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Found 9 results

  1. The Strategy Here's a video from the person who made the strat, but be warned it is very laggy: https://youtu.be/F_ywAp-q4Cw
  2. I did another 0% growths warpless low turn count playthrough of FE5. The tactics are much improved from my previous run and it should be much easier to watch due to less wasted time. "0% growths" means I play on a ROM edited so characters do not gain stats on level-up (both character and scroll growths set to zero). I like playing 0% growths because it eliminates the randomness that growths cause and improves the game's balance by reducing player strength relative to the enemy; in a normal run, I find that characters become too powerful and diminish the need for tactical maneuvers. Also, movement stars are also not used when they activate. By "warpless" I mean that I do not use the warp staff (rescue staves and the self-targeting rewarp staff are permitted). I've done runs with the warp staff before and they're plenty of fun, but this warpless route involves a lot of varied and interesting tactics in chapters that the warp staff would trivialize. "Low turn count" means that I aim to complete chapters as quickly as possible. In Fire Emblem games, there are often boring and time-consuming tactics than lead to victory with little effort, but it is far more fun and entertaining to use complex tactics that lead to a faster completion. Furthermore, the game ranks you based upon the number of turns you take, so a lower turncount can be considered a better result. However, in some cases I will sacrifice speed for reliability. This is a segmented run but in the future I hope to complete a SS rank warpless ironman run; I think it is more fun to consider contingency plans and adapt tactics during a playthrough than it is to map out a singular path through the game and reset until the RNG rolls in your favour. My idea of a good tactic is as follows: if all goes well a very low turncount will be achieved, if some things go wrong a fairly low turncount will still be achieved, and in the case of extreme bad luck several turns may be lost but a game over would be avoided. However there are several chapters in this playthrough where this ideal is not achieved. One day I will improve upon this run so please suggest any improvements that come to mind. I do not attempt to recruit all characters in this playthrough. This run is played on normal mode (without increased exp gain), so EXP distribution must be considered. This does not affect turncounts. There are several chapters for which I don't have a really good plan and I could really use some suggestions. I probably won't redo this anytime soon but someday I will. Here is the youtube playlist:
  3. With help from my fellow Fire Emblem compatriots Monde and Reyson, I have deduced a clear link with the reveal of the Fire Emblem Gaiden remake and future potential games. Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~ - Released 2010 Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia - Released 2017 Fire Emblem Gaiden Remake - Released 2024 Only seven more years get ready boys and girls
  4. Challenge playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbSv8zSDR9c0I6r0FnHMsH_IDApIK2H-j I've been having a lot of fun with LTCing the 3DS games on 0% growths, first Awakening and now this. While finding a strategy that doesn't rely too much on dodging accurate attacks and hitting with inaccurate ones is feasible enough, I often find my "reliable" strats being reduced to nothing by the way the enemy AI behaves - a single enemy ending their turn on the wrong tile can mean I have to restart the whole chapter. This run is my first experience seriously LTCing Birthright, so it's felt pretty fresh and new, and that's always welcome. As usual with LTCing anything, finding ways to shave off that one turn leads to working on a single chapter for a long period of time, and since I routinely record everything and keep the recording as the one file as my save for the next map, my progress isn't exactly the fastest. It is refreshing to play through the game without relying on growths, as these happen to annihilate whatever challenge Birthright offers. It's no longer possible to faceroll things with just your Corrin, and suddenly effectively using the likes of Oboro and Hinata becomes central to the run's success. Not having to work on getting better level-ups is also nice, and an obvious feature of 0% growths. Here are the first three videos in the playlist (Prologue to C2; C3 and C4 in the spoiler): Currently, I'm in chapter 8 trying to get a better cook to give some key units a +2 str meal (perhaps a +2 spd will turn out to be superior; only repeating the map ad nauseam will show which is the case), aiming for a 3-turn hopefully (I think Hinoka should be able to deal with Fuga being the only one who actually doubles him). Waiting for a better cook, I've been planning some things ahead for this run. Plenty of decisions to think about, such as: 1) Corrin's asset. Currently I've got Cavalier, which offers two obvious advantages - passing it to a husband of choice via Partner Seal (Ryoma) ASAP and learning Shelter before grabbing Wyvern Lord access from Scarlet. What's the alternative to this decision? Grabbing Dragon instead. Ryoma doesn't particularly care about accessing the class, so the idea is getting both Corrin and Jakob to fly. Who knows (I don't yet!), Jakob being a Wyvern Lord for chapters 8/10 could result in some turns being saved. If Jakob gets both the 1st Heart Seal for a long time as well as a Partner Seal into Wyvern Lord early on, he'll be the party's only flying Shelterbot, which is important for the chapter 21 1-turn for instance. 2) Primary candidates for Master Seals. Two Master Seals can be bought in the shop, with another one dropped by Zola in chapter 9. That's three potential characters that could be promoted early. When the midgame rolls in, these become very frequent as enemy drops, with more to be bought in shops. The idea though is, everyone kinda wants a Master Seal and becomes valuable with one - the question is, who wants it more? +2-ish boosts to strength and speed may be nice, but how much are we getting from promoting, say, Hinata or Oboro? On the other hand, Takumi gets +3 mov and flight if we promote him in his very terrain-y join map. Alternatively, Takumi could want a Sniper promotion for better combat stats, but no 1-range counter option, flight or mobility instead, still retaining good movement in terrain thanks to Fujin. Takumi and retainers aren't the only folks who like an early Master Seal. Saizo and Kagero both become surprisingly valuable with a promotion, Saizo's not being too far away. Supposedly, I may need an A-shuriken user to 1-turn the 5-breakers Faceless boss across the wall later on. Silas is a candidate for one, with 8 mov as a Paladin and mini-Juggernaut raw combat stats when Corrin's engaged somebody in combat for +3 atk/def to Silas. Then you have pure utility cases, like Orochi who's invaluable as a Capturebot of Birthright. Many of the potential candidates for Capture are at least as good as some of the finest units in our party combatwise to say nothing of utility. Orochi gets +3 mag on promo, but it's likely low priority in the grand scheme of things. There's also Rinkah who could use the extra move shoving things (the bosskill maps start so late that this can wait I think) and of course some of the captured unpromoted enemies could want a promotion. 3) Capturing enemies. This seems like one of the playthrough's central themes. We must somehow combine all the Birthrouting objective fulfilment with getting Orochi to capture the most useful generics for use in the run. Besides getting mounted units, fliers and enemies with generally good combat stats like Beserkers and Sorcs, there are some areas I feel I could concentrate on: Outlaws - the C9 ones start at L7 and are thus 3 levels away from promotion. 9 mov Bow Knights way before Shura join could prove to be important for advancing quickly on maps. Whether a Bow Knight made out of a L7 Outlaw is capable of pushing forward in maps like Pleasure Palace is a different topic however (ugh). Fighters - ideally we want a L10 Fighter to instapromote to Berserk and work our way to lv. 5 when Rally Strength is learnt (no other way of getting it in BR aside from choosing it as MU's Asset). B axes should lend plenty of opportunities to grab a kill with one of the effective weapons, and generic Fighters just generally have good combat stats. Cavalier - a second Shelter bot could be useful for sending more units forward in a rout map. I imagine Jakob and Silas are sufficient however. Strategist - it's a mounted unit with high mag (low skill tho) and A rank staves right off the bat. Capture one in spite of their high Res, and you no longer need to use an Arms Scroll on Izana in order to halve the endgame bosses' HP. A Maid is another good option (lower mag, but higher skill and always S staves). Anyway, as usual I'll be using this thread to log the run and talk to myself about different dilemmas and choices to be made and whatnot. If anyone is interested in making any suggestions or providing useful information, that's appreciated as per usual.
  5. Hey everyone! Welcome to another awesome FE12 playthrough by me, PKL! This time, I will be tackling Maniac Mode again but with no growths. In my quest to be like dondon...be a LTC master improve at this game there will be no growths this time! So, the rules: 1. Maniac Mode (H2) Difficulty. Classic Mode. 2. Rainbow Potion and Bond Drop are allowed. Growth Drop is banned. 3. Lunatic is assumed to have been played, so Lunatic statboosters will be available. 4. Mixed Class Sets for Male Units are allowed. 5. I will be playing through the game as fast as possible but if a chapter is deemed too difficult to LTC for the challenge, stalling is fair game. 6. Full Recruitment. 7. No permanent unit deaths allowed. 8. How's everyone is super banned. 9. Strategies must be a little bit reliable at least. Went with Orphan for Max Str. Makes it easier to hit important kill benchmarks throughout the Prologue. Went with Skl/Spd for the next best thing. I wish I could have both +2 str and +2 Spd. +2 Spd lets MU not get doubled by some P8 Thieves but that's not as important as hitting 1 point harder. It makes a ton of difference. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZleBp734zsUeZXpSe8Vxu7jd Turncounts so far: Chapter Turns Rescue Hammerne Thief Warp Again Rescue Again P1 2 P2 3 P3 3 P4A 4 P5 3 P6O 3 P7C 3 P8 7 C1 6 C2 6 C3 17 C3x 6 C4 5 4/5 C5 9 3/5 3/3 C6 5 2/5 3/3 C6x 2 2/5 3/3 C7 5 2/5 3/3 C8 3 1/5 3/3 C9 5 4/5 2/3 5/5 C10 2 4/5 2/3 5/5 C10x 1 4/5 2/3 5/5 C11 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C12 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C13 6 3/5 2/3 5/5 C13x 2 3/5 2/3 5/5 C14 2 1/5 2/3 4/5 4/7 3/3 C15 1 1/5 2/3 4/5 3/7 3/3 C16 3 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 3/3 5/5 C16x 2 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 2/3 5/5 C17 5 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 1/3 5/5 C18 2 1/5 2/3 2/5 3/7 1/3 4/5 C19 4 0/5 1/3 2/5 6/7 1/3 3/5 C20 1 C20x 4 C21 2 C22 1 C23 1 Endgame 1 Total Turns so far 149
  6. I recorded a playthrough of FE5 in preparation for a future warpless 0% growths low turn count ironman elite mode run and I figured I might as well post it online. I don't expect anyone to watch it, but at least now there are some FE5 videos on youtube with half-decent tactics. Several chapters are kind of sloppy (especially 7, 12x, and the final chapter), so it would be nice to get suggestions on how to improve this run. It's a really cool challenge and I highly recommend that you give it a try. For example, look at how much more entertaining chapter 21 becomes: Here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcUnDcs3XizKnTeY2R5Gt08qs8pkF-Ao0 I'll probably add a description to each video explaining what I'm doing and why. Sample turncounts for an ironman run: chapter - turncount 1 - 4 2 - 4 2x - 8 3 - 6 4 - 11-13 5 - 18-20 6 - 7 7 - 8 8 - 5 9 - 3 10 - 13-14 11 - 7 12 - 6-7 12x - 10-15? 13 - 6 14 - 10 15 - 2 16b - 4 17b - 3 18 - 6-7 19 - 1 20 - 15 21 - 5 21x - 1 22 - 4 23 - 3 24 - 4 final - 4-5 I recorded each chapter going well, so the recorded run displays 178 turns. http://imgur.com/FWfZMQE
  7. I'm not sure how popular this sort of run is around here, but this Thracia 776 0% growths ironman low turn count run is by far the most fun I've had with any Fire Emblem game. I prefer 0% growths since it removes a large part of the randomness I dislike and also improves the game's balance by reducing player strength to the level of the enemy (the one-man-army tactic becomes questionable, many more units are useful throughout the game, more than brute strength is needed to take down bosses, and levelling is still important for promotions). I almost always play ironman runs (no resetting, game over means the run is over) because I like making reliable tactics that account for poor luck and I get to adapt and salvage a bad situation when it occurs. I've done a couple runs where I find the ideal path to the lowest turncount and reset until it went my way and it wasn't nearly as fun, plus it lacked the tension of an ironman run. And I like aiming for a low turn count since it encourages creative and complex tactics in situations where there would otherwise be little pressure. Even with 0% growths, there are many slow tactics which can trivialize the challenge at certain parts of the game; in a low turn count run I have a reason to employ more impressive tricks instead. Not to mention all the planning that goes into managing deployment orders, staff usage, fatigue, etc. Overall, I think the difficulty in a 0% growths ironman run of FE5 is perfect for people who have played through the game a couple times, and you can make it more or less difficult by aiming for a lower or higher turncount. I highly recommend you guys give this challenge a try if you haven't already. Anyways, I just finished a playthrough of this challenge and finished with 173 turns which satisfies the SS rank requirements. I'm sure this can be improved quite a bit and I'm interested in seeing what sort of strategies you guys use to blitz through the game this way. By the way, I should add that I played on normal (not elite) and I'd recommend doing that because I wouldn't want to trivialize the early game experience management. Here are the turncounts from my most recent run: chapter - turncount 1 - 4 2 - 4 2x - 8 3 - 7 4 - 12 5 - 20 (expect to get ~19, depends on luck and my strategy could be better) 6 - 7 7 - 8 8 - 6 9 - 3 (could easily 2-turn this, but I thought I needed the elite sword) 10 - 15 (would be 14 with just a bit better luck against the boss, but I think a completely fresh strategy could greatly improve on this) 11 - 2 12 - 3 (repair missed, but 3 is reasonable since Fin struggles at capturing) 12x - 6 13 - 7 (I bet there's a way to reduce this with a cool rescue chain) 14 - 10 15 - 2 16a - 7 17a - 4 18 - 4 19 - 2 20 - 15 21 - 1 21x - 4 (wanted to get at least five warp staves) 22 - 2 23 - 2 24 - 4 final - 4 That's what I've managed on my own, not sure where I should go to look at other people's attempts and stuff. I loosely planned out a lot of the run and partially just play it by ear since things change every time. Anyways I look forward to hearing about cooler and better tactics. Also, at some point I think I'll add a no-warp restriction or all-characters requirement in addition to the conditions included in this challenge. Have either of those been done? Are they fun? I'm leaning towards the no-warp one since I wouldn't want the playthrough to end if a random character happens to die. And I'm open to suggestions for other interesting challenge playthoughs. [edit: I've figured out ways to save several more turns, I'll give it another attempt someday]
  8. I'm thinking of doing a 0% growths ironman run of TRS at some point. 0% growths ironman runs are fun because they encourage the use of good tactics rather than Narron solo or tons of resets. It won't be a LTC run (at least not at first), and TRS is pretty easy overall so I'll have lots of ways to make reliable tactics. Compared to the minimum turncount run I did previously, I'll have many more characters and items which open up more options (and I won't be forced to rush through danger to seize each chapter). TRS has items which can prevent character death so ironmanning is feasible if not recommended for general play. There's still a few things I want to plan out before I start and I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions. - Who to pick at Verge: I'm thinking I should pick Lee first for the defense staff, then either Narron or Lionel next since they're solid combat units. I'll get Roger, Mintz, and Samson in this playthrough plus many others, unlike the LTC, so I won't be lacking in combat units either way. - Random encounters: Any way to avoid them while playing ironman? - Grinding: I want to ban grinding for stat boosters, character skills, etc. I could set a rule not to fight any more encounters than I have to, but if I want to move to another city to buy stuff an enemy might appear. What's the best way to address this? - Coinflip: Since you have a >50 chance of winning, this is essentially a very slowly earned free 200000 gold. I used it in my LTC, but I think I'll ban it here since it's lame. - Funds: without the coinflip and with the need for amulets (to prevent fatal attacks), gold is going to be scarce. And I might just miss possible sources of gold because it's an ironman run and (for example) one of Leonheart's troops could block the gold-bearing reinforcements. Tips on how to spend it would be appreciated. - Route splits: Who goes where? - Other places where I have to choose items to get, like after chapter 14. - Stat booster and promotion item distribution - Tutoring skills - Probably some other stuff, let me know what else I should consider. As for specific chapters, there's a few I'm worried about. - Chapter 18: How do I approach this? Since turncounts aren't an issue I can have Zeek pick off several units before moving in, but even he is in danger in this map. And I'd like to kill the harpy staff guy as soon as possible, how can I accomplish that? Hopefully I manage to get the ballista in the previous chapter so Thomas can support. - Chapter 25: The group of five dragon knights are really dangerous. I'm thinking of M Up + Aura Rain*2, but I don't know how they will react if that fails. Also, which route do I take from here? - Chapter 26A: Does aura rain hit the invisible enemies? Or is there another way to get through here safely? - Chapter 26B: I think this map would be preferable because of the thief swords, which are very useful for combat on weak units like Sasha and for stealing good items. I'd have to take this chapter very slowly so Maerhen can actually capture an enemy to get the thief sword stuff started. The guys hidden in the center of the map would be an annoyance and I would probably kill Arkis, though. - Chapter 34: How do I kill Ernest? - Chapter 35: I guess I have to let Julius break his lance on arena fighters? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. I did a search but nothing came up. I want to know how to edit the growth rates in PoR, for example a 0% or 100% growths run. I would just use a code, but no working WiiRD codes do that. Edit: Currently plowing through FE8Data.bin with a hex editor. Hopefully nothing goes terribly wrong. Edit 2: Officially stumped, and system.cmp looks like a mess. This may take me some time without help.
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