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  1. Similar to the Fates, Echoes & Heroes sections "I just want to know one thing" I figured i'd make a thread all about answering peoples questions on the various Warriors titles, or things about FE Warriors when it finally hits. Although I could maybe answer some stuff with the gameplay we've seen so far. @Soledai @Folt and others can probably fill gaps where I might not be able to. The Warriors franchise is vast and has done many many crossover titles. We have. Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Warriors Of Troy, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, Pirate Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk etc. If you were curious on what has been done in the past.
  2. It's actually pretty fun, which is surprising considering it's a warriors game, and I don't tend to enjoy those.
  3. I recall the the last time I played the game, the 4 characters specifically all got a voice change, was there a reason for it? Regardless I'm not a fan as I prefer their Fates actors
  4. Since Nintendo is still doing collaberations with Koei Tecmo doing a Warriors spinoff with the Zelda franchise with Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Fire Emblem franchise with Fire Emblem Warriors. What are your thoughts if Koei Tecmo did a Warriors Spinoff from the Pokemon Franchise? In my head idea of what the Pokemon Warriors looks like, this is what I came up with so far: I do think they might keep some of the mechanics from Hyrule Warriors series and Fire Emblem Warriors and add some of the recurring mechanics from the mainline Pokemon series. I think the enemy of the Pokemon warriors series had to be a Villain Team who is more powerful than the other Villain Teams from any Pokemon games. They're objective is to destroy the entire world of Pokemon and all the remaining trainers and allied Pokemon will have to fight on to save the world that be similar to like the Soldiers from Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. I think the players moves the Pokemon Trainers while using any attack button to send the Pokemon to attack the opponents. I do think the humans in Pokemon Warriors will get knocked down as well. I do think we could see some higher members acting as the Captains of the Forts. You choose any Pokemon in your specific teams. I do think Pokemon Warriors will get maybe around two new playable Trainers introduced in this game and the rest is legacy characters similar to like the Rowan and Lianna situation from Fire Emblem Warriors. I think HM Moves will be unlocked in specific areas instead of permately used in the party's Pokemon. I think the Legacy Pokemon Trainers that will be encountered as enemies such as Red, Ethan, Blue, etc. will might get brainwashed by the evil Team Members and you just unlock one of them by beating them similar to like you fight the the legacy characters when you encountered them in Fire Emblem Warriors. What are your thoughts on how Pokemon Warriors should be handled if Koei Tecmo decides to make a Warriors spinoff from the Pokemon series?
  5. Power ups can be a gameplay mechanic kind of like how hyrule warriors had the items from legend of zelda games. Anyway here's my roster ideas. Mario: cappy Luigi: poltergust Peach: parasol, hearts, and emotions Daisy: flower/crystal power Rosalina: wand and lumas Pauline: mini toys and music Captain Toad: pick axe, turnips, and spores Toadette: pick axe, acorns(works like toad's turnips), and super crown Toadsworth: cane and toadsworth twist Yoshi: eggs, tongue, and wings Birdo: shoots eggs, bombs, and fireballs Queen Bee: honey bucket, honey combs, and stinger Sprixie princess: hammer and wrench bells they all used to create the rocket from 3D world Donkey Kong: punches, headbutts, grabs, and barrels Diddy Kong: tail and peanut popgun Dixie Kong: ponytail and gumball popgun Funky Kong: surf board and barrel blast Geno: arm gun Mallow: weather attacks Piantissimo: fruit/pepper toss and dashing E. Gadd: super poltergust 3001 Nabbit: sack Princess shokora: attacking in her cursed forms Wario: motorcycle, farting, and warioman Waluigi: dancing and tennis Ashley: red Bowser: fire breath, clawing, and tail smack Bowser jr: clown car Kamek: wand King Boo: dark moon jeweled crown Petey piranha: cages King K. Rool: blunderbuss kannonballs and belly Fawful: vacuum headgear and fawful blaster Vivian: teleportation and her fire attacks Shadow queen: shadow hands and dark energy Count bleck: scepter and chaos heart
  6. Without further ado, allow me to present to you my gift everyone. It is in the form 100+ hours of my labor. Okay so joking aside let’s get straight to it since you clicked on this for a reason. After doing some searches and not really finding much concrete information I decided to take on the grand task of answering all the questions that we could have about this topic’s subject line. I will list the key information to answer the questions right away here in this thread and will also respond but you’ll find a greater amount of information in the following Microsoft word document I’m attaching. Keep in mind a few things here though. I had every intention to share this information once I nailed it down so you’ll see my banter in the document. I tried pretty hard to make the document look organized since I knew people would be reading it. I created Introduction section followed by the actual questions I’d be putting to the test plus the research section and finally at the bottom the theories section and my monologue as I was testing. Keep in mind that prior to this I already had almost 198 hours on my save file. Meaning I had quite a few of the supports done. Since w/o DLC there are only 23 play-able characters (which I refer to as test subjects) my “resources” started to disappear once I began some testing. So in my document I very strongly emphasize who was clean and who was dirty (in the sense that maybe they had a few rogue points already saved off to the side before I even tested them) There are a few things I have left unanswered myself so I have to leave those parts up to the community to solve. But at least with my ground work done you can quickly read over what I already tested and theorized then go from there. If you’re wondering why I didn’t start a new file then I say to you…..NO! I’m already a little anxious to share all this with you but also I want to finish playing this game casually and enjoy the rest. So this bit right here is to the mods who I was DM-ing before i posted this as well as to anyone to finds this information and wants to re-locate it in any way/form/fashion. Now without further ado the key information. (btw I checked, I’m at 328 hours in my save file now. I really love SF to give it 120+ hours right?) An officer is an individual i refer to that is not a common solider and can be killed with one hit (unless you're really powerful and over-leveled). These people are the ones with icons on the map, can drop weapons, and are actually represented by names. Examples include the Knight, Wyvern Rider, Manakete, Solider, Swordmaster, Fighter, Thief, Fort Captain, and additionally anyone that has a special name but is still the same thing (examples include messenger, awakening tonic supplier, ruffians that sabotage bases, etc) You can earn 16 Support Points per battle based off of officer kills (in other words, each officer is worth 1 point) Once the sound effect changes, you gain NO MORE support points. It is equal to 0 To go from no support rank to C is 21 support points (2 battles) To go from C rank to B is 33 support points (3 battles) To go from B rank to A is 59 support points (4 battles) Sub-missions are worth 2 points Sub-missions are in the same pool with officer kills and max at 16. In other words, if you score 16 officer kills and then complete a sub-mission, you gain no points for it Unleashing a Dual Special is equal to 1 support point (officer kill) Dual Specials are in the same pool with officer kills and max at 16. So 14 officer kills + 2 dual specials = 16 points, any further gains are worth 0 Healing is equal to 1 support point Healing follows the same rules are dual specials Now this little tid-bit is regarding bringing out multiple people and how many pairs can you do. (Regarding #3 i only go up to testing 3 pairs. Didn't make it any further) One character can support as many people are you can deploy The points gained are neither diminished or reduce and follow the above rules Multiple people can hit the next support rank in 1 battle (Example: Chrom with Lucina, Chrom with Robin, Tiki with Marth, Caeda with Codelia) Witnessed thus far, up to 48 points (maybe more) can be earned in one battle. That is equivalent to 3 pairs of people Alright, more comprehensive information can be found in my follow Microsoft Word attachment that has 21 pages (i kept up with all my experimenting and research). If you have any questions you are free to ask. Also as stated in my paper, i started to run into some snags near the end so there will be undoubtedly some information i don't have. This includes me not having fully grasped and understood what the blessing in the Temple did, as well as getting access to the DLC support item (equipment) Research.docx
  7. So I've been wondering lately, especially with the looming war between the 'Old' and the 'New' and Fire Emblem Warriors, what you guys think is the worst Lord in the series? I'm really curious of opinion, because I honestly love both Old and New games. So I would like your worst Lord, and why you think that he/she is at your bottom list. It could be unit wise, like stats, or character wise, like in-game story or supports, or you hate the design. (You can even throw in Heroes Gauntlet responses too, I don't mind.) Thank you guys, and hope to see some neat opinions!
  8. After quietly awaiting the old thread to fade from the first page so that I could sort of rebrand the discussion to focus more on the real nitty gritty of the project (the actual release of the models and their application elsewhere), it has finally come time to make my move. For those unfamiliar, there has been a project in the works from Deviant Art and VG Resource users kurokairaku, SciresM, and Demonslayerx8 to extract and release all the characters' 3D models for use in other platforms such as VR Chat, GMod, XPS, MMD, and Super Smash Bros. 4 (in its rapidly decreasing relevance). This has been going on since December, and I had been quietly following it like Tharja would Robin. Now every weekend, you can expect at least one character's model to be released. There have already been a number released, so there's already quite a bit to work with. They will be posted on both the VG Resource thread and kurokairaku's DA account, so be sure to follow either one (or this thread, if you don't feel like exploring beyond this site, as I'll try to keep it up to date) if you want to keep up to date on this. If you have requests, I'd recommend contacting either kuro or DSX8 on Deviant Art, because the VGR prohibits users from making requests unless they're regular, active members. Below, I'll list the characters whose models have been released, and those names will link to their respective posts on Deviant Art (Note: "BA" stands for "Broken Armor", and it'll be noted which Broken Armors have been released if the character has more than one): Feel free to discuss this; maybe even link to places where these character models have been ported to other platforms. I will probably do some 3D model posing. At the very least, I think I'll port some of the models to XPS. And maybe, if I really feel like it, rig them into GTA: San Andreas, as I probably still have leftover knowledge from my early days of porting models to that game. Anything else is beyond my current expertise/interest.
  9. Now that the DLC is out, let's have a place where we can actually talk about it and our experiences. Post here about anything regarding the latest DLC pack.
  10. RIP the original model-ripping thread. We hardly knew ye. So for the past month, I've been looking out for some 3D models of the characters in FEW so that I could possibly port them to XPS and do some graphics stuff with them. Anyway, I literally just stumbled upon some pictures posted by Deviant Art user DSX8 - a Smash 4 modder - which show some of the characters from FEW ripped from the game. But then I learned they actually have the Broken Armor models of certain characters who don't yet have access to them in-game. Namely Anna, Lissa, Lyn, and Tiki so far. It's not too uncommon for devs to leave scraps of their works-in-progress within game files, so it isn't a huge revelation that some characters already have these models. But still, I thought some would be interested to see these. Since I don't know if I have permission to repost the pictures (don't know why I wouldn't be allowed though, but I don't wanna take chances), I'll post links to the respective pictures instead. Anna Lissa Lyn Tiki They also have some other characters - Ryoma, Oboro, Hinoka, and Camilla - ripped from the game as well as Hinoka as an alternate skin of Marth in Smash 4. As far as I know, the models aren't actually available to the public, though DSX8 did say at one point that they'll probably be made available soon via the Model Resource (they estimated it would take about 2 weeks - a prediction made about 3-5 days ago). And once they are made available, it is very likely that they'll get ported to other things, such as XPS, SFM, or Garry's Mod. Feel free to discuss or gawk at the fact that the broken armor models are missing heads. EDIT: I'll just provide links below in the spoiler, as well as any future relevant links. DOUBLE EDIT: The raw models, which have been edited for proper use, are now being released. Check links below. I edited this edit because it might be confusing for some if I said the "raw" models were released. Again, read below.
  11. In relation to the new warriors scan that came out today showcasing new costumes for Lyn, Marth, Tiki, and Caeda, I'd like to know what costumes people would like to see for characters in the game like for example would you guys like to see Awakening Celica, Exalt Chrom from Cipher, and Summer Xander etc.
  12. What characters did you guys not really use that much when you first played but later tried out and had fun with? For me it's Robin and Frederick who both turned out to be really fun to use once promoted and having all their combos unlocked
  13. It's no secret that I adore the Beat Em Up genre, from Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, River City Ransom, Scott Pilgrim, TMNT and a vast number of others, I freaking love beat em ups, and they served as a catalyst to my love of more 3D hack n slash games such as Dynasty Warriors, Modern Ninja Gaiden, and Devil May Cry. I think the format is the most important question I have for people, do you want indivdual videos or would you rather streams? My streams would be at most likely awkward times of the day, there isn't currently a planned start date this is in the planning phases The plan is to play tons of old school beat em ups generally, mostly from the NES, SNES, Genesis and Arcade. With some more modern ones thrown in with a few older Dynasty Warriors games via some of the games with invidual character stories, so it would't be super bloated. A lineup of games would look something like this (not this order or not all these might appear, but most of these are personal choices series mentioned I may only play 1 game in). Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES) (and its successors on both the SNES and Genesis) The Golden Axe Series Final Fight Series Streets of Rage Series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, all of them Both Sailor Moon beat em ups Captain America and the Avengers Maximum Carnage (Spiderman) The Death and Return of Superman X-Men Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure Dragon Ball GT: Transformation Splatterhouse Alien Storm Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game Fight'n'Rage River City Ransom and the other Kunio Kun games Double Dragon Hook (Arcade) Battletoads in Battlemaniacs & the Arcade game Double Dragon & Battletoads Metamorphic Force Captain Commando Sengoku Zombie Revenge Spiderman Shattered Dimensions The Bouncer Knights of the Round The King of Dragons Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Ninja Baseball Bat Man Battle Circuit Fighting Force Night Slashers Unchosen "Warriors" games Many other possiblities. (And do note I most likely won't go over all of these but just showing my vast history) Note that any with an arcade version I can get people to play with me so that'll be even more fun
  14. I would really like to replay lyn's history map completely. I thought I had seen an option to reset history maps, but now that i'm looking for it, it's nowhere to be found. :( please help me. I honestly thought there was an option to start history maps over. I know you can replay levels, but i want to completely reset the map.
  15. So I was playing the new update, and I’m a bit disappointed that the armour break models aren’t equippable as regular costumes. I figured hey, why not ask some other people about the subject? Do you wish these models were costumes, and didn’t go to waste? Or do you not care? Beyond that, is it even likely that the devs will add the models as costumes in the future?
  16. Don't get me wrong: I like Zelda and Mario, but right now the only switch game I have any interest in playing is Warriors... Sounds dumb right? It totally is, but deep down I know that I'm Awakening/Fates trash and that I want to play a game with those characters in it (Yes, I know I could just play FEH). Am I over thinking this?
  17. The game has been out in Japan for a month and in NA for a week, and the only languages available on the JP cartridge is Japanese and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Why is English not an available option? Other games with international releases have all languages available and even automatically translate to the language of your native system. Why not Warriors? The game itself isn't even viewable on the eShop if you try to look at the software through the JP cartridge. While Nintendo may say that region-locking isn't a thing, in a way, they haven't changed at all. Does anyone have any insight or knowledge as to why this is or if this will be addressed any time soon?
  18. I don't know where to put this so if this is wrong please either move or delete it, thank you. I don't know how long it takes to update the site but the site still has the NA release date listed as Fall 2017 for Fire Emblem Warriors. It has been announced to come out on October 20, 2017 for both North America and Europe.
  19. So I was just browsing on twitter, when these popped up in my feed. I have no idea if these are real or just excellent fan made work (given Niles seems to resemble Sakura's entrance in one part) so feel free to deconfirm these, but still something I think should be brought up in case it was true
  20. For starter: There's 3 lance users (All of which are fliers with the same moveset), 3 axe users and 11 sword users. They claim to be focusing on 3 games to limit the amount of sword users, yet sword users make up nearly half the cast. They claim to focus on Awakening, fates and shadow dragon, but they completely shaft shadow dragon in favor of having 2 Corrins. Because that's what the people want. I actually don't mind them focusing on 3 games. It makes since, given that trying to represent the whole series would be impossible, It's just that almost the whole cast is from Awakening and fates.. Why do Rowan and Lianna use swords? Why does Celica use a Sword? Nobody cares even a little bit about Rowan and Lianna, so why not just cut them and put effort into characters people actually want? And finally, why is the first dlc pack adding in more fates characters? There's already 10 of them, add something new! Rally the main issue is fates. It has too many main characters, so it ends up taking to much room. If it didn't exist, we could of gotten more shadow dragon, and maybe fe7 characters. Also fates contributes four sword users. so that matters, I guess. I don't know. I just wanted to vent. I'm just mad about Jagen and Minerva not getting in the game.
  21. So yeah. I guess the trailer really is complete now. Also Tiki's British accent is cute.
  22. Alright. So, apparently, someone crunched the numbers, and apparently, the final roster will be at least 28 characters. Here are my predictions based on this knowledge. CHARACTERS ALREADY CONFIRMED. 1. Rowen. 2. Lianna. 3. Chrom. 4. Ryoma. 5. Xander. 6. Robin. 7. Lucina. 8. Cordelia. 9. Fredrick. 10. Lissa. 11. Marth. 12. Corrin. 13. Camilla. 14. Hinoka. 15. Takumi. 16. Leo. I'm at least 90% sure that Female Robin is just a skin with different elemental attacks, so I won't count her. CHARACTER PREDICIONS. 1. Caeda. 2. Roger. 3. Tiki. (SD version, as much as I'd hate that.) 4. Navarre. 5. Minerva. 6. Tharja. 7. Donnel. 8. Gaius. 9. Odin. 10. Laslow. 11. Selena. 12. Azura. Roger is in this list, because the devs confirmed that armored units are in the game. Thoughts?
  23. So please note, I am by no means analyzing movesets and whatnot. This is mostly stuff that caught my attention in the trailer. If there is a post already like this then mods feel free to lock/delete as needed. So a brief terminology explanation Musou- This is what I'm calling the focus spirit mechanic that Hyrule Warriors had, there is two versions, time and cancel (one you time out of the gauge the other is the manual cancel attack) Special- The other type of special attack, it's built up through attacking enemies and is basically that characters signature super attack The video in question is here https://youtu.be/G6p7iR5fWds Anyways, the analysis will be broken down into three sections; Characters, AI/Enemy related, and Locations/Maps Characters Male Robin appears to focus mostly on lightning and possibly light magic in his moveset (with the beams of light at the end, though it could still be lightning) Female Robin appears to focus on Fire and Dark magic moreso then lightning, though it's still not confirmed Possible way to show she could represent Grima in the campaign? Lucina's special (as I think it is) has a few noticeable moves in it, after the bow part, Lucina jumps into her boxart pose, before doing a Dolphin Slash from Smash Bros (her and Marth's up B in that game) and finishing with what appears to be Chrom's boxart pose before thrusting the Falchion into the ground Cordelia uses both hands to wield her lance, mostly right handed in gameplay though in her appearance cutscene she appears capable of using her left as well Both Robin's appearance cutscene of them pulling the hood off their head could be a reference to either Grima in awakening in one scene or Robin's first scene in their Smash Bros trailer Fredericks horse skid is amazing AI/Enemy related As seen in both Roin's combo scenes, mages are among the group of enemies now, though a little hard to see with how fast they get melted into the other enemies, don't know if they've been confirmed before but something I noticed When Chrom activates his Special, we see a grunt bent over behind him During Cordelia's combo, before she thrusts her lance into the ground from above, we see a grunt start to turn and run away, so both of these two could relate to enemy AI being slightly advanced beyond move here and attack or just be random coincidences Enemies in the forest/village stage wear green instead of red, possibly signifying soldier camo to the environment or represent a third party such as yellow did in hyrule warriors Locations Forest/village - I'm speculating early game fight against bandits, which could be wearing green to blend in to the environment, the location itself could be brand new or I'm thinking possibly Donnel's village, as that area did have some forts alongside trees and though we never saw the houses, it'd be a better fit then Southtown would (given we also don't see a river or market, both of which southtown has) Grima's Table - We see this in both Robin's gameplay, and has been confirmed to appear in history mode due to the Valibar screenshot Desert area - During Cordelia's gameplay we see her in a desert area with forts, I'm thinking either her joining level in Awakening, though I saw little trees and that map has a decent amount of trees plus I think I saw different leveled terrain, so I'm moreso thinking the Ylissean border with Plegia where Cordelia was stationed with her squad, fits better in terms of map design and introduces us to Gangrel, so possible plot moment Arena Ferox - Prett much instantly recognizable from Lucina's part, I'm speculating possible a 1-on-1 duel with her here to represent Chrom's duel with "Marth" Anyways that's all I've found, feel free to comment on what you guys saw/think and I may do this if when Fates gets it own trailer like this Still hoping we get a major shadow dragon announcement before though
  24. You can close this one, somebody has already posted.
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