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  1. I wanted to share off my Stream that I'm going to be playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. I wanted to start off playing #1 today on Chapter 1 through 3 today. I'm planning on adding #2 somewhere in my YouTube schedule in the future. I'm going to complete Chapter 4 in the next one.
  2. I'm wondering because I've never heard nor saw any FE Youtubers from Poland.
  3. The idea i used here is the fact Ditto is a DNA blob and the fossil amber sort of is too i hope you enjoy.
  4. I hope you enjoy these 3 Proto Pokemon i made i make many Pokemon on my Youtube channel Johtothkid if you enjoy my art please subscribe thank you.💖
  5. How do you post youtube vids here? Most sites all ya gotta do is paste the link and it embeds itself. That dont seem to work here
  6. Good afternoon All, I've been a lurker for a long long time and decided to finally post on a new account given that me and a buddy finally got our Fire Emblem channel up and running on youtube :)! It's called Fire EmBros and goes about two veteran players and their opinions on the games. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Fgl2W90S051lEjRL5Jr3w In the first series of this channel, we go about discussing the Fire Emblem games and our reviews of the maps/characters/story and so on so fourth. The first game we cover is FE6 (Fire Emblem the Binding Blade). I'll be launching more "parts" as we progress through our reviews, but the first few chapters of FE6 review is up, so would really like if people could watch/comment and give feedback :)! Reminder that this is a fresh channel, created solely for the purpose of this content! Thank you so much! A new chapter should be out this upcoming weekend (with already some feedback input and tweaking). Thank you so much for your time and hopefully you'll all like it!
  7. Hello Forest Dwellers. Here's a FE8Randomizer playthrough. The one by Circles: the gold standard of randomizers. Much work went in to doing it justice. Without further ado, let's bring on this baptism by fire:
  8. I did saw Nintendo just uploaded a video that has featured Dagr and Nott today. This also shows a flashback to what happened to the sisters' relationship three years ago and it turns out their mother had to let either the two compete each other who is worthy of the throne. Dagr tried to tell her mother didn't want to succeed the throne and let Nott take it, but their mother refused it. It looks like this is how it started the sisters complicated relationships in Book V.
  9. On July 17th of this year, I started my first time Maddening Mode run of Golden Deer with no new game + and with a twist..... NO DIVINE PULSE!! What a journey it has been. I always been quite casual when it came to playing Fire Emblem. but I have learned a lot on this journey. The struggles, to the restarts, to the hard as heck paralogues, to our blessed Ignatz!! All of it was quite the experience and has made me an even better Fire Emblem player. Join me today as I take on the final map of Golden Deer in the FINALE of my Maddening Mode run!! My hardest experience and greatest challenge with Fire Emblem thus far!! Ending it with a grand finale to remember.... Let's do this!! Live right now!!
  10. I’ve been starting up a YouTube channel where I post footage of my art process. My goal is to draw every single Fire Emblem character. Check out my art and videos! For commissions please contact me via email: [email protected]
  11. Hi everyone! I am doing my first ever let's play and picked fire emblem 4 as my game to start. To spice things up a bit I'm avoiding units with holy weapons like Quan / Sigurd and just using the commoners and minor nobles. Already have released a bunch of parts and will update the thread as new videos come out: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvyldYJ_jjZ21KVrbfaSyDVDmyrClWEqY Thanks! P.S. Enjoy my reset counter at the end of videos Latest episode #24:
  12. Basically, I was passing an idea around with a couple of friends talking about making little animated skits (not really animated, more like slideshow drawings sorta) and voice acting fanmade supports between different characters in Heroes for YouTube. For example, here's a support I wrote of Eirika and Lyon upon meeting in Heroes. Every once in a while, we could find some voice actors who would be willing to voice new characters, and have an artist who'd be willing to work on animating them. I know it's hard work animating, so I figured it would only be an occasional thing, and something for FE fans to enjoy. I myself am a professional voice actor, and I know that there are others out there who will work for free to get their names out. If anyone wants to help out, then feel free to either reply or PM me.
  13. Hi all. I've been making Let's plays on YouTube on and off since 2010 and am currently nearing the end of my let's play covering the Russian faction on Medieval 2 Total War. My YouTube username is Bucha563 and a link to my channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bucha563 . Below is the games I have so far played on my channel: - Civilization 3 - Minecraft - Troy Total War - Rome Total War - SWAT 4 - Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour - Medieval 2 Total War - Democracy 3 - PlayStation One (series where in each episode I play on of my PS1 games) - Broken Crescent My earlier videos aren't that good but I have felt I've improved over the several years I've done this and feel like my most recent uploads are the best I've uploaded and following that I hope to improve in 2018. If any of you are interested in the above list of games come and have a look at my channel and see what you think. I'm hoping to start new series on the channel this year covering other pc games that I have.
  14. Part 0: Introduction The day was October 22nd, 2017. Around 1:30 in the morning to be precise. A bored, tired SaXor sat there on his bed in front of his laptop thinking... "Man it sure is booooring around h-" Wait...this isn't the script. Where the hell..............Ah! Here we go. Ahem... "Hmmmmm, what to do...I could play something. Maybe some Fire Emblem...Got it!" At that moment SaXor remembered an idea that he had before. "I'll do a let's play of a randomizer on SF...yeah, that sounds like it'll be fun. Hmmm...maybe I'll do FE7, it's the most randomizer friendly, but how will I go about it...I know...I could make it a video series and put it on my Youtube channel!" Two hours later, SaXor found himself watching the two parts that he recorded with commentary. "Wow...my commentary is garbage. It sounds like I'm constantly mumbling, I can hear background noise, and my mic quality makes Mekkah's audio sound like it was recorded in a studio." D-D-Deep Cut "Yeah, I'm gonna scrap this and go to sleep" Despite this SaXor wasn't ready to give up. He ultimately decided to scrap the commentary idea altogether but he was still determined to make this happen. And so it began Welcome to the beginning of my first Let's Play: SaXor's Playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Randomized! Was that intro funny? I hope so... Hey there, SaXor here! Before I start, here's how this run's gonna work: These are the rules I'm playing by, I'll be playing on Hector Normal because I don't hate myself. I'm not going for everything, no Lyn mode, 19xx, 23xx, or 32x. I'll try my best to keep save state use to a minimum but I can't guarantee anything, FE7 can get crazy when you start bumping the growths up. I'll probably be doing this on and off, I have school after all so don't expect consistent updates. As for the gameplay itself, I'm not super used to playing while recording, especially since there's no commentary so if there are any random pauses, I'm probably thinking. That's all, bye! I'll try to release the first part ASAP. Feedback on my writing and anything really is appreciated. If you suggest something and I don't acknowledge it for a bit, I apologize as these will be recorded in bulk, most likely 2-3 episodes for each play session.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFKw_LnHP3nEc-h6NcPiHlO43gvz9raaX So I am making a video tutorials teaching you guys how to use FEXP to it's full extent. Please support me and I'll help you with your FEXP problems.
  16. I'm looking for youtube channels dedicated to Fire Emblem, anyone have any suggestions? Heres a list of the ppl i'm already subscribed to Lucky Crit (news and strategy mainly echoes) Sagemaster15 (heroes meta and bad jokes) Phoenixmaster1 (heroes meta and strategy) princereyson (ROM hacking) ghast station (playthrough and lore) strategistmaster (heroes meta) mangs (playthroughs) blazingknight (top tens and discussion) unassuming venasaur (gay fates supports) Let me know what other fe youtube channels are out there, I hope this can also help anyone looking for good Fire Emblem content.
  17. As some of you may already have seen, I asked for some tips for an FE7 Ironman playthrough on here that I was planning to do on YouTube, and here it is! Part 1: Lyn Mode - Prologue: Rules: ► Standard Ironman rules: no resets, no restarts, no do-overs. If someone dies, they're dead forever. ► LORDS CLAUSE: If a Lord dies, I'll restart the chapter and the game will continue, but a character will be chosen to be sacrificed in their place - choices will be included in a poll on here, YouTube and Twitter so that you viewers can decide who that should be. ► You're free to discuss anything but please no spoilers for Fire Emblem Conquest or Revelations - I've pretty much finished Birthright, but I've still not started the other two! As I'm starting from a fresh game on the Wii U Virtual Console, I'll be playing on Lyn Easy Mode (the forced tutorial) and Eliwood Normal Mode, and I'll be following the story but have battle animations turned off until Eliwood's Mode (unless requested otherwise by popular demand). I'm planning to record videos on a chapter by chapter basis, but for longer chapters I'll split them up into Part 1, Part 2 etc. if they're going to be longer than 30 minutes. I should hopefully have videos uploaded on a daily to every-two-days basis (it depends on what our channel's schedule is like, we're currently playing through the Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel DLC as well). Hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am! Archive of episodes:
  18. I just saw five videos that NintenDann's channel, I don't see a topic was created and this was uploaded from 3 hours ago. And holy crap at that reunion scene after the Cutscene. Wow, just wow. They managed give a tough personality for Celica and got an argument with Alm, poor Alm that he didn't get a chance how the Ram Village was doing. I feel a lot speechless. By the way, Atlas's village is still called Mountain Village since Awakening has it in an island instead of the mountain of Zofia and the woman that was next to Atlas when she was talking about her son saids "Dragon Shrine", but I'll look at the rest of the videos later. Boss Battle of Fernand was split into two parts. By the way, the knight boss in the first map of Alm's route in Act 3 name is Zakson and the boss that is fought where Palla and Catria is at name is Garth. (I don't know if Garth and Barth are like brothers since they did have the same portraits in the original game and that almost have the same name as well?) Also, the other four videos are in this spoiler tag: Edit: I managed the watched the whole video on the battle where Zakson and Frenand are fought, Tobin has an Arts combat skill called "Heavy Draw".
  19. After some technical issues, I can finally get back to my playthroughs, however I lost my data for the ones that were in progress before my laptop decided to explode on me. So I'm starting with some new runs. The FE6 ironman was unfortunately in there, which is sad because I had finally continued it, but now I have a new idea with ironmans starting with FE3 Book 1 and going through as many games as I can record over time. Fire Emblem 3 Book 1, is mostly recorded as we speak, just going up fairly slow to make sure I have content for a bit, 2 other games will also be coming up. Currently complete playthroughs in case you are new to my content. FE3 Book 2 Full Playlist World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Full Playlist
  20. So I was trying to randomise my game and when it says pick your path or whatever do I pick revelations for special edition to randomise all 3 or birthright or revelation (both which I want to randomise not sure which yet though). Can someone help?
  21. I'm planning to do a video review of Fire Emblem Heroes for my youtube channel and while I could record the footage off screen I would much rather see if there is a way to capture the footage much like how I use my El Gato to capture PS4 and console footage. Is there an adapter or specific way I have to go about this to capture video footage from my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S6). And just for my own general edification is there a similar way or device to do this on ipads or iphones (since they do use different inputs and such). Thanks for the help! Looking forward to reviewing it!
  22. Guys if you like Fe4 and want to watch an LP of it with a twist make sure to watch this.
  23. The last couple days, perhaps longer, I've noted that I'm not getting notifications on YouTube when people respond to my comments anymore. I can't even access the old log that had which comments people responded to. Has anyone noticed this problem, or know how to fix it? I don't know why YouTube doesn't have a forum, or if it does, I don't know how to access it.
  24. I figured I'd drop this here for anyone interested. I slapped together a quick character overview I've been meaning to do for quite sometime on my youtube channel. Don't be afraid to leave feedback. Hope you enjoy it.
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