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Found 2 results

  1. So BASICALLY im in act 4, Rigel Castle, and earlier I randomly started wondering "huh, i never DID get palla and catria in Celica's route" so I googled and realized I completely missed them so tl;dr im just a complete moron
  2. I don't see a "General Echoes Discussion" thread, so I figured I'd just make a new thread. I really like Palla in Echoes. She suffered as most of the Marthland units, apart from like 5 or so, from Shadow Dragon did in having very little character development, so she was pretty much just slower stronger Catria. As the oldest, I see a lot of myself in her and can sort of relates to the sister dynamic the Whitewings have. I'm also glad that Est gets a lot more development; my like for her was originally mostly from liking the Est archetype in general, but I'm liking her here as well. They went and made Catria a killjoy for whatever reason, though. Although, I guess that's true to life, in my family anyway. Middlish sibling/cousin admonishing younger one without much tact and without regard to timing; Me/elder: eyeroll. My only complaint is I wish they had some more support convos, maybe each sister getting a Valentia buddy to talk to each. Only supporting with their sisters makes them feel more insular. Although that seems the problem with a lot of units, not even supporting with units you'd think they would. Clive and Clair can't support, why?
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