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Found 1 result

  1. So, a few days ago I decided to start playing this game...I've never beaten the "hardest mode" of a Fire Emblem game before (did Normal & Hard in Awakening, would like to do Lunatic at some point; and did Normal in Path of Radiance) and figured...I have enough experience with this that I can do a blind Lunatic run and not get obliterated riiiiiiight? WRONG. I started out as a mage stop laughing I like magical stuff and got all the way to Prologue 7, at which point the game was like: "You're a mage? LOLNOPE!". So I restarted as a Mercenary, and now I'm on Chapter 6 (I did grab a few pointers from the wonderful world of YouTube for a couple of the chapters). At this point I'm just doing whatever...no LTC really (sorta self-explanatory). I feel like I'm learning quickly (probably faster than if I was playing an easier mode...I was probably lured into a false sense of security based on my previous FE lower-difficulty experiences), but I've still got a ways to go, so I'll just put up playthrough stuff and if you could critique it, that'd be awesome. Or you could just laugh at my many blunders . I didn't actually realize I could record stuff until I hit Ch 4, so Prologues => Ch 3 is pretty much from memory. Working on putting together the videos for Ch 4 & 5 now. [spoiler=Playthrough - Prologues => Ch 3] Prologue 1 Not much to say here...took out that guy in the middle, took out Jagen. Wooooooo...exciting. Prologue 2 Also not a lot to say...took on Luke first, then healed up at the forts and moved on to Rody. Prologue 3 Did a bit of a triangle formation, stuck Rody in the rightmost fort, Luke out front, MU at the top, and Ryan in the middle. Healed off damage via the forts for a number of turns, then took out the last troop before baiting out Caeda with Luke to seal the deal. Prologue 4 (Athena) I sequestered myself in the top left corner and used Caeda and Luke (mostly Caeda) to take the enemy on one at a time (YES! FACE THE DEVASTATING POWER OF COWARDICE!!!) while Ryan poked at the enemy from behind the wall (still don't get how archers and mages shoot through walls). Prologue 5 I stuck Athena on the edge of the map (where only 1 bandit could hit her) to bait out the 2 closest enemy bandits. I finished them off with Merric and MU, letting the Archers live. I positioned it so Wrys was in the path of just 1 archer, and left the rest to the AI. Archer 1 hit Wrys, archer 2 hit <Insert Name Here>, and in the next turn I finished them off. Healed everyone up, then proceeded to bait the final 3 non-boss enemies. Killed the boss with <Insert Names of People Here> (probably MU, Caeda, or Luke). Prologue 6 (Draug) More baiting. I plastered everyone against the far right edge to keep them out of the way of the Archer & Mage, then baited those two out after finishing off the melee people (except the boss). Baited the boss with Luke, weakened him with Merric, and finished him with...someone...Ryan or MU...don't recall exactly. Prologue 7 (Cain) Strat pointers taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqez8IDuloo ... though I did end up deviating a bit in turn 2, sending Luke and Athena to deal with the Archer in the lower left instead of letting him approach. Everything else was pretty much the same though...I think... Prologue 8 Gosh darn it Katarina, why? Anyway...started by forming a wall (Caeda->Luke->MU->Marth->Cain) with Wrys, Ryan, and Merric in the back. That worked for a bit, until the mages started moving. At which point I realized 1) I couldn't reach them 2) My team's res is [email protected]#$. Restart. Did the wall again, but pushed out a bit after the first few turns so that when the mages moved, I could fall down upon them like thunder from the heavens. Got to the save point (which I did not know was a save point until I walked upon it), then baited out the final wave with Caeda (on the left) and Merric (on the right). Before that I was trying to do some weird Caeda-only bait but the enemies had too much hp for that to work. Chapter 1 So...all the units I was putting effort into training (Merric, Caeda, Wrys...although the only effort with Wrys is making sure he's not in the range of the enemy...) left except for Luke and...well...me. Ryan is ok xp-wise, but not great, Rody is pretty much screwed at level 1, so...yeah. Took more strat pointers from a run by the same person as the vid linked in Prologue 7, essentially doing a wall move for the first Part, and turning the second part into a "stick the MU in the fort and hope he doesn't die" thing. Missed Malicia because on one of my unsuccessful attempts I had tried to visit the big village with one of my Cavaliers (Luke?) and nothing happened, so I assumed big villages were unvisit-able. *headdesk*. More on that in Chapter 3. Chapter 2 Reclassed a lot of people to Archer/Sniper. After a few botched tries, I finally weathered out the rain of enemies. Lured away a few of them with Catria by sending her off to the left while the main force went straight into the trees to engage the enemies that decided (rightly) to not chase her. Missed the Lady Sword because to heck with trying to get it and survive, missed Cord because see Ch. 1. Baited the Wyvern Riders with MU (went with a high-risk, high-reward maneuver and put him in the range of 2 of them...the boss and the right-middle one, resetting until he survived), Luke (Left Fort), Marth (Right Fort), and Catria (the left-middle one). Proceeded to poke with the archers until the melee units could finish them without dying. Chapter 3 Super-High Turn Count at its finest! I went all the way around the island, and after THAT I spend about thirty-odd turns waiting out the ammunition on the ballista thing (Pirate MU goes in, takes some shots, leaves for healing, goes back) before finally finishing it off. Also, this was the Chapter in which I finally discovered that Marth alone can visit the large village places, so I got a Bridge Key, Julian and Bord. Yippee. Chapter 3 (Gaiden) More luck dependency...but this time with LOWER odds than hoping enemies miss the MU! (Those ones were about 50% enemy chance to hit). I had Marth hit the top general (the only one he can reach) and had Arran (still a Sniper) hit the middle general. Prereq. for continuing past that point was that BOTH of them killed their opponents via critting (16% and 13% chances, respectively), otherwise reset. Linde & MU took on the bottom general, Catria (reclassed to Cavalier because archers) took on one of the enemy archers while Palla flew up to the top mountain, safely out of range of archer #2. Moved Wrys to safety (I almost forgot to do that). Archer #2 attacks Marth. Catria moves in as far as possible (otherwise she won't be able to reach the Knight pursuing Wrys) and switches weapons to Javelin (she is now in the range of the Archer pursuing Wrys). Moved Palla as far as possible while still being safe. Took out the remaining Archer from Turn 1 with...someone. Moved Marth onto the 1st fort, and moved everyone else toward the 2nd. Moved Wrys farther along to safety. Archer attacks Catria, both live (Catria missed with the Javelin, only 70-80% hit chance I think...), Knight moves further toward Wrys. Palla moves into the range of the Knight while Catria finishes off the Archer. Wrys makes his last possible move into safety. Bait successful! Knight attacks Palla, leaving Wrys sweating in terror, but alive. Finished the Knight with Catria, moved onto the fort with Palla, healed Palla with Wrys. Baited out the rest of the enemies one by one.
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