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Found 1 result

  1. This is the index of analysis threads for finding if an analysis already exists or just getting to the thread quickly. Character are ordered by "Origin" sort order, which is the same order they appear in the Herodex. Fire Emblem: Heroes Alfonse, Prince of Askr Alfonse, Spring Prince Sharena, Princess of Askr Sharena, Spring Princess Anna Fjorm Gunnthra Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon / New Mystery of the Emblem Marth, Altean Prince Marth, Altean Groom Jagen Cain Abel Draug Gordin Luke Roderick Caeda, Talys's Heart Caeda, Talys's Bride Ogma Barst Linde, Light Mage Linde, Summer Rays Jeorge Michalis Minerva Maria Palla Catria, Middle Whitewing Catria, Spring Whitewing Est Merric Hardin Camus Sheena Tiki, Dragon Scion Tiki, Beachside Scion Katarina Clarisse Legion Navarre Wrys Athena Fire Emblem: Echoes Alm Lukas Gray Tobin Faye Clair Clive Celica, Caring Princess Celica, Imprisoned Soul Mae Boey Genny Saber Leon Mathilda Delthea Sonya Berkut Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Sigurd Arden Arvis Tailtiu Ayra Eldigan Lachesis Deirdre Seliph Julia Ares Lene Julius Ishtar Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Leif Nanna Finn Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist Reinhardt, Thunder's Sword Olwen, Blue Mage Knight Olwen, Righteous Knight Saias Fire Emblem: Binding Blade Roy, Young Lion (WIP) Roy, Brave Lion Roy, Youthful Gifts Lilina, Delightful Noble Lilina, Blush of Youth Gwendolyn Raigh Cecilia Klein Clarine Zephiel Narcian Shanna Bartre Fir Sophia Fae Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword Eliwood, Knight of Lycia Eliwood, Devoted Love Lyn, Lady of the Plains Lyn, Bride of the Plains Lyn, Brave Lady Lyn, Wind's Embrace Lyn, Lady of the Wind Hector, General of Ostia Hector, Just Here to Fight Hector, Marquess of Ostia Matthew Serra Raven Lucius Rebecca Priscilla Dorcas Florina Canas Karel Karla Hawkeye Ninian, Oracle of Destiny Ninian, Bright-Eyed Bride Lloyd Linus Jaffar Ursula Nino, Pious Mage Nino, Pale Flower Legault Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Eirika, Restoration Lady Eirika, Anamnesis Lady Ephraim, Restoration Lord Ephraim, Legendary Lord Seth Lute Innes, Regal Strategician Innes, Flawless Form Tana, Winged Princess Tana, Noble and Nimble Lyon Valter Amelia (Heavy Blade build) Joshua Marisa L'Arachel Myrrh Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn Ike, Young Mercenary Ike, Brave Mercenary Titania Soren Mist Oscar Mia Elincia Nephenee Sanaki, Apostle in White Black Knight Micaiah Sothe Ike, Vanguard Legend Sanaki, Begnion's Apostle Zelgius Oliver Fire Emblem: Awakening Chrom, Exalted Prince Chrom, Spring Exalt Chrom, Gifted Leader Chrom, Knight Exalt Robin, High Deliverer Robin, Festive Tactician Robin, Fell Reincarnation Robin, Mystery Tactician Robin, Seaside Tactician Robin, Fell Vessel Lissa, Sprightly Cleric Lissa, Pure Joy Frederick, Polite Knight Frederick, Horizon Watcher Sully Stahl Cordelia, Knight Paragon Cordelia, Perfect Bride Cordelia, Knight Paradise Gaius, Candy Stealer Gaius, Thief Exposed Donnel Lon'qu Olivia, Blushing Beauty Olivia, Festival Dancer Henry, Twisted Mind Henry, Happy Vampire Tharja, Dark Shadow Tharja, "Normal Girl" Tharja, Obsessive Bride Virion Cherche (Spd build) Tiki, Naga's Voice Tiki, Summering Scion Nowi, Eternal Youth Nowi, Eternal Witch Lucina, Future Witness Lucina, Spring Exalt Marth, Enigmatic Blade Lucina, Brave Princess Inigo Gerome Morgan, Lad from Afar Morgan, Lass from Afar Noire Fire Emblem: Fates Corrin, Fateful Prince Corrin, Enjoying Tradition Corrin, Fateful Princess Corrin, Novice Vacationer Azura, Lady of the Lake Azura, Lady of Ballads Azura, Celebratory Spirit Gunter Felicia Jakob, Devoted Servant Jakob, Devoted Monster Ryoma, Peerless Samurai Ryoma, Supreme Samurai Saizo Kagero, Honorable Ninja Kagero, Spring Ninja Hinoka, Warrior Princess Hinoka, Blue Sky Warrior Azama Setsuna Takumi, Wild Card Takumi, Prince of Soup Takumi, Empty Vessel Takumi, Prince at Play Hinata Oboro Sakura, Loving Priestess Sakura, Gentle Nekomata Hana Subaki Kaze Xander, Paragon Knight Xander, Spring Prince Xander, Student Swimmer Laslow Peri Camilla, Bewitching Beauty Camilla, Spring Princess Camilla, Holiday Traveler Camilla, Tropical Beauty Selena Beruka Leo, Sorcerous Prince Leo, Seashore's Prince Odin Niles Elise, Budding Flower Elise, Tropical Flower Arthur Effie Charlotte Kana, Dragon Spawn Kana, Dragon Princess Shigure, Dark Sky Singer Shigure, Uplifting Artist Shiro Rhajat Siegbert Soleil
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