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Found 1 result

  1. UPDATE: This will become a demo to Mechanics Emblem. Pretty much a 2 chapter hack to show off the flooding idea. Hi, MrNight here, long time search lurker, first time showcasing, releasing Rage Emblem beta to the community for feedback and beta testing. Going to give a rundown of what to expect, why I am doing this, and ultimately what I hope to achieve. Let's begin... Old crap Link and ScreenShots RageEmblem: Update: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3c8h0gv1z02fcln/RageEmblemv1.51.ups only prologue and the original chapter 1. That is it to preserve what the flood chapter originally was. As for Rage Emblem, will be changing it to Mechanics Emblem and all the chapters will be redone to flex my new hacking muscles. Do note chapter 2 will break after that. Let me know immediately if patch doesn't work here or by pm. Lunar gave me the 16 MB limit so I am a bit nervous. What would I like? Constructive criticism. Good or Bad with in depth explanation. I value absolute brutal honestly as long as it helps my hack to be just brutal on being good. Even If I shed man tears in darkness, I will use those said tears to make my creative furnace hotter to forge this hack to near perfection. The sooner I get this out in the open and played by the community, the faster I get feedback to make it better during its development instead of doing all this work and polish only to be told the gameplay sucks and is boring. (made that mistake once and was crushed). That being said I will not explain too much about it to prevent bias thinking so beta testers can tell me their experience as well as what they find. A bit about my hacking background So with all that said, I will discuss why I started making this. I came into fire emblem hacking due to seeing cool custom animations in 2012 and wanted to learn how to do them and I did just that. I googled like a madman and came upon blazer's tutorial package and worked from there. While working on animations I was looking for youtube videos of fire emblem to watch and inspire me while working in MS paint. That is when I came across ragefest because there was few fire emblem videos that was longer than 10 minutes and wow did that series blew my mind. It showed me the possibilities on what FE hacking can do instead of just reskins and class changing. Sadly, the more I watched, the more I realized it was really not for newbie's and tried to gain some skills before I tried to enter the contest. Later on I learned It was pretty much dead due to the "been there, done that" and the lack of interest which led me trying to make a submission for gaiden. This led me to make the horrible mistake of not finding dedicated FE experienced testers because the ones I asked to test were friends who did not want to admit to me they didn't really care about my fire emblem hack nor was that good at it. (they admitted they wasn't good after I sent it in) I took this as failure on my part and decided to really do some game design research while practicing key FE hacking concepts. The biggest thing I have learned is the mantra of "fail faster" hence is why I am throwing my hack to the FE community who is already interested in Fire Emblem and are more willing rip apart bad hacks so it can grow. I also found I am better at coming up with ideas and motivation if I designed chapters to be challenging to ragefest levels instead of basic fire emblem chapters that bore me to tears. I tried to do as much hacking on my own (the serenes search button has become my most valued friend) and to show the ideas I came up with to throw at the player to really make them think. (cathrine hard but chess style) So yeah, feel free to say what you want about the hack or pm to make it private. Good Luck and Thank You.
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