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Found 1 result

  1. Ever wonder how your opinions and attitudes of Fire Emblem have changed over the course of nearly a decade? Thanks to the magic of Gamefaqs archived topics, we can see how I roughly evaluate the roster of FE1 in 2007 compared to what I think of them now! Keep in mind that my original tier list was not ordered within each tier, so small discrepancies between lists can be considered basically negligible. Also noteworthy: 1. I originally considered Jagen and Zaggaro(Sedgar) to be so bad that they deserved their own tier below bottom tier. Oops! 2. Chainey was forgotten in the original draft of this tier list. Ricardo was listed twice to compensate (in the same tier, no less!) 3. Numbers have also been added next to each character's name in the interest of comparing the two lists. The original list can be found here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/562649-fire-emblem-ankoku-ryu-to-hikari-no-tsurugi/39858849 (It's post #2) [spoiler=2007] Top Tier: 1.Abel 2.Hardain 3.Kain 4.Katua (Catria) 5.Oguma 6.Navarre 7.Paola 8.Marich (Merric) 9.Julian High Tier: 10.Linda 11.Astoria 12.Raddy 13.Est 14.Gordan 15.Samson 16.Marth 17.Wendal Mid Tier: 18.Alan 19.Barts 20.Caesar 21.Lawrence 22.Sheeda 23.Medea 24.Minerva 25.Chiki 26.Gato 27.Kashim (Castor) Low Tier: 28.Villuck (Vyland) 29.Maji (Cord) 30.Roger 31.Toms (Dolph) 32.Doga 33.Roshe 34.Machis (Matthis) 35.Thomas 36.George 37.Beck 38.Jake Bottom Tier: 39.Banetou 40.Boa 41.Maria 42.Michelan 43.Rena 44.Ricardo 45.Riff 46.Saji 47.Ulf 48.Daros 49.Ellis 50.Ricardo Jeigan Tier: 51.Jeigan 52.Zaggaro Here is my new and improved quickly thrown together tier list. I made it under the assumption that no character is assumed to be used besides Marth. (This is why Maria has utility as a warper despite Rena existing and the whitewings count as costing many turns independently of Minerva & Maria's recruitments.) [spoiler=2017] Top Tier: 1.Kain (+2) 2.Abel (+1) 3.Sheeda (+19) 4.Rena (+39) 5.Wendell (+12) 6.Hardin (-4) 7.Marth (+9) High Tier: 8.Ogma (-3) 9.Navarre (-3) 10.Merric (-2) 11.Jagen (+40) 12.Barts (+7) 13.Boa (+27) 14.Julian (-5) Mid Tier: 15.Roshe (+18) 16.Machis (+17) 17.Wolf (+30) 18.Gordon (-4) 19.Kashim (+8) 20.Maji (+9) 21.Medea (+2) 22.Astram (-11) 23.Ricardo (+21/+27) 24.Chainey (???) 25.Minerva (+1) 26.Maria (+15) Low Tier: 27.Zaggaro (+24) 28.Biraku (0) 29.Doga (+3) 30.Saji (+16) 31.Daros (+17) 32.Raddy (-20) 33.Caesar (-13) 34.Thomas (+1) 35.Gato (-9) 36.Lawrence (-15) 37.Linde (-27) Bottom Tier: 38.Toms (-7) 39.Roger (-9) 40.Jake (-2) 41.Beck (-4) 42.Michelan (0) 43.Ellis (-6) 44.Riff (+1) 45.Palla (-38) 46.Samson (-31) 47.Aran (-29) 48.Catria (-44) 49.Bantu (-10) 50.Est (-37) 51.Chiki (-26) 52.George (-16) Top 5 units that rose from my initial list: 5. Ricardo (+21/27) / Zaggaro (+24) One of my major changes from my previous makeshift tier list to my new makeshift tier list is the acknowledgement that most characters just aren't great and either bring little to the table, aren't worth the table, cost turns, or all of the above! Ricardo brings moderate thief utility to the table while being basically free to recruit while Zaggaro can nuke fliers and deal a little bit of chip damage with 9 movement and is actually free to recruit. Neither of these guys are in any way excellent but my idea that getting a little something for nothing is better than getting some of something for a lot is very apparent when comparing the two lists. 4. Boa (+27) Poor Boa got profiled just because he's old and his growths are low. Boa's 15 base speed makes him a great dead-Gharnef-on-a-stick, not to mention that as a sage he provides decent chip support and great staff support. Best of all, Boa joins reasonably early and automatically, which are both qualities I apparently pay attention to a lot more now than before. 3. Wolf (+30) Wolf doesn't have the best growths or bases in the game, but they get the job done. What Wolf does have is an excellent move stat and easy access to the Partia, making him one of the most user-friendly and surprisingly effective bow users in the game. 2. Rena (+39) Rena can barely level up in this game. However, she can still warp. Rena is basically warp personified, so up up up she went. 1. Jagen (+40) Was this ever even a question? Poor old Jeigan was given the below-bottom tier treatment in my old list for his poor averages, but I overlooked all of the great things the old man brings to the table. He's your best all-around combat unit for quite some time and joins from the get-go! With a silver sword he is a reasonable unit to deploy all the way to midgame, but his lategame really kept him from me listing him as a top tier unit. Top 5 units that fell from my initial list: 5. Linde (-27) On paper you would almost believe that Linda is a slightly worse version of Merric. In practice, she perhaps couldn't be more disappointing. Aura is a neat tome but it is not even close to Excalibur, not to mention that Linde joins much later and more out of the way with growths and bases merely comparable to Merric's. What a shame! 4. Aran (-29) & Samson (-31) While I considered listing these guys separately, the irony of including them together was just too rich. Both of these guys embody what values changed most from my initial tier list to this one: late join times, annoying turn costs, and solid level 20 stats. Unfortunately, I favor the first two nowadays over the latter, so down they went. Turn counts are real jerks, aren't they? 3. Est (-37) Oh, the shame! Although I did not rank Est in the top tier, her ability to quickly promote to a dragon knight for that sweet 14 base def and to gain offense stats quick to complement that bulk had me vastly overrate Est and her late join time, difficulty to level up, and vast turn cost. 2. Palla (-38) Seeing a pattern, here? Palla is a reasonable unit but her turn cost is just too steep to be considered for a serious run. (Unless you're doing one of those weird full recruitment runs instead of those super sexy minimum recruitment runs.) Minerva, as a comparison, costs less turns and is generally better (with the hardly contested speed wing), and only just managed to scrape my middle tier. 1. Catria (-44) Oh no! Not my waifu! Unfortunately for Catria, 20/20 averages don't do much for me anymore, and no amount of 30% def growths can stop her huge turn cost from being a liability. She's a reasonable combat unit that only costs a few turns if you were planning to recruit Minerva anyway, but in any low-turn or efficient run the turn cost isn't worth it even if you really want a flier. Well, that's my journey from 2007 to present. This is mostly an FYI but feel free to discuss/make fun of my placements from either list if you would like. Pretty amazing how 10 years and a few fe1 drafts can change a person's opinion, huh? We went from averages are king in 2007 to turns are king in 2017. Check back in 2027 to see how my crazy opinions have changed even further. You won't believe where Doga ends up!
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