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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, everyone! I began spriting a little while ago and well, I almost "splice" and make a little editing work in every mug, so I'm not that great, but I DO want to improve my skills, and that's why I'm posting my works in here ^-^ So, let's begin with the very first ones I did... (they're just splices xD) This one is Yuan Ka-Fai(L) from ToS. xD Yes, I used Ephraim as a base and his cloak is... pretty weird °_°" This crazy-eyed girl was supposed to be me in my first hack. She's a Thief and her name is Nihal xD. My first custom mug! Frontside of Nihal. That braid is horrible but I'm pretty proud about this mug xD (and she's sooo happy! <3) And now... it's time for some little cuties. Chibi Serra, Erk and Nihal! xD (Serra is pretty much the cutest ofthem all xD) And now... here we go with the ones I made recently for my new hack (yes, I'm trying to figure how to hack, but I'm terrible at it. XD). Mathias. He is the early paladin you get and that will save your ass in difficult situations. He's pretty much like Seth, with nice bases and growths. xD This one is Prince Cornelius, sounds like a terrible nome for a child, doesn't it? Well, that name makes people imagine him as a strong and terribile boy, while he's just... a spoiled brat. XD Next one is George, a shaman. I still have to make his talking frames. xD She's Adamantis, a social knight! I like her a lot. XD Her growths are quite like Astrid's. So, she has high Luck, spd and Res and an average strenght. And here we go with "Little Nihal". She's the only thief of my hack and she can't promote, just Like Julian xD This one is the definitive version of Nihal, but as an archer. She is in the hack along with "Little Nihal". She comes from the future, just like Viki from Suikoden xD. I'm really proud about this mug, one of the best I've made *_* (and she finally has an awesome braid XD) Next is Taril, a Myrmidon! I selected a few colours for him, but I think I'll go with the fourth one. What do you think? °° And the last is... Heydar! I finished him yesterday at 2 AM =w= He's a Hunter, but I'm still not sure about his class. Maybe I'll go for a nomad. xD
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