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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everybody! My name's Kyle McCarley, and I'm the new voice of Alm. If you're familiar with my work as 9S in NieR: Automata, you may be aware of the fact that I streamed my playthrough of the game on my Twitch channel. Starting on Tuesday 5/30 at 7:00pm Pacific, I'll be doing the same thing with Shadows of Valentia. Hope to see some of you then!
  2. I was trying to figure out who was voicing Alm in the latest trailer that was called "Zofia's Call". And I wasn't exactly sure if that was Ben Diskin (the same guy who voiced Hayoto, Jakob, and Saizo from Fates and Matthew from Heroes) since Alm's voice sounds alot similar at first. But, Ben Diskin just confirmed on Twitter from a couple of minutes ago that he doesn't recall voicing Alm nor have a single role in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and he was really surprised that someone who voiced Alm in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia sounded alot like his acting voice when he did make his Hayoto, Numbah 2 (from Kids Next Door), and Toxsa (from Tenkai Knights) voice. But, does anyone really recognize Alm's voice from the trailer, I think it could be Bryce Papenbrook or an another voice actor might have voiced Alm?
  3. So for about a month I have been trying to get the fire emblem fates jp voices (not the my room voices I have those). Like the crit voices and dialogue voice clips. I've tried probably every bcwav file extractor I could find, used braindump to extract the files from my game and searching through those, but i seriously can not figure it out. Does abyone know how to obtain the files from the game? Or perhaps a link to download them that isn't dead? I'm begging you guys this has me pulling my dang hair out :/
  4. I'm looking to start Birthright today after I finish Conquest and I would like to marry Kinu/Selkie. However I have no idea what her English voice sounds like nor the voice actress. Good or bad guys?
  5. According to the avatar creation page of FE:Fates voice apparently affects dialogue in the game. Is that right? That seems pretty big. If so would anyone know how much it affects dialogue? I can't imagine it'd be very much.
  6. Hi, I'm the director and creator of the Fire Emblem fandub. One of my cast members is putting together a fan dubbed LP of Suikoden II and he's needing more voice actors for the vast cast of this niche JRPG. He's looking for people to voice Viktor and Gorudo specifically; two low pitch, gruff males. Something you'd be interested in?All information here: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/VisionofChaos/casting-call/Suikoden-II--Voice-Acted--Round-2/
  7. At first glance,I loved the english voices, hearing that little quote with each cut-in was magical to me. Until of course I heard some of the character's English voices with a more open mind. I love Brady's English voices, i'll preach that all day and all night, most of Noire's english voices are impressive as well, the evil laugh is spot-on though. I heard the quotes over and over again, and, for most characters, the magic was leaving because I couldn't really get behind them, they are either not serious enough for my tastes, ie. Henry, or way too intent, ie. Fem MU voice 3 I believe. And then there was Morgan. My sweet little daughter shouldn't have the voice of a grown woman, it's just... When I pair her and Brady, because Brady is my son-in-law, I want to hear Brady's English voices, but Morgan will jump in with her 20 year old unfitting womanly voice and just rng breaking crit luckyness, and i'll be all, "oooh... Just, no... Morgan, shush, let Brady talk." Only Fem Morgan though, male Morgan I know far too little about to judge him. And that's why I use the Japanese voices, I may not understand them well, but I'm learning, and the japanese ones, in my opinion, sound a little bit cooler. But what about you? Which voices do you use?
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