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Found 30 results

  1. I like most of Awakening's battle mechanics but I feel that, due to reclassing, weapon experience should've been revamped. The absolute majority of RPGs and MMORPGs have separate weapon/magic ranks, as is the case with Awakening, but in the specific case of FE, I think it would be better if the experience was unified. It's indeed annoying to promote a character from a class with a single weapon to a class with multiple weapon usage, only to find out you need to grind weapon exp again in order to make the new weapons useful. It even has a negative effect on the weapon triangle, since, if you have A lances and E swords and are up against an axe-wielding enemy, a Silver Lance will still do much more damage than a Bronze Sword, and the evade boost you get with the lance may not always be worth it. Awakening has means of grinding weapons in high level characters (I got my Cordelia to A tomes and A staves very easily), but in a no grind run (as was intended by the developers), separate weapon experience limits your strategy. I understand that, if unified weapon experience was a thing, some classes like Great Knight could become overpowered, but then something would need to be done to balance that. What's your opinion?
  2. If you were to create a new weapon type, what would it be? I would rather hear ideas that state ideas since I'm lazy today.
  3. Choose which weapon type I will use. I can only use characters who can use that weapon without reclassing. The gamemode will be Hard/Classic. Also choose 5 people that I must use.
  4. Hey guys, I'm back and I'm going to start this playthrough! Prologue included. Rules: 1. Fixed weapon ranks. So only if you have Holy Blood are you allowed to use silvers, for example. If you don't have the blood that corresponds to a weapon, you'll be locked at D rank, and it'll increase to C rank upon promotion. Major Holy Blood allows you to use braves without promotion and the corresponding holy weapon. 2. I will breed kids to get them Major blood. So unlike FE4, where the weapons were mostly locked to fixed characters (except the holsety bros as i like to call them, and the holyn!lakche/skasaher glitch) many Holy weapons can only be used by kids. 3. I will use stat boosters occasionally (i.e using the Goddess Icon on Virion) to simulate the effect of increased growths by holy blood. 4. Hard/Classic. 5. Chrom/Lucina must defeat the boss in each map. This is to simulate seizing. 6. The SKITTLES bow is a forged killer bow with +5 mt and +9 crit. Basilio only, it requires major WRIGLEY blood. 7. One second seal per character. Without further ado, here is the holy blood, in no real order. Also everybody has holy blood too :D 1. MU - Minor Tordo 2. Chrom - Minor Baldur, Major Naga 3. Lissa - Major Naga 4. FREDDEH - Minor Noba 5. Sully - Minor Noba 6. Virion - Major Ulir 7. Vaike - Minor Neir 8. Miriel - Minor Fala 9. Sumia - Minor Dain 10. Stahl - Major Hezul 11. Kellam - Minor Noba, Minor Blaggi 12. Lon'qu - Minor Odo 13. Donnel - Minor Hezul 14. Ricken - Minor Forseti 15. Maribelle - Minor Blaggi 16. Panne - Minor Dain 17. Gaius - Minor Hezul, Minor Dain 18. Cordelia - Minor Noba 19. Gregor - Minor Odo 20. Nowi - Minor Naga 21. Libra - Minor Neir, Minor Naga 22. Tharja - Minor Forseti 23. Olivia - Minor Odo 24. Anna - Minor Blaggi 25. Cherche - Major Neir 26. Henry - Minor Fala 27. Say'ri - Minor Odo, Minor Tordo 28. Flavia - Minor Hezul, Minor Neir 29. Basilio - Major WRIGLEY 30. Tiki - Major Naga There we go :3 So let's start, shall we? Male MU Name: Generic All default appearance Asset: Speed Flaw: Luck PREMONITION The cutscene plays, and we start. I pair up Chrom with MU, who is able to do 17x2 damage to Validar with a Thoron tome. Pair up is officially BUROKEN. Anyway, chrom does not dual attack (sadface), so I complete this map in 3 turns. Then MU kills Chrom. Good job MU.... Sadly, Chrom is not dead for good, he reappears immediately at the start of the prologue. PROLOGUE Chrom gives me a look that further cements ChromXMaleMU. Why can't they S- Support???? Anyways, Prologue starts. Fred pairs with Lissa, Chrom with MU. Chrom-nom's yaoi brigade attacks the Barby guy in front of FREDDEH and lissa. With the help of a dual strike from Chrom, Generic ORKOs the barbeh with Thunder. Next, Lissa, moves out of range of the myrm dude, who approaches MUxChrom. MU silences the Myrm with a THUNDAH crit. Next, the mage moves, and attacks Lissa for 6 damage. On our cool people phase, Chrom-nommeh kills the mage brutally with his bare hands. Just kidding, he used the Falchion. I have Lissa heal herself with her yummy burrito, and I have MU move forward. On the enemy phase, A Myrm suicides on him, and MU gets a bro level up! It had HP, Magic, Defense, and Speed, I'm pretty sure. Chrom gets a level as well, it had HP and speed, I can't really remember the other stats. Finally, I reach Garrick, I move forward slowly, and then I attack with MU, using a THUNDAH. Garrick has a 6% crit chance... ouch. He hits with a 49%, but doesn't crit, so yay. I have Lissa heal MU to full, just in case. Good thing I healed... cause Garrick crit on enemy phase. Thankfully it wasn't enough to kill me, but srsly. I kill Garrick next turn, taking a risk. He falls with grace... just kidding, he's a dumb barbeh guy boss, srsly. Next time on the Yaoi Show, the most MAGNIFICENT character appears.... Also, the prologue took 11 turns. Somewhere, Dondon is crying.
  5. The DLC always introduce new (old) characters with exclusive skills, but somehow it become boring because you can only have so many kind of skill combinations that is niche and effective. I'm hoping to see new flying class that able to wield sword and lance, and a magic class that uses tome, lance. Anyway I think introduction of new class will take allot of works, so here comes the topic: I like to see shield as a weapon that can be used by all non-stave classes. Ability should work on equip. The weapon work like this Great Shield Mt 0 Hit 0 Crt 0 Provide Aegis+,Pavise+,Dual Guard+ Iote's Shield Mt 0 Hit 0 Crt 0 Remove flying weakness and provide Pass Any other ideas you guys like to see? Edit: Yeah =P I know about Iote's Shield skill in DLC. There's Luna (spear) and Vengeance (axe) too. Maybe it'll be nice to have another Sword with Sol ability.
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