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Found 3 results

  1. Info Dump Site Hate to see this die! It can be restarted, and I'm thinking throw some stats in. This is the first time I've done a stat based RP, so any help and input appreciated. Stats: Strength: physical power Dexterity: agility Constitution: endurance/HP Wisdom: insight, intelligence Spirits will buff stats. For simplicity's sake we won't distinguish between primary and support spirits, but each character can have up to two spirits attached. "Character" includes the rescued fighters and our 2nd gen heroes, and maybe villains if we're inclined. Here is the original OOC thread. Yeah, just post here with anything. Light Realm Map:
  2. Basically a place for those doing the World of Light roleplay. So, to everyone else here, do you mind if I make stories based on this universe for the Write Your Butt Off stuff?
  3. That's the dilemma that player face if they choose to marry with any of the 1st generation or spotpass character. Most player have their avatar marry 1st generation characters like Chrom, Tharja, Cordelia, Lissa, etc. for the 2 kids, but then one of the 13 kids will be left out. That one kid would be forever alone... What are your choices? Do you prefer marrying 2nd gen instead? Is A-rank support still adequate for that one unmarried kid? I usually end up paring my avatar with 2nd gen character because of that dilemma. What do you guys think?
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