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Found 11 results

  1. I'm not very sure myself on who it might be. I want it to be the church but my gut tells me it will be opposing countries. I want to hear what you think about this considering it has been one of the most confusing thing about these trailers imo.
  2. These are notes I have made that might link this game to Evil dragon. Spoilers for Awakening and Echoes Endgame. This is what I gathered so far. (not too much) Evil man with white hair (magic one) might be Forneus maybe. Or better yet, Byleth with that "hidden power?" Here is something interesting I noticed: The symbol looks "somewhat" similar but what strikes me is that the evil man symbol has 6 lines around a center point like the Grimleal symbol possibly hinting that this is grima with his eyes closed (to show he is not born). Maybe this "religion" are working for old man/Byleth to begin the creation of Grima maybe to gather dragon blood. (this is not explained) I had a horrible idea that probably won't happen but what if Sothis is killed for dragon blood? Really this is just me coming up with a theory for this symbol that we know nothing about. Also the Valentian Endgame wasn't long ago so maybe they planned to have this connected? P.S. Probably just a coincidence but just wanted to point out some "links" . Had some other points but felt like they weren't worth talking about. Just something while I desperately wait for release.
  3. Over the course of the series, Fire Emblem has had it's share of what I'm calling Evil Usurpers: a sort-of disc-one villain that typically begins the plot by being leader of the group that often betrays the king, and always leads the overthrow and/or occupation of the hero's kingdom; usually on behalf of the major villains. These villains set up an early personal conflict for the heroes, while also setting up the grander arc by being just a minion in the grand scheme of things. Which one do you think was the best of these? If there's one that fits this archetype that I missed, please let me know. Similarly, if there's someone on this list that you think shouldn't be on this list, please let me know and give your reasons why they shouldn't be on the list. If at least two people mention why they should/shouldn't be on the list, then I'll add/remove them. Note: if the Evil Emperor himself leads the overthrow and/or occupation (such is the case with Ashnard in Path of Radiance and Lekain in Part 3 of Radiant Dawn), the Evil Emperor does not belong on this list as they're a main villain; this is just about the ones that are the main villain for a particular arc.
  4. Personally, I consider Lekain to be the main villain of the game. He's directly responsible for the atrocities in Daein which leads to the events in part one. He has no relevance in part two except for the Begnion dracoknights going into Crimea which wouldn't have happened if it weren't for the corruption of Begnion's Senate. In part three, he's the reason everything bad happens such as the Laguz being provoked, the blood pacts, the coup, Valtome being appointed as leader and provoking Crimea. In part 4, he no longer has as much relevance but he still has more screen time until his death. All Sephiran does in part 3 is get captured and later on conducts an uprising. In part one, he sends the Black Knight to protect Micaiah. He does end up convincing Ashera to pass her judgement but Ashera really didn't need convincing. I don't think Ashera constitutes as the main villain because she only becomes relevant in part 4 and wasn't even the cause of all the calamities.
  5. Fire Emblem has a lot of bad villains *Cough Garon, but I would like to see if anyone has any favorite Villains, I personally love Rudolph ps, IS put him in FEH as a grand hero battle please
  6. What the title says. Whether it be the shadow dragon, a tyrant in red armour, a mad king, or a scheming senate; Fire Emblem is full of villains who drive some of the story through leadership and conquest of other kingdoms. Who, in your opinion, is the best of the FE villains that lead conquering nations and empires? Why? To be clear, this is a villain who leads one nation in conquest of another.
  7. So I was thinking, what could make a fun forum post? And I decided how about a forum post about your favorite villain of the series. Just choose who your favorite villain is and give a little description as to why they are your favorite villain. I will be honest, I need to think about a little myself. In my opinion, good villains can be few and far between in this series, but there are some that I like. Hope everyone enjoys this post.
  8. Who do you think is the worst Fire Emblem villain in the series and why?
  9. Since there's already topics about lords and avatars, why not make one for villains as well? What type of villain would you like to see on FE Switch? It could be anything ranging from a minor villain to a major one or even the final boss. What type of story does that villain have and how they affect the story? Do you even want another dragon as the final boss or something more unique as the overall main villain? I'm looking forward to what people come up with.
  10. So, what are your thoughts of his main presence, role in the games?
  11. So these aren't the world-ending, godly-powerful guys, or the main plot-spanning antagonists of their games or anything, but it's undeniable that FE has given us some pretty memorable (or even memetic) bosses and minor villains in the course of its history. Which ones are your favorites, and why? I always remember Jarod of RD, because not only was did he show some measure of cunning (his plan at creating a trap for Micaiah, which would have worked had the Black Knight not swooped in to save the day), but he also stood his ground and fought to the bitter end to try to keep his hold on Daein (whereas the likes of Ludveck gave up and surrendered soon as he was defeated). He didn't even flinch when he was facing down the Black Knight, who previously decimated every member of Jarod's force that fought against him. The guy also showed some more redeeming traits, in his rage and sadness at Alder jumping in and taking a bullet for him. If only the Capture mechanic had existed in RD, I would have loved to add him to the Dawn Brigade's team. Glass from Blazing Blade also sticks out in my mind, because despite being weak as hell as a low-level myrmidon with terrible stats has the gall to refer to himself as "godly," and scream to the heavens about his "peerless swordplay." Lol, that's just amusing in general. Never realized how fitting his name was for his awful defensive stats until now...
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