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Found 1 result

  1. IN THE GRIM DARKNESS OF POKEMON FANGAMES, THERE IS ONLY SUFFERING Pokemon Reborn is a fangame made by the user Amethyst (aka Ame) from the Pokemon Reborn website (and probably a bunch of other people) that features Pokemon and moves from all generations (and no Fakemon, thank god - SB) and a completely new world... This is going to be a video LP so that you can see our reactions to the gameplay live (and because having two people commentate on a text update seems like more trouble then it's worth). While I've has played the game before, SB hasn't and I'd would rather keep him clueless so his reactions to the dumb shit that takes place later on in the game will be better. The first video is here: [spoiler=VIDEO LIST] 58: End of the Li-WHAT THE FUCK %5Burl=https://youtu.be/bTf9tIefqcs%5D59: Absolutely Shocking%5B/url%5D %5Burl=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzxqAUc_ycc&index=65&list=PLDcs9aYmMG4gqI_E7R6SejXXL0Om5Xr7q%5D60: Don't Get Ahead of Yourself%5B/url%5D %5Burl=https://youtu.be/v25wkrZNw8s%5D61: Refa Never Changes'> %5Burl=https://youtu.be/bTf9tIefqcs%5D59: Absolutely Shocking%5B/url%5D %5Burl=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzxqAUc_ycc&index=65&list=PLDcs9aYmMG4gqI_E7R6SejXXL0Om5Xr7q%5D60: Don't Get Ahead of Yourself%5B/url%5D %5Burl=https://youtu.be/v25wkrZNw8s%5D61: Refa Never Changes
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