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Found 1 result

  1. Time to try and make a topic in new SF! I already hate it, send assassins to end my misery please. (RIP ISOs, you will be missed). EiMM, or everyone is mafia mafia, is a game where you are a lone mafia trying to find other mafiosos to win with. You win if you survive and kill almost everyone else. Everyone is armed with abilities, determined by the character they send me; a shot they can use to try and kill their opponents, a fake name to hide behind (an alias), and their wits and determination... and some bulletproofvests (BPVs). It's not a super serious game, no matter how many times I may have said otherwise, so just have fun and shoot people. Yes, shooting people is fun. No, we're not psychopaths, I swear. Here's the rules/mechanics: Rules Don't be mean. No screenshots/editing posts. Final three win. First two nights are 48 hours, every night after that is 24 hours. Complain every night about other roles being stronger than yours to teach me a lesson. Bonus points if you sign up just to do this. Mechanics 2 BPVs each to begin with unless extraordinary circumstances. Every night you may ##Vote: Alias to lynch the user with that alias. The alias with the most votes, if any, gets lynched. This lynch cannot be stopped by BPVs or regular night protection. Strong PRs. No priority roles. No jailers. Self-targetting will be specified otherwise it will not be possible. Most players will target aliases, there may be items, death may not be the end. To play: Send me a character to base your role off of and an alias to hide behind. That's it! Feel free to ask me questions about your role/the game in your role pm, but I am not obliged to answer anything about other people's roles (Unless you're question asker). You can request a simpler role if you feel intimidated by the prospect of having a mechanically intensive one. Alias list will be posted upon game start. There should be a poll above with some game start dates, please select the one that suits you best. If there is no poll just state your preferred date in a post below. Living Playerlist: Living Alias List: The Fallen: Night Seven - Phase End at 2AM GMT 28/2/2017
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