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Found 5 results

  1. Voting is now officially closed. Please post the final results here. What changes do you expect from the midterm results?
  2. I am going to play blind/blindly! I excluded GBA games, because I want some fresh air. I am going to use Shin Patch on FE 4, 'cause I love challenge and some balance ^-^ I am going to post my playthrough on forum, or at least try. Feel free to vote! And also feel free to tell me, why'd you exactly choosed this game. Feel free to tell me the tips about the game you chosen! Thanks for voting and posting :D
  3. I already posted this in the Awakening forum, but I was informed that it would be better here. For those of you who don't know, LEGO Ideas is an online feature where you can post your own ideas for LEGO products (as long as it doesn't break any of LEGO's rules), and if the idea receives 10,000 votes, it can be made into a LEGO product! A few days ago, I submitted an idea based on the Premonition chapter of Fire Emblem Awakening. Included is the Fire Emblem, the dragon's table, Chrom, Validar, and Robin (comes with male and female versions). Here's a link to the site; when you get to the site, click the support button on the right to vote (you will need a LEGO ID though, but it is simple to make one). https://ideas.lego.com/projects/121131 You can also comment on the product on the site. Getting 10,000 supporters is mainly a question of advertising, so please tell others you know who would be willing to support this. Update (December 20, 2015): It is currently sitting at 14 supports, and it has been almost a month since anyone supported. Please support this LEGO Ideas project.
  4. vote for the one yeah totally forgot about showing the 5th entry before I think right voting ends the 13th Entry 1 - Kitty of Time - 3 *Entry 2 - Sairento - 12* Entry 3 - Matt Snow - 2 Entry 4 - KoopaTroopa - 4 Entry 5 - Primefusion - 3 Congrats to Sairento! PM me the next details please.
  5. Cookies + Grandmas = Satan Also, voting rules still apply, do not vote for yourself, and if you entered, vote. Ends 24/9/13 Since i can't close polls without the help of a beautiful canadian genie, I'll just do this. Entry 1: 1 Entry 2: 4 Entry 3: 2 Entry 4: 3 Entry 5: 4 Entry 6: 1 Entry 7: 7... Seven for seven huh aaaaaaaand someone decided to sneak in add a vote already it was... MARIO KIRBY
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