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Found 4 results

  1. Our newest GHB was against the Raven Clan Leader, Naesala~ Fates Royals got it done fairly easily~ Needed to change a few Skills around from the BHB against Clarine and Klein, but the only real need was Quickened Pulse on Leo so he could proc Iceberg and kill the Fafnir to give Takumi space away from the Sword Cav to shoot down Naesala. I will attempt it with Dancer Emblem~ Will update the Map when it's up~ For now, share your clears~
  2. Yo so basically a while back I had an idea for a game that revolves around the black fang and I just saw this cool box art and it reignited my interest. So basically in this game, it would start off at around 5-10 years from lyns story, and before Nergals infiltration of the fang, it would obviously give some backstory between the members of the black fang, (such as why they joined their history ect) show the black fangs slow downfall by Nergal and how the members reacted and tie in some events that happened in elibe. one example I had is that Ostia recruited the fang to assassinate house Cornwell leader (raven and Priscilla's former houses) while the ostian troops destroy the soldiers. I think the game could work as a spin-off or something, there are certainly enough characters to have a balancedish cast and you could just fill out the blank spaces with characters, that got killed later on in the story.(probably by legault) anyway tell me what you think down below, i love making these kinds of idea threads
  3. Ursula, Blue Crow She might not be as impressive as the Dire Thunder siblings, but she is still quite formidable in her own right. If you already got Reinhardt and Olwen as your offensive blue mage cavalry units, Ursula can specialize as a defensive unit by being a Reinhardt counter if she upgrades her default Weapon and equip Deflect Magic. Level 40 stats: HP: 35 Atk: 29 Spd: 32 Def: 19 Res: 30 Total: 145 Default skills: Weapon: Blárwolf+ Assist: [none] Special: Growing Thunder Passive A: Death Blow 3 Passive B: [none] Passive C: Threaten Res 3 Keen Blárwolf — Deflect Magic: Arena Assault Blárblade: Arena offense, Arena Assault Keen Blárwolf — Fury — Desperation — Brash Assault (Player Phase Anti-Cavalry): Arena offense Blárblade — Close Counter — Vantage: Arena Assault
  4. So I've been a fan of Rekka no Ken for awhile and was happy to have the opportunity to download Ursula (wish she was Limstella or Sonia, but better than nothing). I have maxed out her stats and been fooling around with builds--does anyone have any suggestions? Ursula @Sorcerer Gale Force/Luna/Armsthrift/Limit Breaker/All Stats +2 Weapon: Aversa's Night with Mt maxed out. Stats (Not factoring in All Stats + 2): 40 Strength 58 Magic 48 Skill 52 Speed 54 Luck 48 Defense 55 Resistance I picked Sorcerer for the access to dark magic and increased defenses. Was wondering if other skills such as Astra, Sol, Vengeance or Tomefaire might be better on her, but don't know what I'd drop for those.
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