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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome aboard this train. Be prepared for many wrecks. So one day, two guys were in a PM, and suddenly one of them had the idea to do a PMU of FE8. Then through some crazy messages, they decided to both do it, with you all picking units for both of them. Here's how it works: 1. Pick units and promotions like normal, but this time, you pick one for each person. 2. Difficult mode, because normal is for pussies. 3. Lords are free. 4. Both of us get ten units other than lords. 5. Yes, Seth can be picked, but all units picked must be trained. 6. Route will be decided by units, and hopefully one of us will go one route, and the other will go the other route. 7. Don't be dumb. 8. Forgot to say that we can't each have the same unit. So yeah. This will probably start this weekend and maybe updated relatively often. Let's get this show on the road. Team Duck: 1. Ranger!Neimi 2. GENERAL BEARD 3. Seth!Seth 4. Druwan 5. FLUFFLES 6. Bishop!Moulder 7. Paladin!Franz 8. GK!Kyle 9. Falco!Tana 10. Mage Knight!Lute Team Sorin: 1. Rogue!Colm 2. LOAN RANGER 3. General!Amelia 4. Summoner!Knoll 5. Duracell 6. Valkyrie!Natasha 7. Wyvern!Vanessa 8. Paladin!Forde 9. Syrene!Syrene 10. Zerker!Ross Hope you enjoy!
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