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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if this topic is kinda relevant to the Sprites Thread since I wanted to ask about something related towards 8-Bit and 16-Bit Pixel Art. I am about to get into Project 202 in DigiPen Institute of Technology for Game Arts along with taking Computer Graphics 201 and 225 which are 2D Computer Design and 3D Computer Design. I did used a Pixel Art Program on my Android Phone was 8bit Painter from Google Play Store. I was wondering what recommended Art Program (or a Pixel Art Program) for Windows Computers do I use to make good Pixel Art program to make it some Pixel Arts feel like NES, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Master System, SNES, and Sega Genesis consoles used? I do have Paint.NET and did tested it out on two Treasure Chests in 8-Bit and 16-Bit that feels too small to see and I wanted to make some like retro styled video games for the final project for a team based game like the Indie Video Games like Shovel Knight as an example.
  2. The last time I tried setting one of these up was in high school, so I can probably do a much better job now that I actually know stuff, but I thought I'd put the question to the forum since I figured you guys might have some advice for me. Anyway, the reason I did this the last time was to be able to "save state" on some really old PC games. It was a lot of fun, but after several months of use (during which things were going very well), the VM complained that the version of Windows was pirated or something like that and refused to start any more :( I lost all those save files... Just wondering if anyone here knows what might have caused this, and how to do things better in the future to avoid this kind of problem.
  3. So I'm currently looking at Laptops down the road (by down the road I mean the end of this year) to replace my school issued one (which I love) which I got back in 2011. It functions great and all and I've taken great care of it but I realize it will be aging and I'll need to get a new one. Its a Dell Latitude E6420 with Windows 7 64-bit Current Specs are: Intel Core (2 Cores) i5-2520M @2.50 GHz 8.00 GB of RAM (just upgraded this recently to beef it up) Nvidia NVS 4200M (512MB Dedicated Memory) (2282MB Total) Direct X10 232GB Hard Drive (I own a 1TB Backup as well) Suprisingly I've been able to run Starcraft II and Skyrim smoothly. Civilization games run great. I remember that Dell used to have the option to customize builds but they don't do that anymore disappointinly so. I'm not too big into gaming on PC but I do want something better than what I currently have so something with an i7 and at least 8GB RAM. A SSD would be nice too and space isn't an issue since I've got my whole TB HDD still practically empty. I plan to primarily use it for coding, video editing, internet, and various other productivity uses. Is there a particular brand I should look at? Dell, Hp, Alienware? Etc...
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