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  1. Ah yes, TearRing Saga. The brainchild of Shouzou Kaga, claimed to be so similar to Fire Emblem that Kaga himself ended up in a lawsuit over the likeness to the beloved Nintendo series. Normally, this is where I'd go on and on covering the similarities, the differences, what this game brings to the table, etc. However! I know nothing about this game other than the first two lines of text I wrote for this thread. The classic Fire Emblem titles (1-5) have a special place in my hearth though, and I couldn't pass up a chance to play this when I learned of a new translation patch, so here we are! That said from what I hear (and the two hours I've played), if you enjoy your characters with plenty of backstory, along with plenty of classic Fire Emblem action and kickass music, then I say let's play us some TearRing Saga. NO SPOILERS please. 1 - Fire Emblem Gaiden 2 - The Bandits of Taurus
  2. Was looking around the subreddit and found this video: Hacker messing around had Corrin with a dragonstone attack from range for the heck of it and was just expecting a crash. Instead he found a partially finished animation. So, dragonstones could've been more viable at their job of tanking. The first half of the animation is intact, but the actual attack is just the thunder spell stuck in as a place holder. So, when in development this was cut is a bit hard to pinpoint.
  3. I created this a while ago and figured I'd post it here for those who are interested. The playthrough goes for full recruitment and growth rates have been set to 0. Here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLz9xZUchaeBVxe3hTWLBxuMBxyXeUURH I found out afterwards that I could save a turn by promoting Yumina by chapter 11 which would reduce the turn count 105. With growth rates I could save a turn training up Marth to kill Hardin instead of Chiki which would further reduce the counter to 104. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Ok so I ended up reworking my old run. I managed to save 2 more turns than I thought bringing to total to 102 which is pretty cool and I think the fastest ever done in full recruitment. I suspect this to be the fastest possible on full recruitment with or without growths.
  4. Hello everyone! New LPer here, bringing you all the joy (and pain) of Thracia 776! Come see why I stole the numbers from this game for my stupid username! Part 1: And part 2:
  5. is up, where we meet an old friend and kill our second Zodiac Demon. My editor also decided to really mess up the sound of my voice, as well as drop about 5 seconds of video, but that's life. [spoiler=Videos] Chapter 1 Part 1- Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Chapter 2 Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Chapter 3 Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Extra 1 - Part 19 - [spoiler=OP] What's going on guys, I wanted to share with you guys over on the FE side of things a playthrough of what is in all honesty my favorite game of all time. FE is my current lover, but at heart, I know she'll never be as good to me as my first. Which brings us to this game. Masterful gameplay, masterful storytelling, and a masterful soundtrack all blended together to form the closest thing to a perfect game as it gets in my eyes. But some hardcore fans over at the Insane Difficulty forums added an extra ingredient to this concoction; Insane...dificulty. . .it sounded better in my head. Here are some before and after images to illustrate my point. [spoiler=Before] Nothing out of the ordinary. Now if we apply the patch: [spoiler=After] It's subtle, but upon careful observation the differences become apparent. So if strategy games are your thing, but FE isn't quite doing it for you or you just want something different, I highly encourage you to check this out! But be warned, this game makes Conquest Lunatic look like a lil' bitch. It eats Thracia for breakfast and Lunatic Reverse calls 1.3 its daddy. If you're a fan of the FFT series and you consider yourself an expert then you owe to yourself to give this a go. But as it says in the description for the mod, you'd better check your ego at the door. I attempted this patch many years ago, but was never able to finish it to completion. Now, many years and several versions later my pride has finally healed and I'm ready to get back on that horse again. And fear not! If you have no clue about Final Fantasy Tactics and how it works, I can answer any questions you may have. Although I totally skipped out on this during part one. If it's requested though I can throw together a video on the mechanics, because it's absolutely essential if you're going to play along or on your own. For the vets, I'll throw a list of notable changes in the spoilers tag below, as well as a link to the mod. EDIT: There is also a version of the mod that strictly adds in the modified content without the overpowering difficulty. It's called FFT 1.3 Content. Can't believe I forgot to mention that. I imagine it's still a good bit harder thanks to the rebalancing, but should be good in case you want something in between Vanilla and controller-through-screen rage inducing. [spoiler=Changes + Patch Download]Download Here Dark Knight & Onion Knight playable without WOTL Marche from FFTA is playable 200+ New Random Battles 50+ Arena 5 VS 5 VS 5 Free For All battles 40+ New Deep Dungeon Battles Rebalanced / nerfed overpowered elements that trivialized the game Completely redesigned storyline battles, boss encounters, and sidequests Thousands of individual balance changes White Chocobos and Green Chocobos Archaic Demon event Vormav 1 vs 1 duel event Cactuars Tonberries Sage Job Marksman Job JP Scroll / Level Up / Down / Degenerator Glitches removed from the game Jobs rebalanced Items and Poaching rebalanced Brave and Faith are no longer alterable All storyline enemies are now the player's level in strength or higher Enemies now use every single item the player can use except rares Enemies now have alot more JP to learn strong abilities with Anyways, without further ado, here's . Nothing too spectacular, it's the intro battle, what did you expect? The quality will be better in the next part as well, I'm pretty sure I've sorted out my emulator issues. Also, I was thinking about making this a one off, but since I'm actually going to play through this I'll attempt to slow down for the story next time, promise I stand by my version though. Can't very well skip through everything if I'm calling it masterful though, can I?
  6. FE5 is an intimidating and mysterious game to many fans of the series due having no official localization, a limited initial release, and a reputation for being very difficult. My goal is to help demystify this game for fans who have never touched FE5 before. Basic mechanical differences between FE5 and other games FE5 was the last game in the series to be directed by Shouzou Kaga, the founder of the Fire Emblem franchise, and as such it is the Kaga-era game that bears the closest resemblance to the later games. However, numerous subtle differences in the core mechanics of FE5 compared to later games contribute to a very different gameplay experience. We won't cover every little quirk or exclusive feature here. Important FE5-exclusive mechanics In the interest of brevity, I will discuss only one FE5-exclusive mechanic here in-depth. Understanding the battle forecast FE5's battle forecast (the stat display that comes up before a unit enters combat) is archaic by series standards; the concept of a simplified battle forecast did not come about until FE6. Additionally, the battle forecast is entirely in Japanese, which makes it even more difficult to interpret, and I will always be flashing through battle forecasts at lightning speed in this playthrough. The translation patch also butchers the battle forecast, so that's no help. FE5 doesn't conveniently subtract def from atk to calculate damage; the player has to do it himself. Additionally, it also doesn't display convenient x2s or x4s if a unit can double or quadruple attack; the player has to determine whether an AS difference is >=4 in order to cross the doubling threshold. Mechanics removed for this playthrough In order to demonstrate strategic consistency and to stay true to the spirit of 0% growths, I altered 2 mechanics exclusive to FE5: Movement stars On the second page of each character’s stat sheet are 2 lines showing some number of stars corresponding to stats named “leadership” and “movement.” The bottom line represents the movement star mechanic. Units with movement stars have a low chance of gaining a second action after completing their first action on any given turn. The best way to describe this, especially for those familiar with FE13, is that units with movement stars can randomly activate the skill Galeforce. Each star corresponds to a 5% chance of gaining an extra action. All units in this game have between 0 and 5 movement stars, inclusive. When a unit gains an extra action, a whistle chime plays and music note appears above his head. The 5 stars on this stat page are Tina's movement stars, yielding a 25% activation rate. Because movement stars seldom activate, they can rarely be relied upon, so I have removed them from all player units. Enemy units with movement stars still retain their stars. Crusader scrolls Crusader scrolls are items that, when placed in a unit’s inventory, grant passive boosts and penalties to that unit’s growth rates. The boosts are sizable; each scroll confers a net +30% to a unit’s growth rate total. Obviously, this will not do in a 0% growths playthrough, so all growth alterations have been removed. Crusader scrolls have a secondary effect in which they passively protect a unit from critical hits (except for those triggered by the Wrath skill), much like the Iron Rune from FE7 or the Fortune skill from FE10. The crit evade formula is rather stingy in this game, so crusader scrolls remain important for their protective effect. See http://serenesforest.net/thracia-776/inventory/crusader-scrolls/ for a list of crusader scrolls. Paragon mode Before there were formal difficulty modes - hard mode didn’t exist until FE6 - FE5 had a hidden difficulty mode called Paragon mode (or Elite mode). This mode doubles EXP gain for all units as if they had the skill Paragon (or Elite). In order to unlock this mode, the player has to select “new game” and enter the sequence →, ←, →, ←, →, ←, →, →. A chime will play upon successful unlock and the player can return to the main menu to start a file in Paragon mode. Paragon mode appears as an option below "new game" once it's been unlocked. Paragon mode is essentially an easy mode for this game, although the increased rate of EXP gain doesn’t lead to higher stats with 0% growths. The purpose of Paragon mode for this playthrough is to get units to L10 faster and more reliably, as several units must be promoted as early as possible in this playthrough. About this playthrough This playthrough operates under the following conditions: Player units have 0% growths in all stats. Movement stars on player units have been removed. Growth bonuses from crusader scrolls have been negated. It attempts to achieve a SSS rank (which requires recruiting all characters and finishing with a final turncount <180). It further aims for the lowest possible turncount. Videos of each chapter will be uploaded, with audio commentary from Mekkah and me. An explanatory write-up will accompany chapters for viewers who are unfamiliar with this game or have trouble with the Japanese. Chapter list Turncounts
  7. So I did do let's plays a little over a year back but I wasn't pleased with the quality of my videos. Recently I have bought a new mic and decided I'd give videos a shot again. I'm doing a let's play of Adventures of Lolo, a puzzle game. Most of the videos will be short as the game is short and I am splitting up into 5 parts for the sake of better pacing. I'm new to editing as well so things may look a little amateur. I also haven't done commentary for videos like this in a while so I had a little trouble coming up with consistent commentary. This is the first part:
  8. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaRQIiRnzZu-OjR3QeZinTtmIebyhU5R6 [spoiler=Turn Counts]Battlefield 1 (4 turns) Battlefield 2 (5 turns) Battlefield 3 (16 turns) Battlefield 4 (7 turns) Battlefield 5 (2 turns) Battlefield 6 (5 turns) Battlefield 7 (7 turns) Battlefield 8 (13 turns) Total: 59 turns Stub topic for my LTC playthrough of Yggdra Union (which I will flesh out in more detail later). I've got to say, it's quite a bit different from LTCing a Fire Emblem game, due to the complex nature of the battle mechanics and such, and I've had some fun with it. Meeting benchmarks to "ORKO" enemies is super difficult though... Enjoy the playthrough if you're a fan of Yggdra, and if not, I highly encourage you to try out the game (perhaps on the PSP version for better graphics + voiced cutscenes).
  9. Something that I always though would be an interesting challenge to run involves S-Ranking HHM in the lowest amount of turns possible. You can find a lot of runs like this for games like FE4 and FE5, but for some reason it doesn't appear that anyone has done anything like this for FE7. I'm hoping to run this challenge concurrently with my Max Star Playthrough, and hopefully the two playthroughs will end up sharing some strategies (though I doubt that will happen). The rules/goals for this challenge: - S Rank HHM in the fewest amount of turns possible - Limited RNG abuse allowed (not like 50 RNs burned at once) - Game will be played on vanilla HHM (no LHM preparation) - Not all characters will be recruited and most (if not all) gaiden chapters will be skipped What do you guys think? With very low expectations, I'd say that a sub-200 turn playthrough is very possible; General Horace's LTC clears HHM with full recruitment and Farina in 136, so this gives me plenty of breathing room to gain extra EXP if/when necessary. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links]Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (3 turns) Chapter 13 (4 turns)
  10. Well, with several 1-turn improvements over the standard chapter clears, I think it is finally time to consolidate these results into a single thread. [spoiler=Turncounts]Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (3 turns) Chapter 13 (4 turns) Chapter 14 (3 turns) Chapter 15 (8 turns) Chapter 16 (3 turns) Chapter 17 (6 turns) Chapter 18 (3 turns) Chapter 19 (3 turns) Chapter 20 (4 turns) Chapter 21 (1 turn) Chapter 22 (2 turns) This needs to be done separately from the ranked LTC thread, because well, this playthrough won't be concerned about S-ranking but simply minimizing the turn count. I wasn't originally planning to do this, but since I'm ahead of the game by a good few turns already, I might as well see how far I can go. I should note that Chapter 15 is really the point where the 2 playthroughs should diverge; since it is a defense chapter, there is a lot of flexibility in how one might approach it. In this playthrough, I'll probably be focusing of buffing up Lowen (mounted dude) and Erk (potential warper + need to offset massive Dorcas/Bartre/Guy EXP gain for Kenneth map). Obviously Priscilla and Serra will get trained up too, with the former taking priority. Since this thread is now dedicated to this playthrough, feel free to give me some comments regarding long term strategies/investments; I always appreciate the advice! I'm a bit reluctant to play through Chapter 15, since there is really just too much freedom to figure out how to best optimize our gains. If you guys can think of anything, I'd be happy to listen. EDIT: Since I've been making minor changes to some of the videos, I figured I would document them here for reference purposes [spoiler=Changes to Videos]Chapter 14: Reorder actions on turn 3. In particular, begin by burning 2 RNs, then have Marcus critkill with the javelin, then Dorcas critkill the archer, etc... Lowen should still get the same level, but Bartre and Rebecca get different levels Chapter 15: On the final turn, let Marcus attack from the east instead of north so that he aggros one more enemy. Let Oswin move above the merc so he can't get to Eliwood/Serra. Erk needs to burn a few more RNs, and Hector gets a slightly worse level (no Def increase). Chapter 16: Lyn should purchase a Steel Lance instead of an Iron Lance on the first turn. Kent should then attack on the second turn with his Iron Sword (instead of the Steel Lance). Eliwood then has to burn 1 RN less before leveling up. Chapter 17: position Lowen two spaces further west at the end of turn 5 so that he aggros an enemy archer for some extra EXP. To get the same levels, start turn 6 with Florina attacking killing the thief to level up. Now an additional change needs to be made because Marcus will level up here (instead of after killing the nomad on turn 1 EP). Burn 2 RNs, then kill the boss with a crit+hit from the killing edge (he's not strong enough to oneshot without the additional Str proc). A few more RNs are burned before Lowen gets his level. Then do the normal thing with Raven and Kent (who should attack with Iron Lance, not sure if I used the Javelin in the video but don't do that). Finaly, burn a couple more RNs and get a level for Sain. Don't forget to grab the Hero Crest with Matthew! Chapter 18: Florina and Kent swap Iron Lances. Florina should use the Secret Book here. On turn 2 EP, a merc that should attack Hector will choose to attack Sain instead. If Lowen remains in the same position, the PK that normally attacks Hector will instead go after him. (to be cont.) Chapter 20/21: Florina no longer has to use the Secret Book since she used it back in Chapter 18. Erk should also should no longer promote in the middle of Chapter 20 and should instead promote in the Chapter 21 preparations screen (along with Florina).
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXjyJdUVlG8 Xator Nova/Ronaldo Villanueva decided to talk about one of his favorite games, Thracia 776 in probably his most ambicious project nowadays. He wants to defend the position of Thracia as one of the best Strategical Games in the Story of the Videogames. Note: The video is in spanish (his native languaje), but has notes with english subtitules.
  12. Figured I might as well make a dedicated thread to this playthrough if I am going to continue: [spoiler=Turncounts]Chapter 1-P (4 turns) Chapter 1-1 (3 turns) Chapter 1-2 (3 turns) Chapter 1-3 (3 turns) Chapter 1-4 (2 turns) Chapter 1-5 (6 turns) Chapter 1-6-1 (2 turns) Chapter 1-6-2 (2 turns) Chapter 1-7 (4 turns) Chapter 1-8 (2 turns) Chapter 1-9 (3 turns) Here is the prologue video: I should note that I redid the end of the prologue to get Micaiah an HP proc to help her survive the next chapter. Chapter 1-1 has been recorded, and will be available as soon as YouTube processes it (probably a couple of hours since I figured out how to record in HD).
  13. Rules of the run: - Hard Mode - Lowest Turn Counts (LTC) - Male units aren't allowed to be used in combat, for ferrying or as defensive pair-up bots - They can however visit villages and open chests - The challenge starts at chapter 7 - Ebon Wings/Dread Scrolls are allowed - No Visitor or Online bonuses; the Boots/Dragon Herbs that come with the Special Edition cannot be used YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbSv8zSDR9c3vX7S5HrRwFuM7oJ2qbx5Z Prologue to Chapter 3 are in this video. I thought I'd start recording this much later since I was really busy with LTCing Awakening 0% growths on HM, but I came to a point where I need to resolve one big problem (Libra and Anna showed up with their NM bases because of the growths being hacked out), so I needed something else to work on for the time being. I'm pretty well-acquainted with all three paths of Fates from playing the Japanese version, which doesn't seem to have be any different gameplay-wise (maybe some cosmetic differences exist somewhere like elsewhere in the series, but I haven't been able to spot one just yet), so I have a good idea what I'm doing and it's always exciting to start a new LTC run. I've decided to play without restrictions (other than Low Turn Counts obviously) until chapter 7 and begin the challenge from there with the male units excluded. Maps like chapter 2 and 5 aren't meant to be played with only girls, I think (especially C2), and it's only chapter 7 where units stay in the party for good. I still have some time to think what exactly the rules of my challenge will be. Namely, I have to answer three highly important questions: 1) Do I use male units for pair-up purposes at all? Early on, there's a glaring lack of units to use and just pairing up MU with Effie leaves you with no more combat units. Not quite sure how I'll achieve objectives like visiting the different villages in chapter 8, for instance. However, allowing to be paired up with males (either without restriction or temporarily) should make the earlygame maps more bearable. This is a challenge though, and sacrifices are expected of one. There's no doubt that a pair-up like Arthur or Jakob makes a huge difference to units' performance later on, especially if compared to having nobody to pair up with at all. 2) Should children units (i.e. female ones) be recruited? This obviously implies a 'yes' answer to the previous question. Without levelling and/or reclassing the fathers, their optimisation will be quite limited and since this runthrough follows an LTC direction, both producing children and doing their paralogues seems largely incompatible with racking up low turn counts. 3) Finally, the problem of using the Dread Fighter/Dark Falcon scrolls. These let me experiment with ideas like Dark Falcon Nyx and give me a mobile and/or powerful unit early on in the game, but is it a better idea to have more options or to stick with the characters' natural options? I'm almost sure I do not want to use the Boots and Dragon Fangs obtained in the same way however (though Azura that's eaten two pairs of Boots is so fun to play with). I've set up a poll to get some assistance with these difficult decisions, and I'd be grateful if users could speak out about it in this topic too. As of chapter 7 (which I've been playing and which is about as far from 'easy' as it can get), how I choose to go about these things will influence the playthrough very directly. I also wonder if I'm going to regret opting for a Cavalier reclass MU and not going with a flying class like Wyvern Rider instead. I think having swords is really important and there's no shortage of fliers just a few maps ahead, especially if the two Dark Falcon scrolls are fair game too. All in all, pretty excited about how this will turn out. Turn Counts Pro 2 C1 4 C2 3 C3 5 C4 7 C5 4 C6 2 C7 10 C7x 7 C8 4 C9 5 C10 11 C11 3 C12 3 C13 3 C14 2 C15 4 C16 2 C17 2 C18 2 C19 5 C20 2 C21 3 C22 2 C23 2 C24 2 C25 1 C26 5 C27 1 E 1 TOTAL 105 turns Resource Allocation C4 Goddess Icon - Avatar C8 Talisman - hoarding C10 Dracoshield - Selena C11 Spirit Dust - skipped C12 Secret Book - Avatar C13 Arms Scroll - Avatar C14 Seraph Rone - Azura C15 Spirit Dust - Avatar C15 Speedwings - Mozu C15 Goddess Icon - Avatar C17 Speedwings - sold C19 Talisman - Avatar C20 Secret Book - Avatar C23 Goddess Icon - Avatar C24 Speedwings - sold C25 Dracoshield - Avatar
  14. Hey guys and gals, as of putting this up, this series is already 8 episodes in, but I'll put the individual videos that have already been released in the next post. This LP is a normal Lyn mode run. This is a pretty casual run, so if you're wanting low turn counts, you may not find what you're looking for! I'm really enjoying revisiting this game and has a high priority on my channel right now, so I hope that you enjoy it as well! Click here for YT playlist Latest Episode
  15. Enjoy! Note that since I'm using sucky recording software, there is a big slowdown, so you should view the video at 2x speed.
  16. Since you guys (for the most part) seemed to enjoy the 1-turn clear of Chapter 14, here is another 1-turn clear, possibly more interesting due to the more complicated nature of the map. I'm pretty certain I can't do this without using the Rescue staff; it might be possible if one had a couple of extra shove/swap-bots, but I didn't have time to capture any more than the 2 I got in Chapter 10, and it was already difficult enough to get those guys 2 levels while racing through the past few maps, so I imagine it would probably be impossible to get more than 1 more shove-bot trained up with maximal RNG abuse, if even that. If you throw in the 2 Boots from the path bonuses, things become a little more interesting... I can investigate this and see if something works out if you guys want. Not sure if this is something to do in a full playthrough LTC context, since it's possible that there are better uses of the Rescue staff later, but nevertheless an interesting strat imo. Didn't bother to record good level ups for obvious reasons. Oh and also, the speed issue is still there so watch it at 2x speed for maximal viewing pleasure.
  17. When I get some free time (likely not very soon), I'm thinking of potentially running an LTC of FE11 on Merciless difficulty, aiming for sub 85 60 turns (with true ending, of course). I'll be doing a reasonable amount RNG manipulation to really reduce my turncounts, though I'll try to minimize it where possible. However, I'm not extremely familiar with this game, so I'll probably be asking you guys for input as I go along. Tentatively, my plan is to 5 turn Chapter 1; I plan on skipping having Marth grab the 10,000G village (unless anyone thinks this is a terrible idea, it saves two turns). but grabbing Wrys (warp user). For the overall campaign, I will roughly follow dondon's Warpskipping strategy list that is available somewhere on this forum a new warpskipping strategy developed primarily by Gradivus. [spoiler=Videos and Turn Counts]Chapter 1 (5 turns) Chapter 2 (4 turns) Chapter 3 (5 turns) Chapter 4 (4 turns) Chapter 5 (4 turns) Chapter 6 (2 turns) Chapter 7 (3 turns) Chapter 8 (2 turns) Chapter 9 (1 turn) Chapter 10 (3 turns) Chapter 11 (2 turns) Chapter 12 (2 turns) Chapter 13 (2 turns) Chapter 14 (2 turns) Chapter 15 (1 turn) Chapter 16 (1 turn) Chapter 17 (1 turn) Chapter 18 (1 turn) Chapter 19 (1 turn) Chapter 20 (3 turns) Chapter 21 (1 turn) Chapter 22 (1 turn) Chapter 23 (1 turn) Chapter 24 (1 turn) Chapter 24x (1 turn) Chapter 4 - w/ Merric (4 turns) And a link to the entire playthrough
  18. As you might have seen from recent posts on the old 55 turn playthrough thread, I'm thinking of starting this up again, aiming for a 51 or 52 turn clear of Shadow Dragon on H5! This playthrough will involve significantly more RNG abuse than the previous one, and will perhaps be slightly less interesting to watch (besides Jagen during the early game, pretty much only Marth and Caeda are ever going to do any useful combat). On one hand, this makes guessing the correct answers to the topic poll questions a little bit more interesting, but it does have the potential to make the playthrough become even more bland than it already is, since there won't be any interesting Jake or Hardin shenanigans to watch. Anyway, tentative turn counts for the 51 turn playthrough are posted below: [spoiler=Expected Turn Counts]Chapter 1 (5 turns) Chapter 2 (4 turns) Chapter 3 (5 turns) Chapter 4 (2 turns) Chapter 5 (4 turns) Chapter 6 (2 turns) Chapter 7 (2 turns) Chapter 8 (2 turns) Chapter 9 (1 turn) Chapter 10 (2 turns) Chapter 11 (1 turn) Chapter 12 (2 turns) Chapter 13 (2 turns) Chapter 14 (2 turns) Chapter 15 (2 turns) Chapter 16 (1 turn) Chapter 17 (1 turn) Chapter 18 (1 turn) Chapter 19 (1 turn) Chapter 20 (3 turns) Chapter 21 (1 turn) Chapter 22 (1 turn) Chapter 23 (1 turn) Chapter 24 (1 turn) Chapter 24x (1 turn) Endgame (1 turn) I'm probably not going to actually start work on this for some time, but feel free to post comments, questions, advice, or anything you think I might find useful during the planning stages of this run. I have some tentative strategies for most of the chapters at this point in time, so if you want to ask about forges, character recruitment, or general strategy, I can probably answer most questions that you may have. Hope you guys will enjoy!
  19. I've gotten some requests for this one, so here it is! Wario Land 4 for the Game Boy Advance! 'Cause, you know, I'm still using that emulator... That could change at anytime, though! Hopefully Anyway, here's the first episode! Bit of warning (I put this in the beginning of the video, too), there are flashing and/or blinding lights in the game, primarily around the entering and exiting level animations. I felt like I should warn people about that, so try not to view this in a dark room. I also decided to not put me on the title cards anymore, mostly 'cause I can't take a good picture even if my life depended on it. I might do something about that in the future, but for now, Wario's taking up the spot. Oh, yeah! Rules! 1) Don't die. Game Over means Game Over. Time Ups also mean game over past the first episode 2) Playing on Hard Mode. S-Hard Mode was not available to me at the moment. I know I could've just beaten the game on Hard to get it, but I want this to be a near-blind run as I have not played most of this 3) No using mini-game items to help with the boss fights NOW here's the first episode! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zkUMtD8olg
  20. Hello everybody! I had another topic for all of my LPs but that sorta just died, so I'm posting this here. It's the newest LP of a crazy good ROM hack that got hack of the year 2015 on Pokecommunity. Here it is! Pokemon Gaia! Here's Episode 1! Here's the playlist, too! Current Episode:
  21. Are you ready? It's time for... FIRE EMBLEM REQUIEM? COMIC SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS So I said more FE was coming, and here it is. I wanted to play this game but held off to do a let's play of it, blindly. With no restarts (except if the Lord dies :P) HERE WE GO! Current Episode: Playlist:
  22. So I recently bought Civ V on Steam and it's excellent. So I'm going to do an LP with all the Civs available (Vanilla only). Couple of things: 1) I am not a good human being. I blame a lot of things (one example is a recent court case against my ex-roommate) but that doesn't matter. What this means is that this LP is rated M for "Mature, motherfucker". There will be obscenity. There will be drug, alcohol and sexual comments. There may also be a bit of racism and other things. There will also be a lot of East Coast Rap playing and I know a lot of lyrics. Long story short, if you are offended easily, don't watch. It's that simple. 2) I'm not a good Civ V player. If you want to comment with "you suck", I'll simply respond with a shot about how it's still not at the level of your mother based on last night. If you want to throw out helpful criticism, that is not only accepted but encouraged. 3) I only have the Vanilla version of Civ V because I'm poor. If you want to gift me GnK and BNW on Steam, please do. This means that there is no religion, spies, tourism and a lot of Civs in my LP. I'll try to figure out a way on how to hook up a way to record both my voice and the game at the same time for when I start. I will also add a poll for the first Civ to start with when I get home. But for the time being, get prepared. Shit is going to get real. EDIT: The poll is now up. I haven't used any of these Civs properly so I want to start with one of them. And if someone can help me with figuring out how to record my screen and mic using the best program possible, I'd appreciate it. [spoiler=Songhai]1x1 1x2
  23. I'm not entirely sure what to call this... Hello, everyone! Happy 2016! To kick things off on my channel, I decided to play Pokemon Ruby Version. I did a Nuzlock of my own on Omega Ruby, but I had no way to record it then (still don't), and that went well. So I wanted to play Ruby this time around. Rules! Gotta love 'em! 1. If a Pokemon dies, they stay dead. 2. I'm only using my first Pokemon. I'll capture other Pokemon if I need to learn moves like Cut, Surf, etc. but my first Pokemon will be the only one in battles. 3. No Potions or other healing item during battle. In regards to the second rule, I know this challenge is called something different. It's definitely "hardcore," but I believe it's called an "Ironman run?" Could be wrong. This is also the first time I appear on (a crappy) camera, or at least for the title card, anyway. Didn't think I looked that good, did ya'? XD Enjoy, like, and subscribe! Or don't. That's up to you. EDIT: @Jeheza I was going to do a run of Wario Land 4, that you suggested in my Sacred Stones topic. But then I heard you were going off on a journey and might not have much time to watch it. So I'm gonna hold off on that for now. Maybe that'll be my next run. :)
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIn6J61Oee8
  25. Continuing on my goal to playing through every single Fire Emblem game, I'm starting FE3 Book2! I streamed through Book1 so that I could learn the story better, as FE1 didn't really do justice to the story. I include facecam as well as lightly voice acting characters, so be warned lol. Each episode will be an entire chapter so the video may tend to me rather long but I'd like to contain the entire chapter in 1 video rather than cutting midway. Hope you enjoy! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GNZ78hDXsw
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