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Found 7 results

  1. Since some returning voice actors did voiced some of the characters that haven't gotten a Voice Actor in the past games after the launch day and there are some VAs from Awakening through Echoes: Shadows of Valentia managed to voice some characters from the past games that were added to Fire Emblem Heroes. What do you think which returning voice actors in the Fire Emblem franchise do you think we could possibly see who might be voicing who when the other characters that haven't been added to Heroes yet? (probably don't add any Awakening, Fates, and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia characters since they already a VA) Here's a few of my guesses that I came up with that I think that they could might possibly get in as: (so far) Matthew Mercer: Geoffrey from Tellius Series, Murdock from The Binding Blade, Horace from Archanea series, and Rath from The Blazing Blade Ian Sinclair: Dieck from The Binding Blade, Ashnard from Path of Radiance, Elffin from The Binding Blade, and Frey from Archanea series Antony Del Rio: Ewan from The Sacred Stones, Chad from The Binding Blade, Azelle from Genealogy of the Holy War, and Nils from The Blazing Blade Angela Marie Volpe: Idunn from The Binding Blade and Heather from Tellius series Patrick Seitz: Travant from Genealogy of the Holy War and Dayan from The Binding Blade Kate Higgins: Lethe from Tellius series and Sigrun from Tellius series Erica Linebeck: Petrine from Path of Radiance, Melady from The Binding Blade, and Limstella from The Blazing Blade Cherami Leigh: Altena from Genealogy of the Holy War and Fiona from Tellius Series Kaiji Tang: Kieran from Tellius series and Julian from Archanea series Cathlin Glass: Igrene from The Binding Blade and Nyna from Archanea series Todd Haberkorn: Lugh from The Binding Blade, Lex from Genealogy of the Holy War, Lance from The Binding Blade, and Zeiss from The Binding Blade Doug Erholtz: Cormag from The Sacred Stones, Alen from The Binding Blade, Tauronea from Tellius series, and Shannan (older version) from Genealogy of the Holy War Tara Sands: Niime from The Binding Blade Erica Mendez: Guinivere from The Binding Blade, Juno from The Binding Blade, Elice from Archanea series, and Lucia from Tellius series Stephanie Sheh: Lena from Archanea series and Norne from Archanea series Greg Chun: Ogier from The Binding Blade, Wolf from Archanea series, and Samuel from Archanea series David Vincent: Perceval from The Binding Blade, Pent from The Blazing Blade, Jake from recurring titles, and Pelleas from Tellius series Brina Palencia: Brunnya from The Binding Blade and Laura from Tellius series Doug Stone: Douglas from The Binding Blade, Dozla from The Sacred Stones, and Gotoh from Archanea series Dan Woren: Boah from Archanea series and Karel (older version) from The Binding Blade Christina Vee: Cath from The Binding Blade, Ilyana from Tellius series, and Patty from Genealogy of the Holy War Christine Marie Cabanos: Thea from The Binding Blade and Sonia from The Blazing Blade Brianna Knickerbocker: Astrid from Tellius series and Tine from Genealogy of the Holy War Lucien Dodge: Ross from The Sacred Stones and Arlen from Archanea series Kirk Thorton: Wendell from Archanea series, Oifey (older version) from Genealogy of the Holy War, and Marcus from Elibe series Allegra Clark: Malice from Archanea series and Jill from Tellius series Alexis Tipton: Miranda from Thracia 776 and Larcei from Genealogy of the Holy War Amanda C. Miller: Echidna from The Binding Blade and Brigid/Eyvel from Judgral series This is what I think of it so far, what do you guys have your thoughts on what returning Voice Actor do you think who might be voicing who aren't appeared in Heroes yet?
  2. If the game gets a remake sometime in the future, here I have a few ideas for some VA's, give ideas if any of them don't match: Eirika: Kira Buckland Seth: Chris Smith Franz: Bryce Papenbrook Gilliam: Kent Williams Vanessa: Michelle Ruff Moulder: DC Douglas Ross: Nicholas Roye Garcia: Richard Epcar Neimi: Cherami Leigh Colm: Michael Sinterniklaas Artur: Joe Zieja Lute: Brina Palencia Natasha: Nicole Balick Joshua: Todd Haberkorn Ephraim: Greg Chun Forde: Grant George Kyle: Xander Mobus Orson: Marc Diraison Tana: Melissa Fahn Amelia: Natalie Lander Innes: Xander Mobus Gerik: Keith Silverstein Tethys: Eden Riegel Marisa: Connor Kelley L'Arachel: Carrie Keranen Dozla: Kyle Herbert Saleh: Patrick Seitz Ewan: Ray Chase Cormag: Travis Willingham Rennac: Doug Erholtz Duessel: Doug Stone Knoll: Taliesin Jaffe Myrrh: Erica Lindbeck Syrene: Caitlin Glass Valter: Imari Williams Riev: Mike Pollock Selena: Colleen Clinkenbeard Caellach: Sean Schemmel Lyon: Mark P Whitten Vigarde: Robert Clotworthy
  3. Please do not use this thread to speculate on whether a character will get into Smash or not. That is a discussion for one of the other threads. This is merely a hypothetical for if every FE character in Smash returns. So, as we know, since Melee, Marth and Roy have been limited to speaking in Japanese in the Smash games for three installments. In addition, Ike has been voiced by Jason Adkins for all his appearances, Lucina was played by Laura Bailey, and Lyn has been voiced by Lani Minella. However, things have changed VA-wise for these characters. Marth, starting in Codename Steam and more prevalently in Warriors, has recently been voiced by the likes of Yuri Lowenthal. Roy has gotten Ray Chase (who was a fan of Roy even in the Melee days) in Heroes, his only English-voiced appearance, Lyn now has been voiced by the likes of Wendee Lee, and Lucina and Ike both have gotten new VAs in the form of Alexis Tipton and Greg Chun, both of them presumably due to some legal stuff (I'm guessing). With this in mind, do you think that, in the hypothetical situation that all these characters return, they will have their VA work updated for the next Smash? Personally, I think at least Marth and Roy will get their English voice actors. I feel like while some will argue tradition to avoid giving them English voice acting, there will just be a Japanese voice pack and we'll get them in both languages. I'm guessing Lucina and Ike may keep their voices unless new voice lines need to be recorded or they have to, but Lyn likely will have a new voice recorded since her old voice isn't really fitting much.
  4. Since the previous thread on the English dub for Fire Emblem Fates was locked due to necroing, I might as well start this thread up again. Anyways, this is the discussion for the English dub for Fire Emblem Fates, rumors, and confirmed voice actors in the game's English dub. Here is the list of voice actors that are confirmed in the English dub and their respective character: Here is the list of voice actors that rumored to be in the English dub, but is not yet confirmed: A few additional notes in regards to the voice acting for Fire Emblem Fates: Here are some few useful websites that might help you if you aren't familiar with several voice actors: TV Tropes (scroll down to Dub Voice Actors/Los Angeles area, as some of the voice actors who normally work in anime also work in video games, but keep in mind that it doesn't list all the voice actors who work in video games doesn't always work in anime, i.e. Gideon Emery) Behind the Voice Actors (a large voice acting community, very helpful website) Anime News Network (while the website is mostly an anime website, they also keep up in date in Japanese video games, Fire Emblem Fates included. Also have an encyclopedia of many voice actors as well) IMDB (caution, some info in this site may be inaccurate as many people can freely edit the pages there like Wikipedia) MyAnimeList (almost similar to Anime News Network, but a little more detailed) Feel free to discuss the voice actors an rumors. If there are more voice actors that have been rumored or confirmed, please let me know and I'll update this post. Please keep this thread active and alive as well so we don't see another lock for necroing.
  5. So with Fates coming out in about 19 days, we have yet to hear more of the characters' English voices. Some of them are great (especially Nishiki/Kaden, Ryoma, Camilla, and Leo's voices)! And then there are some cringe worthy ones like Effie and Felicia's execution of, "We got trouble!" For the ones we didn't hear yet in English, which voice actor do you think would be perfect for a character in the game? To me, I think Johnny Yong Bosch would be perfect for Shigure. Since JYB is the singer in his band Eyeshine, I can imagine him singing to "You are the ocean's gray waves," and it would come out beautifully. Plus his awesome voice can make Shigure much more fabulous just like Robin's seiyuu. There is one problem though: Is JYB a non-union voice actor? He's in pretty big roles like Lelouch from Code Geass, Izaya from Durarara!!, and Makoto from Free!. Then again, Laura Bailey did Lucina's voice, though she wasn't credited.
  6. Since we have a thread for this in the FE Fates section, it seemed appropriate that we have one for this game as well. Human Characters: Japanese VAs Not!Personas I mean Mirages Japanese VAs
  7. Hello, this is my first time posting. I just wanted to share this. With hamayama's playthrough on Twitch completed, I was able to view the credits and translate the names of the voice actors (and I double-checked, these are all indeed the names of Japanese voice actors). So, here's the full Japanese cast list for Fire Emblem Fates.
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