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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone know how to remove the weapon triangle from FE4 and FE5? If possible, through Nightmare or hex editing, because those are the only manners of editing that I know of. Thank you for reading!
  2. I have two questions, one of which is for fun and the other is about your experience. First, the fun question: A lot of people have suggested working on a good "triad" for the arena and to plug in a bonus unit as you see fit. Who is your triad? What is your all purpose team? The second question is, especially for those of you making videos to help others, who are the 5-10 characters that we, your viewers, (or that you see in these videos) that everyone should have on deck?
  3. If so, in what game? I don't think I've ever used it in a practical situation (if one exists), I've only used it in the Tower of Valni in FE8.
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