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Found 2 results

  1. Alright. Today, I'm going to spend some time trying to figure out Lucina's timeline, her reality, and try to make sense of it. Let me just tell you right now, it doesn't make any sense. So supposedly the first event that sets the world in the path of destruction is the assassination of Emmeryn and Chrom in Chapter 6. (I'll be using Chapters as time marks) Alright, sounds beliveable enough. Lucina saves Chrom from the assassins after all, then Chrom saves Emmeryn. But, this is where it gets kinda confusing. Let me pose a question. If Chrom is killed the night of Chapter 6, then how is Lucina born? At this point Chrom probably doesn't have a wife. I don't know if it's possible to get him to S support with someone by then, but even if he somehow does have a wife, Lucina isn't born until two years later, after the war with Plegia. That also accounts for any other children Chrom may have, (one other depending on his wife) but there's no canon wife for Chrom, so that isn't set in stone. But it is definitely true that Lucina can't be born, therefore being non-existent in her own timeline. [By extension, Lissa is probably dead as well. She is saved at the last second by future Lucina in Chapter 1. Without her there, Lissa would probably be dead, and that means Owain doesn't exist either] Moving off of that mind-fuck, I believe the next major event different from Lucina's world is Emmeryn's suicide in Chapter 9 (I think?). This causes most of Plegia's army to lay down their weapons and surrender en masse. That should have an effect on how the future turns out, right? Sure Emmeryn is dead, but Ylisse defeats Plegia. We can assume that when Chrom and Em are killed (Ch 6) Plegia would take over Ylisse and the Grimleal would do their Grima-ish shit. Speaking of Plegia... Who the hell is the king? Supposedly Validar must be king in Lucina's world, as he revives Grima, takes control of Robin, yada yada yada. But, if Ylisse loses the war, wouldn't Gangrel still be alive? So wouldn't he be king? Okay, maybe Validar killed him. That one seems insignificant. Hold on, King of Plegia? Didn't Valm.... Ohhhhhh boy. So without Chrom and the others to stop them, Valm probably came in, took over everything, (read: Conquered) and bailed. So yeah, no Ferox, Ylisse, or Plegia. Everything is Valm. And that bdings is back to Plegia (Valm). Supposedly, in Lucina's reality, Robin kills Chrom after they kill Validar, then Robin revives Grima, is brought under his control, and all that stuff. But Chrom is already dead! Would Robin have been killed in Chapter 6 as well? Validar didn't know he was there... this is all very confusing and I'm losing my place... Overall this whole thing doesn't make sense. How is Chrom killed in Chapter 6 but has Lucina? How is he then killed by Robin? How do the children exist? Especially Owain and possible Chrom child number 2? How many years in the future is Lucina's reality? Who's the king of Plegia? Does it matter with Valm having conquered everything? Why is this so confusing? Does Nintendo really think they can do timelines? Does this rash look serious to you? So many questions that can't be answered... I wish I could, but I'm no MatPat, I don't theorize things. Maybe I could if I put some more thought into it, but I'm busy. What do you guys think of this?
  2. Simply put, how good is Delmud from Fire Emblem 4 (I know he appears in FE 5 as well) and what is his potential as a unit? What would I need to look for when Pairing Raquesis/Lachesis in the first generation to increase his potential?
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