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Found 3 results

  1. Just like the unpopular fire emblem opinions thread, share your unpopular opinions and why you have that opinion, or don't, I can't stop you. Because we already have a thread for unpopular FE opinions, keep anything FE related off this thread, anything else video game related is allowed though.
  2. Since I couldn't find an existing thread for unpopular opinions for non-FE games, let's talk about our unpopular opinions here. Some brief mentions of FE games shall be fine for illustrating a bigger point, but let's leave them to the relevant FE sections as much as we can. As for me, I've got six at the moment, and more will be added: General Opinions: I don't have as many cases where I actively hate a character. Many characters of video games that I've played have some good moments that are memorable/interesting (Lysandre in Pokรฉmon XY, Yoshi in the Yoshi games), awesome (Zelda in Twilight Princess), or even just plain nostalgic (Ash, Misty, and Brock during the Pokemania). I do have characters to be not my cup of tea, but most of the time, I can understand and appreciate why they are well-liked by others. And vice-versa. Speaking of which, I get more interested with the background history and worldbuilding more than the actual stories/characters at times. Whether it is Pokรฉmon, Zelda, or even F-Zero. In the latter example, I would think: What would make a city of 200 million people possible? How would people commute? How is law and order maintained? How will food be produced for a big number of people? Sometimes, I even get interested in the architecture of the buildings in the story setting of the games. Though, that is because of my architectural background. Game-specific Opinions: Having said that, there are two definite cases where General-#1 does not apply. I absolutely refuse to even touch any of the recent Super Mario games anymore, or any of the non-N64 Smash games, because of just how stupid Peach, and increasingly Luigi, acts. I find it stupid when the former keeps getting kidnapped 70-80% of the time without physically resisting (via moves in Smash Bros), and the latter increasingly being the distressed dude against some of the enemies he actually fought in the past - the latest example being 3DS Land. For all the flak Nohrrin, Xander, or any other supposedly stupid/cowardly/oversentimenal people get, I prefer them to the two girls. Surprisingly, I didn't like Mother 3 when I first played it myself years ago, but I might give it a second chance. I vehemently disagree with the worldbuilding direction that Gen 3-5 of Pokรฉmon implemented. Why didn't GF retain more of the "true-to-OTL" like Gen 1-2 and 6 did? Why didn't they go overseas to Hawaii, Guam, or Queensland outright if they wanted a tropical region in Gen 3, instead of an unrealistic Hoenn that has nothing of the climate of RL!Kyushu?? (addenda) I think I can appreciate what Sega was aiming to do for Sonic '06 game. I've heard critics panning the game and the story, but as a complete outsider to the franchise, I suspect it would have been much better received if Sega actually took the time to at least iron out the gameplay issues. Maybe Sonic 06 just needed some more time and better planning.
  3. As the topic above says. What are your opinions that (you think) are in the minority of the FE fandom? As for me: I am quite happy to play a remake of Binding Blade. Looking back, I don't really care too much about Roy not having his promotion until Chapter 21. I just assumed that that was just part of the difficulty expected for an average Fire Emblem game. Being a first-timer in the series at that time, the late promotion actually felt rewarding for me. I'm actually turned off from trying Fire Emblem 7. It's seems to be just a bunch of small-party adventuring episodes, without that epic war feel that almost all of the other games have. (It's the only game in the entire series that I don't want to play.) Level grinding is entirely fair game; I feel that not using that when you're given the opportunity is like not bringing in a cheat sheet for a maths test when the teacher allows you to.(*) Arena abuse is also fine, because that is simply using the otherwise scarce opportunity to level up. Of course, it would be a different story if you happened to be overlevelled or playing with specific restrictions. For a possible future title, I'd like to see an Industrial Revoultion setting. Whether this entails a crossover with Advance Wars, I don't know. So what is yours? (*) When I took my Australian Year 12 maths test, we were allowed to take in two A4-sized cheat sheets.
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