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Found 1 result

  1. So, a random thought while playing through Fate's DLC. What is the concrete (evidence provided) Fire Emblem Timeline? There are many hints and straight up sequels to previous games in the series that make this a lot easier after doing some research. For one: Hoshido and Nohr are referred to by Chrom in the Before Awakening DLC that they are some sort of legends. I feel like this is hinting at the fact that Fates has already taken place by the time of Awakening and since it's a legend I'd put it around the time of Marth's games considering Marth is referred to by the Awakening crew as a legendary hero. Awakening also takes place 2000 years after Marth's which in my head makes them the end of the timeline. I hate to bring this up, but the Spotpass characters in Awakening don't include Fates which is obvious due to it not being released yet, but from a lore stance I feel like this means that the characters of Fates are forgotten to time and are so far back that they haven't been immortalized as Einherjar. Here's my timeline for the series which I feel is supported by the many references strewn throughout the game. 1. Fates (Probably Revelations) 2. Shadow Dragon-Gaiden 3. Mystery of the Emblem 4. Genealogy of the Holy War 5. Thracia 776 6. Rekka no Ken 7. Binding Blade-Sacred Stones 8. Path of Radiance 9. Radiant Dawn 10. Awakening This is my idea of the concrete timeline, but feel free to debate and tell me why I'm wrong.
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