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Found 1 result

  1. When were you introduced into FE? How did you get introduced? What was your first FE game? What is your favorite FE game? How many FE parts have you played yet? Have you played any other games which represent FE characters (Smash Bros, Project X Zone) What makes you like FE so much? What’s your favorite theme? Who’s your favorite boss? What’s your favorite chapter regarding on map design / mission objective? Who’s your favorite character gameplaywise? Who’s your favorite character personalitywise? Who’s your favorite character designwise? What’s your favorite class? What’s your opinion about avatars? Would you like to see a return of berserk staves? What's your opinion of weapon weight? Which FE part has the best weapon weight system for you? Was capturing in FE5 a good idea? In which FE part do staves work the best for you? Have you any ideas for new weapons a / o staves? Should movement become a gainable stat? What's your opinion of dismounting and decrasing movement for mounted units? Does FE need more stealth chapters? Do you like Corrin? Should dragon veins return? Who’s the real Mary Sue / Gary Stu of all FE lords? Do lords need a rapier weapon? Can you beat Gharnef? Do you like Micaiah x Sothe? What was the biggest WTF moment in all your FE playthroughs? In which difficulty do you normally play a FE game for the first time? Which part is the hardest in the lowest difficulty? Which part is the hardest in the hardest difficulty? What’s your opinion of the „Jagen-archetype“? How often do you use prepromoted units? Did you ever start to cry due to a certain cutscene or an other event? Have you ever used Wendy till the end? Do you like the RPG-element in FE2 / Echoes where you can explore dungeons? Does FE need a multiplayer modus? What was the highest hitrate you missed? What was the lowest hitrate you got hit? (First) impressions of Echoes? In which part do you have the most deaths? Who's your MVP in all your playthroughs in total? Who died the most in all your playthrough in total? Classic or Casual? Olwen or Eyrios? Nohr or Hoshido? Story or gameplay? When do you use status boosts? Do you grind (skirmishes / arenas)? Do you savestat-abuse? Funniest line in any conversation? Any villain(s) you wished they were playable? Opinion about same gender S-supports? Do you like ninjas? Any mechanics you would like to see returning? Any mechanics you never want to see again? Have you ever made thoughts that Ashnard and Ashera begin with the exact same three letters? What’s the best version of the weapon triangle for you? Have you learned vocables of other languages by playing FE? Have you learned sth. about the nordic mythology? Which stat is most important for you? Which class do you use the least? Does FE need more remakes? Would you recommend someone to play FE1 after playing FE3's book 2? Are multiple lords ok? Have you done a draft (focussing on very few and rather bad units) yet? Do you use second seals? Which FE game is most balanced? Have you played romhack(s) yet? Which part has the most aesthetic graphics? Do you buy DLCs? How would you describe your playstyle? What’s a good difficulty for you? Opinion about infinite weapon durability? Any new class(es) you'd like to see in future parts? Do you care about tierlists? How would you describe FE in three words? Hardest chapter in the series? Opinion about bexp. system in the Tellius games? Opinion about the exp. gain system for healing? Sigurd = Sigod? Do you think FE has focussed too much on fanservice lately? Does it bother you that FE shares Hitler's birthday? Do you think that FE could die out very soon? Do you like personal skills in FE14? What would be a good skill system for you? Do you think disabling the enemy's movement and attack range should be set as a customized option? Have you ever destroyed things due to anger happened in playing FE? Do you think that FE's stories became worse and worse lately? Opinion about FE10's 1x1 support system? Have you ever thought FE is too brutal? Most memorable moment for you in FE? Pair up or classic rescue, take + drop? Do you like Anna? Opinion of FE11's gaiden requirements? Your feedback of this questionnaire? Would you like to see another questionnaire for an other bigger videogame franchise again?
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