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Found 10 results

  1. I have a scenario to propose: What if every version of Link (from the Legend of Zelda) fought one Fire Emblem Lord each? Who would win? So the premise is simple: A) A Link with his in-game weapons/items/abilties will fight a Lord with his/her weapons/items/abilities B) Lore or in-game stats can be discussed (because this is just for fun) C) the winner is the one who incapacitates the other So without further ado, let me propose the first three scenarios: 1) OG Link (Legend of Zelda) vs OG Marth (Fire Emblem) The two heroes that kicked off the series face each other, all in 8 bit glory. Who wins? 2) Twilight Princess Link vs Corrin (F) (From Conquest) Both heroes can transform into a wolf and a dragon respectively. Having come from troubled backgrounds, which hero will triumph? 3) Breath of the Wild Link vs Byleth (M) (From Three Houses) Two of the most versatile heroes face off. They can use multiple weapons and manipulate time to aid them in battle. Who will be the victor?
  2. Two Fire Emblem characters enter, and one leaves the duel a victor. For this thread, I will be suggesting two Fire Emblem characters/teams to duel, and invite any readers to discuss and response. Readers, feel free to continue this thread by posting dream duels, just bear in mind the following: 1. The duelers should be a roughly on an equal combat skill level (i.e. no "Mist (from Path of Radiance) vs Ganon (from Fates)" 2. At least one of the participants must be from a Fire Emblem Series. 3. Disagreements allowed, but please be civil. 4. You may write a short narrative of the duel, but it must have a winner. Thus without further ado let us discuss the following match-ups: A) Mia (POR/RD) vs Hana (Fates) B) Conrad (Echoes) vs Ferdinand (Three Houses) And the main event: C) Chrom (Awakening) vs Sigurd (Genealogy)
  3. Hello guys, it is possible that you have seen my videos on youtube, but anyway i wanted to post some videos of character fights i made for some debate or just for fun, you can ask me witch battles of the gameboy era you would like to see: Fargus vs Nergal Lyn vs Roy: Canas vs Knoll: Nergal vs Zephiel: Erk vs Ewan: Lyon vs Nergal: Lloyd vs Linus:
  4. So I bought Awakening a few years ago, recently I picked it back up and since I hadn't played it in awhile I played it all on Casual, I know, how dare I. But I figured with a long flight next week I should get another FE game as well, so I thought Fates would do the job. I'm not a die hard at the strategy of the game, I just play them for the story, as the plot, coupled with the character development makes for some good, deep story telling. So naturally I thought I'd get Birthright, but after looking more at the game it seemed really, not me. I like the atmosphere of Conquest, the characters look more appealing, and above all else taking down a corrupt system from the inside out sounds better than good kingdom vs bad kingdom. But that leads me to my main question, if I buy the game, and just want to get the story, is playing on Normal-Casual similar to how it was in Awakening? (Since the difficulty screen says Normal is more for beginners to the series) Or is it much harder than that? And if so, is Phoenix mode any better? Any help will do, Thanks.
  5. who will win? i prefer pie
  6. which is better for newcomers who have only played persona 3 and 4 as well as dds, cannot afford smt 4 so do not suggest that,
  7. so did x and y beat black and white 2, i don't think so so far, i guess the region is not really my thing, i prefereed unova, and for some reason i feel like they tried to hard to incorporate old pokemon, this is weird but it felt awkward encountering pidgey for the first time, but that is my thoughts what are yours?
  8. well i have xd and will get x and y tomorrow but which is better?
  9. Ok, I need help. I'm trying to go for the special ending that consists of But I can't seem to have Soren attack Pelleas (or vice versa) in the Part 3 Endgame. I have no long-ranged tomes, and I'm doing hard mode, so there are more enemies (meaning it's a lot easier to get the kill-count to get to 80). I've gotten really close before, and then Nailah killed Soren, and Pelleas attacked the wrong person. I've tried having Haar rescue Soren, and have him follow the Gallia path, but it didn't reduce the kill-count because Phoenicis will take the center path (the path that you're supposed to take). I've had Soren equip Pass, and have a few people (with a lot of defense or avoid) do a berserk strategy without trying to kill many people, but someone usually ends up dying (mainly Haar). If anyone can give me any tips, it would be most appreciated.
  10. so this are considered the best 2 rockstar games by many. which is your favorite
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