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Found 2 results

  1. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/948901835284283393 So yeah, an impressive feat for Nintendo and the Switch. That's breaking the previous record that the Wii held I believe.
  2. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 7 players. 2. Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Geoffrey, the Herons, the Black Knight, and Lehran are free for all to use. 3. The drafting order is reversed for the last round of picks. 4. Haar is banned from drafting. 5. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, Rescue and Shove/Smite undrafted characters and NPCs, trade, Escape/Arrive, and transfer items/skills between teams. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors and Chests, finding hidden items, and giving Blood Tide/Night Tide/White Pool bonuses. 3. Allied and Other units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter (1-6 counts as 2 chapters, and 4-E counts as 5 chapters). Exceptions: 1. One of Edward or Nolan is free for each of 1-P, 1-1 and 1-2. 2. Volug is free for 1-5. 3. Elincia, Marcia and Nealuchi are free for 2-P 4. Nephenee and Brom are free for 2-1. 5. One undrafted, non-Lucia unit is free for 2-2. 6. One undrafted, 7 move unit is free for 3-1. 7. One undrafted, 6 move unit is free for 3-3. 8. 2-1 and 3-P are free up to 10 turns. Teams: Baldrick: Jill, Tanith, Nephenee, Tibarn, Naesala, Tormod, Lethe, Volke, Oliver MJThomnumbers: Oscar, Aran, Laura, Mordecai, Kieran, Tauroneo, Skrimir, Bastian, Gareth Quintessence: Titania, Marcia, Gatrie, Calill, Leonardo, Muarim, Lucia, Mist, Stefan Peekayell: Edward, Soren, Nealuchi, Rhys, Makalov, Sanaki, Vika, Lyre, Kurthnaga CRsux: Nolan, Elincia, Janaff, Heather, Shinon, Astrid, Kyza, Nasir, Ena Bearclawrandomnumbers: Ilyana, Mia, Zihark, Ulki, Ranulf, Fiona, Caineghis, Giffca, Renning Jedi: Volug, Boyd, Sigrun, Brom, Nailah, Rolf, Danved, Pelleas, Meg [spoiler=Units Remaining]
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