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  1. February 19 ^_^ now I won't forget about it!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InL7UV-bCsg how's everyone doing this fine wednesday :)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpuRAyEdkYk this song is just too good Also GALEFORCE GALEFORCE GALEFORCE I kinda miss the flame wars on SF about it, too.
  4. ZemZem

    ORAS Metagame

    Now that OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire has been out and we got amazing new megas (that aren't Steelix/Pidgeot/Audino): 1. Gunk Shot was a godsend to Greninja. Even with an uninvested Attack stat with a reducing nature, with Gunk Shot, it still 1HKOs Mega Gardevoir and 2HKOs other OU fairies such as Azumarill and Togekiss. That's the power of Protean on a mon with very good stats. Geez. 2. Pangoro got a lot of nifty tools. Knock Off specifically. It's quite a force to be reckoned with in the lower tiers, and might even be viable in OU. 3. Adaptability Dragalge's Draco Meteors hit harder than Latios's with a Life Orb. Yeah, the thing's a nuke. It's also even more viable than it was in the higher tiers. 4. Mega Salamence was guaranteed to be quickbanned. Amazing ability, amazing movepool which means it can run various sets, amazing bulk (especially if base form is running Intimidate), and it's overall just crazy good. It was pretty much guaranteed to get the boot. 5. Who says Mega Slowbro didn't need Shell Armor? With that in conjunction with amazing defensive bulk, Calm Mind, and/or Amnesia, you have yourself a crazy good wall. After a few setups, it becomes incredibly tough to take down. Commence discussion.
  5. Just reading through the script again makes me want to play again. Seriously, the NoA translation team did a fantastic job with this one. Quotes like these just amaze me (Ashnard vs. Reyson): And the game also did such an amazing job that even the enemy soldiers are sympathized with:
  6. Yoyo. So I mapped out my college schedule, and I have plenty of free time inbetween my classes, most notably Tuesday and Thursday (for Tuesday, I just have one class in the morning, and then one in the evening). Does, erm, most of that time lean toward studying? I don't mind that, I'm just curious.
  8. In about an hour I'll leave for my high school graduation. Should be enjoyable. ^^ Here's me: Woohoo?
  9. Alright, where to start. I've been contemplating in school today about how to do this thread while my precalculus homework sat abandoned on my desk. I was thinking about going in-depth about the series, but if you want that, then go here: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki Instead I'm going to talk about misconceptions I've been seeing about the series here on SF, since what I usually see being reactions to Touhou here are: "ew lolis", "2hu sux", "weeb bait", etc. Now, I don't think that some members of fanbase here do it any justice and only dig a deeper grave for themselves, but I might delve into that later. Anyway, Touhou Project is a series owned by ZUN with games created by Shanghai Alice. The vast majority of the official games (14 in total) are vertical shooters. They are popular shumps, and it isn't uncommon to see people say "omg i can't do that shit you must be god" when they see something like this: [spoiler=PCB Lunatic Stage 6] There are four difficulties in total: Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic. The higher you climb, the harder things will be. There are also difficulties such as Extra, Phantasm (PCB only), Last Word (IN only), and Overdrive (TD only), but the main four that I listed are the ones I'm mainly referring to. The series is also quite well known due to the fact that most of the cast are female. Cool beans, huh? I guess so. So how did something as simple as this get so popular? Well, the music played a huge role and it isn't hard to find various music remixes on YouTube. As said before, the large cast of females (currently 130) also plays a role. Though due to ZUN's drawing style not being the greatest: [spoiler=Remilia's OA from EoSD] Fans have taken the liberty to draw the characters with how they perceive them: [spoiler=Remilia fan art] Over the years, the designs have been pretty much accepted as a whole (and it helps that the fighters + GFW have had some characters with pretty rad designs via Alphes). Now, the Touhou fandom is quite infamous for things relating to the things I listed above. A lot of those who play on Lunatic tend to be rather elitist, viewing anyone that plays on the lower difficulties as inferior. That sure doesn't make them look good. Then there are people who are just in the series for the girls, which I've seen piss off many fans. IMO, if you're going to join the series just to gawk at fan art, then you better also play the games or do something else related. That right there is probably my biggest pet peeve regarding Touhou and most of the reason why I'm even making this thread. Seriously, the series isn't that hard to get into. There are official doujin works you can read, hundreds of fangames created you can play, the fighters you can play, the music remixes you can enjoy, lore you can research, etc. tl;dr: Touhou Project is great. I wish that the fanbase didn't make it as infamous as it is. There are tons of things to do in the series, so find something and stick with it instead of just being in it for the 'waifu business'. I guess that's that. EDIT: there's also this: [spoiler=video of stuff] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7lHJXPKoX0
  10. During the peace period, I turned around to shake the hands of the people behind me, and the guy tried to ignore me as he shook hands with everyone near him that wasn't black like I am. He eventually shook my hand, but withdrew his hand as fast as he could. Then during communion, he made the girl who was sitting next to him go in front of him so he wouldn't have to stand directly behind my dad. Maybe I'm looking too much into this? idk I'm kinda disturbed.
  11. lol here's a level 18 Taillow with Sky Attack before the first gym have fun I hope this feature comes back <3
  12. looks like you have some competition John oi
  13. yeeeeeeaaaaah boi College applications are a success. And my ACT score is impressive enough for me to get into all the schools in and around my state I want to apply to. whoo hoo
  14. I just got sent ANOTHER code from Nintendo for the ORAS demo I've had for a week now, and I keep seeing people scramble around to get codes. I also have an additional code from posting in a thread on GFAQs and getting a free one from the TC. If anyone would like a code, just ask. I have two.
  15. ZemZem

    Pokemon NU

    Ah, NU. Full of underwhelming mons, but also arguably has the most variety out of the Smogon tiers. I'm making this topic because I'm curious if anyone has interest in making an NU team and maybe a group of us can have battles in X/Y and Showdowns in this tier. Any interest?
  16. So PU was established in the metagame now. It resides under NU and consists of the mons with the lowest usage from that tier. It's pretty crazy to see what happens there. Killer butterflies, for example: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/pu-164025110
  17. Oh joy. I have until the end of the month to get this all done, I have to talk to my most trusted teachers at school for recommendations, my parents are on my ass about all this, and I'm rather exhausted and worried. ...Thankfully I know things will turn out fine in the end. *works on application*
  18. I had this idea when I was walking over to the library. Since there are many drafts of various FE games, why not have a conpetition of just one Touhou game? It'd be fun to handle, and since it's my favorite Touhou game, fun for me to observe. Without further ado: Rules: 1. This competition will be solely in UFO, and the participants taking part in the draft are to showcase their skills in said game. 2. Participants are to use every shot-type in the following order: ReimuA, ReimuB, MarisaA, MarisaB, SanaeA, SanaeB. There will be a round for every shot-type that will last one week. 3. You may choose any difficulty you like: Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic. It's meant to be for fun! 4. Clearing the game gives you three points. First place gets five points, second place gets three points, third place gets one point, and last plac gets no points. 5. Going through the Extra Stage will net you five bonus points. ReimuA Results ReimuB Results MarisaA Results MarisaB Results SanaeA Results SanaeB Results Final Ranking: 1st: Proto: 40 2nd: Balcerzak: 39 3rd: Fera: 26 4th: Zak: 3
  19. someone warp me to japan so i can revel in the insanity and stuff there for three glorious days: 8/15, 8/16, 8/17 c86 is love c86 is life (I'm so goddamn curious what it'd be like due to all the C86 book covers popping up in my pixiv feed.)
  20. I feel like saying what I think of those who post here. Go.
  21. I needed a Super Size Pumpkaboo. I went to the GTS. I saw a request to trade an SS Pumpkaboo for a Braviary. I have two Braviaries. One's competitive and one isn't. I traded my competitive one due to not paying attention. It was level 100, Adamant, and had a Choice Scarf on it. I realized it when the newly evolved SS Gourgeist was in its spot in my competitive mon box... someone hold me...this sucks...
  22. Inspired by the FE7 Tag-Team that David started (that I still need to update), a group of posters from the Last to Post thread teamed up to get through Fuuin no Tsurugi. They will laugh. They will cry. This will curse their fellow teammates when they do trollish moves (let's hope not). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...The Sword of Seals/The Binding Blade Tag-Team! The bros (and one sis): Jprebs, Kalas, Dusk, ZM, Poly. The following units cannot be killed off at all and must be used as much as they possibly can: Jprebs: Dusk: Kalas: ZM: Duck: This will start soon. Because Jprebs wanted me to get it up, for some reason. :P
  23. So I was in the IP chat and met my new brother, Aki, and he's the same age as me AND has my name. He informed me that there are others with the name Vincent, and me, being a curious one, made this thread. Let'sa go.
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