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Found 1 result

  1. As the title says above, let's discuss wallpapers, or themes that you can decorate for your 2DS/3DS. What does everyone have? What are your favourites? I currently have the Fire Emblem Fates theme featuring the two families, which I got as a gift when I bought Conquest. This is the only one I have, as surprisingly, there is almost none that I like. I might get a Zelda OoT/Skyward Sword theme later on. But that is really it for me. There was a theme from Pokémon which I really would have liked to get - it was a stylised version of Serena with her Pokémon (titled Pokemon: Heroine - see here). I also saw two Pokémon Movie (from the XY series) themes, which I wouldn't mind getting. Sadly, all three are Japan-exclusive, and thus unobtainable in my Australian 2DS. Actually, what is with the utter lack of Calem and Serena (or any other human PCs besides Red and Blue) for the Pokemon-related themes? Outside of Pokémon, I understand that Earthbound or Golden Sun would not get a theme - actually, I would be very surprised, though overjoyed, if there was. What I am surprised, however, is the lack of FE Akaneia/Awakening-related themes - I wonder what the heck is going on.
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