
  2. 1. Elves 2. Dwarves 3. Hobbits 4. Orcs 5. A fishlike race that can walk on water 6. A race kind of like the Manaketes and Laguzma, but they shapeshift into inanimate objects instead of furies 7. A birdlike race that can fly over almost anything 8. A middle eastern style race where the main antagonist hails from 9. A literal race, as in a race of race cars 10. An interdimensional race that was banished
  3. 1. Milady (Binding Of Isaac's Blade) 2. Veruca Salt (Fates Kong Quest) 3. Altenan Prince (Geniealogy Of The Holy Bored) 4. Chair-cherry (Link's Awakening) 5. Haardin (Path Of Radiance/Radiant Gong) 6. Mikhail is (Shadow Dragon) 7. Core Mag (Sacred Stoned) 8. Heathcliff (Blazing Knight) 9. Dean Connery (Trachea 776) 10. Jill Scott (Path Of Radiance/Radiant Bong)
  4. 1. Magitek Armor 2. Airships 3. A castle that can burrow underground to protect itself 4. A castle that can fly using propellers 5. A castle with legs 6. A mechanical horse 7. An automatic gun turret 8. Armor that makes the wearer immortal until it breaks 9. Flying armor 10. An island that can turn invisible to protect itself
  5. 1. Dwarf Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underground 2. Mermaid Emblem/Water Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place underwater 3. Bird Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in the sky 4. CDC Emblem: A fire emblem game but instead of fighting bad guys, you fight a deadly disease outbreak 5. Internal Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place inside someone 6. Micro Emblem: A fire emblem game that takes place in a continent that's so small, that you can't even see it 7. Modern Emblem A fire emblem game that takes place in modern times 8. Twilit Emblem: "YOU TAKE THE MOON AND YOU TAKE THE SUN, YOU TAKE EVERYTHING THAT SEEMS LIKE FUN!" 9. Chrono Emblem: A fire emblem game that focuses on time travel (Not Awakening, I mean a fire emblem game that ONLY focuses on time travel) And the most important one: 10. Dank Emblem: A fire emblem game where a kingdom of modern memes like Ugandan Knuckles and Dat Boi fight against the kingdom of old memes like Vegeta and Weegee
  6. 1. An evil dictator who wants to rule over not just the world, but time and space 2. An evil dictator who tries to thin out the world population by starving people to death 3. A knight working for the protagonist who has unethical work methods and is a misogynist 4. A mad scientist who wants to raise the world's landmass 5. A knight who leads a mercenary army against his king because he was blamed by something he didn't do and takes it out on the king 6. A terrorist organization that wants to DESTROY the Fire Emblem 7. An army from another continent invading another continent 8. A protagonist who is actually the antagonist 9. An alien from outer space wanting to destroy the continent 10. A spoony bard that raped the Protagonist's sister.
  7. Since everyone is making these lists after Fire Emblem Switch is taking FOREVER to even have a trailer, I guess I'll have a go at it. 1. More fanservice, I'm not talking about fates style fanservice, I'm talking about full on High School DxD/Dororon Enma Kun remake style fanservice 2. New classes such as: - Gladiator - Gunner - Playboy Bunny - Terror Knight And more 3. We need a silent protagonist 4. Infernal mode, and permanent removal of Phoenix Mode And the most important thing: 5. 4th tier promotions!
  8. 1. Is Lusamine Ike's descendant while the Aether Foundation is the rebanded Greil Mercenaries? 2. The Master Sword is actually the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda after it got worn out 3. Hardin is actually Joseph Stalin from Real Life, Why? Because they both have the same hair, They both like the color red, And they're both dictators 4. The Falchion is actually Naga's husband imprisoned into a sword 5. Zephiel is actually Cyrus from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, Why? Because they both have similar motives and hairstyles, And they're both misanthropic 6. Brunnya is actually Jupiter Jack from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum because they both look alike 7. Gazzak is actually Kazzak from Hyrule Conquest Birthright and Revolution, Why? Because they both have similar names, And they're both rulers 8. Pokemon Mr black 2 and Mr White 2 foreshadowed Fire Emblem Awakening 9. Fire Emblem is actually a Pokemon AU 10. Lucina is seen staring at a mountain in Fire Emblem Awakening's ending, And it's shaped like a triangle, What else do we know about triangles? They have three sides, What else has three sides? That's right, A dorito, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  9. 1. An animal rights activist who orders his solders to steal animals from people to set them free 2. A band of thieves who try to steal the Fire Emblem 3. A villain who kills himself shortly before he loses 4. A terrorist organization who wants to make animals the dominant species instead of humans 5. A terrorist organization who wants to destroy emotions 6. A lower ranking enemy General who's secretly the mastermind behind the scenes 7. A mad scientist who wants to create a race of anthropomorphic animals to conquer the world 8. An evil dictator who tries to slaughter a large group of people who believe in a certain religion 9. An evil dictator who has a deep hatred towards the main protagonist 10. An evil dictator who tries to turn useless machines into weapons of mass destruction
  10. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now. At first, I wanted this to be a video on my YouTube channel, but, uh.... I don't see that happening anytime soon. :( So, I thought I'd post it here! I already had the list all written down and I want to do something with it before it gets too far into 2016. So enjoy! Disclaimer: I have not played EVERY game in 2015, so just because a game (like Splatoon) is not listen doesn't make it bad. It just means I haven't played enough of it - or at all - to give it a proper listing. So, uh, honorable mention to Splatoon, I guess. And I have played exactly ten games from 2015, so that was nice. Let's get started! [spoiler=#10] Pokémon Rumble World, released for the 3DS eShop in April. It…was fine, I guess. I’ve never played a Pokémon Rumble game before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The graphics are nice for the handheld, but I lost interest in the game fairly quickly, having never made it past the first level or so. I think I only have Pikachu and Treecko… The controls were smooth, too, reminding me of my time playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeons. Which I...didn't...get too far...into either... [spoiler=#9] Mario Party 10, released for the Wii U in March. The only really new thing about this game is the Bowser Party mechanic, where one player with the Wii U Gamepad plays as Bowser and tries to defeat the four players on the Party Kart, or whatever that’s called. Yes, the Party Kart. The thing no one liked in Mario Party 9, but they brought it back anyway. The graphics are nice and the time I’ve spent playing it with my friends and family was fun, though I mainly just played it on my own. The mini-games are where any Mario Party truly shines and they were great, but the boards felt lacking because we all had to remain seated and enjoy the ride in the crappy go-kart-mobile. Seriously, Nintendo. Don’t bring that back for Mario Party 11. It’s too bad the only thing that truly felt like Mario Party was the amiibo Party, but even that was kinda lackluster. [spoiler=#8] Pokémon Shuffle, released for the 3DS eShop in February. I’ve never been too big on the Pokémon spin-off titles, so the only reason I bought this, aside from it being Pokémon itself, was it was free. I know. I’m cheap. Anyway, I had some fun with it for the first month or so and I liked the graphics and the Pokémon heads looked cute. The gameplay, while not bad, got stale after a while. Also, the fact that you have to buy hearts with real money to keep going after you’ve exhausted your points for the day really limited my playtime, as I didn’t have any money to spend back then. Now that I do… eh, I might pick it up again later next year or something… [spoiler=#7] The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, which was released for the 3DS in October. Coming off the success of A Link Between Worlds, the developers wanted to reuse the assets and make a sequel to that game. Kind like how Majora’s Mask was with Ocarina of Time. This game has a heavy focus on multiplayer and relies on teamwork to get through the game. I spent some time with my brother and his friend playing the game and we had a lot of fun! Even if you don’t have anyone to play with, you can tackle the game solo or head online. But the connection times between players, whether they’re in the same room or across the world, sucks. I’ve more than often been disconnected from a playthrough because we lost the connection at some point. There’s also the chance that you’ll encounter a troll player and they’ll either make your life miserable or just not do anything at all. I’ve had that happen to me a few times… And the main gimmick of the game, costumes, are important if you wanna make it through the game as well as can and they look great, funny, and stupid all at the same time. And I love that! A Kokiri Tunic, a Samurai costume, and a… cheerleader costume? Eh, whatever gets the job done, I guess. The music is great, too. I always love orchestrated soundtracks in video games. And apparently this Link and the Link from ALBW are the same character? I’m not buying it, Nintendo. [spoiler=#6] BoxBoy! is a game released on the 3DS eShop in April. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game, and probably my favorite has to be that this game was created by the Kirby and Smash Brothers man, Masahiro Sakurai. In this game, you play as a cube character, named Qbby, and you make more cubes in order to solve puzzles in a platforming-type style. From traversing gaps to making power flow to being lifted by claw-cranes, this game is a lot more fun than I initially thought! The only real gripe I have with this game is the music, more specifically at the beginning of the game. It’s a little high-pitched and nearly made my ears ring. But it gets better as it goes along. The costumes are also a nice addition to the game. I find myself playing with the wizard costume most of time after I unlocked it, which adds another block to your limit. I’m a noob. There. I said it. [spoiler=#5] Yoshi’s Wooly World, released for the Wii U in October. It spent a long time in development and, once it finally released, I wanted to get it. My sister got it for Christmas, so that gave me a chance. It plays fairly similar to the original Yoshi’s Island released on the Super Nintendo, but it has its own feel to it, as well. Get it? Feel? Cause it’s… made of yarn? *crickets* The game looks great and plays very well. It looks like the entire game was crafted by sewing materials and I like it! I’ve only made it a little ways into the game by this point, but I loved every moment in it. All the different designs you can turn Yoshi into is a nice bonus. I normally swap the design every time I play, but I think Mario’s and Link’s are my favorites. At least until I unlock the Nintendo 64 print. The story is a little odd, though. Kamek turns all the Yoshis, save the two the player needs to control (because you gotta play the game somehow), into packs of yarn and now we got to go and put them all back together. I guess there’s nothing else you can do to a Yarn Yoshi. Except maybe set it aflame. But the best part about the game? NO BABY MARIO! [spoiler=#4] Xenoblade Chronicles X, released for the Wii U in December. The sequel to the great and expansive Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii, which I have yet to play, was first revealed simply as X back in… 2013, I think, but it didn’t fool anyone. Everyone who knew of the first Xenoblade knew what it was going to be. This is one of the most expansive games I’ve played, playing out like an MMORPG similar to World of Warcraft, but in space! Giant mechs, machine guns, alien friends. The game has pretty much everything! The cast of characters are a great bunch and are constantly bickering and helping each other. My favorite, though, has to be Lin’s and Tastu’s relationship, where she constantly mocks the Nopon for being a food she can serve in her meals. It’s mean, sure. But it’s funny. There are all sorts of things to do in the game, which is shown by the sheer number of quests you can do. Aside from the main story and simple quests you can accept outside the barracks, there are also quests that delve deeper into a character’s backstory. Some of the quests can be tedious, such as looking around frantically for a certain item in the field that appears at random or having to fight a high-level enemy in order for it to drop a certain item, only to find out that it didn’t. But it’s all a lot of fun and I’ve spent a lot of time into the game since getting it for Christmas. [spoiler=#3] This one might be cheating a bit, but I’m only looking at the downloadable content for the game of Super Smash Brothers 4. The main game itself came out in October and November of 2014, but the DLC started in the beginning of 2015. The new characters are certainly the highlight of the packs. Pokémon’s Mewtwo, Mother 3’s Lucas, and Fire Emblem: Binding Blade’s Roy make a comeback alongside the newcomers. Street Fighter’s Ryu, Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud, Fire Emblem Fates’ Corrin, and Bayonetta’s… Bayonetta. Corrin and Bayonetta were released in February of 2016, so I’m not too focused on those ones, at the moment. My favorite of those has to be either Roy or Cloud. They’re both strong and fast and easy to control. All in all, they are a great group of characters and are fun to play as. They spent a lot of time making these characters and they came out more than just a simple "money-grab." You can really feel the love for Ryu's and Cloud's series put into them. The Mii Costumes are certainly a nice touch and they kind of allow players to play as characters that aren’t in the game. From characters from Tekken to Tales of Symphonia to C…Chrom! No! Why Chrom?! Who cares if you were too similar to Ike?! You deserved a spot on the roster! In regards to the Smash Ballot, it was a great way to get more fan insight for the characters. I voted for Princess Daisy, Zelda’s Impa or Lana, Golden Sun’s Isaac, and my own character Stephan, just for fun. And I’m pretty sure there were a lot of people who voted for Roy and then had all those votes nulled once he was revealed to be in development already. Is it possible Roy could’ve been number one? Nah, Shovel Knight or Shrek might’ve gotten the top spot instead… We may never know. Oh, and the stages are fun to play on, too. [spoiler=#2] Taking the number two spot is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, released for the 3DS in February. I never played the original game legitimately, so this was pretty much a whole new experience for me. The graphics are awesome, the story is terrifying, and there’s always something to do. It seems like every character has something they need help with. The main selling point, the masks, are awesome. But I felt they should’ve added one or two more into the remake. Maybe one that turns Link into Zelda or something, I don’t know. Thing with this game is I got lost easily and always had to consult my Nintendo Power guide of the original to get through it. While I spent most of my time looking at the guide than the game itself, I really liked it, but not as much as… [spoiler=#1!] …Super Mario Maker! Made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Super Mario Brothers launch in Japan in September. This game allows players to create their own courses in the styles of the original SMB, Super Mario Brothers. 3, Super Mario World, and New SMB U. You can make enemies large for a boss fight, have Mario run on spikes while invincible, make a course where you do absolutely nothing… Essentially, just make courses Nintendo wouldn’t. This game is entirely meant for the fans creation, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo hasn’t taken part in this, either, as their courses are online and can be played as well. One of my favorite parts has to be the costumes you can use in the original SMB style. The costumes turn Mario into another character, even into another Mario, and it all looks like something out of a ROM hack and I freaking love it. The only official game where you can have Sonic the Hedgehog run around in World 1-1. Once you’ve made a course, you have the option to post it online and share it with the world or your friends. I’ve posted a few of mine on the forums and I’ve gotten some pretty positive reviews of them. I do feel like the search option is limited a bit, as you can only put in a code. But good thing Nintendo released the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website so you can find a course you want! It’s just too bad my Wii U and computer are on opposite sides of my house. So there you have it! My top 10 games of 2015! What are your top 2015 games? Link to Top 8 other games I bought in 2015: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=62571&p=4309388
  11. I figured that it'd be interesting to ask what everyone's 10 favorite games are. 10. Kid Icarus: Uprising 9. Suikoden II 8. Super Smash Bros. Melee 7. Final Fantasy VI 6. Mother 3 5. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword 4. Super Mario Galaxy 3. Fire Emblem Awakening 2. Final Fantasy X 1. Pokemon Emerald
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