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Found 7 results

  1. The Game Awards 2018 airs Thursday, Dec. 6th at 9:00PM EST with a half hour pre-show before then. And the man himself, Geoff Keighley is boasting about more than 10 new games being announced and delivering updates on Twitter this week about presenters. Head to the website for the nominees and info on voting. But if you ask me, the awards are just a formality and the real treats are the great games we played this year, and will play next year. And of course new game reveals and trailers all vying to steal the show like it's E3. HOT Game announcements this year were: Far Cry: New Dawn Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Scavengers Hades The Outer Worlds Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled The Last Campfire Sayonara: Wild Hearts Stranger Things Season 3 Game Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises Mortal Kombat 11 And also Joker is the first (paid) DLC newcomer in Smash Ultimate. And this year's Game of the Year award went to God of War! Whoo!
  2. So I had an idea about X/Y and Serenes Forest right now. Perhaps we can have a battle tourney here, and see who the top battler of the forest can be. It'll be a fun experience, I'm sure, and perhaps this can net us all more friendships and Friend Safari mons? Rules: 1. Standard Doubles rules of the Battle Maison will apply here. 2. Best two out of three. 3. If you can't play in X/Y, battle your opponent on Showdown. 4. Full teams of six, but four per match. 5. Good luck and have fun. First round:
  3. God fucking damn it I hate this game. So the only natural thing to do is make a playthrough of it. Obviously. LHM to start idk maybe I'll do HHM if I hate my life. Pick good characters for me. Serra and Florina will be used and transcend christ. Raven, Kent and Erk will die. Pent will not be used and his sexy wife will be used. This is guaranteed. Everyone else is fair game. It feels so weird not doing a tag-team [spoiler= Prologue because I'm too lazy to do Chapter 1] Gross no tutorials plz lets do eet true fact: chapter titles are a stable of screenshot lps Am I dead? Is this heaven. o Oh god. It feels so weird not hating you anymore. What am I doing to myself. b-but I am mute, so sorry. what's dat I am useless in every way, my apologies. Gosh that first text scroll was painful Move #1 Good start. *sigh* Wasting vulneraries is a stable of the prologue. probably God damn it. Wasting more resources. FINISH HIM get rekd baby steps to godhood Please stop watching me sleep. Ponytails are always welcome. We're screwed.
  4. I recently realized a lot of Troll hate, and discrimination, even here on this very forum. You know, like the classic "don't feed the trolls", probably said by people who voted Brian Cowley at the last election (hey, they probably knew him before.)... But trolls helped us develop this place ! They were even here first (as they like to remember us at every occasion) ! We couldn't live without them. So, stop the discrimination against trolls ! Let us all protect them. Our survival here depends of it. Thank you.
  5. With X and Y coming out officially tomorrow, and it being Friday, I thought I'd share something funny with you guys. My old high school runs a broadcasting channel with a show called TGIF (or Thank God It's Friday), which is a show run by the students, for the students, and played every Friday morning. Long story short, several years ago when I was either a freshman or sophomore (can't remember), they decided to do a spoof on pokemon, and parodied the trainer's journey in Kanto which spanned over a few airings. They filmed in and around our high school area, putting together this parody with help from volunteer teachers and students. I recently rediscovered the parody on youtube, so I thought I'd post them here for anyone that would appreciate both humor and a good throwback to the days of Red, Blue, and Yellow. It's pretty amateur and silly, but I remember laughing my butt off when I first saw it in school, so I applaud the team that put this together, considering they probably didn't have the best filming and editing equipment available. I hope you have a laugh or two! Happy pre-launch Friday!!! ^_^ Unnecessary fun facts about my high school: 1. The person playing Professor Oak was my English Literature teacher, and my favorite teacher in high school. And yes, he really is named Lance. ^^ 2. The Carrmander joke refers to Mrs. Carr, the director of the ADV Dept, notorious for her death stare. 3. My old high school locker is one of the many visible in the Vermillion Gym scene. Not really important, but hey. All the videos are in order: http://youtu.be/HdTB8MDdRoc http://youtu.be/Opl-BqQES2M http://youtu.be/pi2js9gPbA4 http://youtu.be/3BG3UlFCKNQ
  6. I have no idea what everyone's obsession is with this soda. I find it disgusting.
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