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Found 3 results

  1. So, I bought the Fates edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL. I was really liking it at first, but when I turned on my 3DS (my older, midnight purple one) I was looking at the two and felt that the graphics on the New XL looked kind of blurry? Plus, I feel that the colors look better on the older model; to me, the colors look brighter, as opposed to the New XL. I guess I'm asking if others feel this way, or if the blurriness/color thing is 'normal'? While I'm at it, I should ask about the issue of game 'transferring"-- since I started playing Fates on the New XL, would there be a problem if I decided to play it on the old 3DS? I have two different Ninendo Network I.D.'s for the systems, because I was planning on keeping both consoles for later things like trading Pokemon from different games. I'm thinking now I should keep just one console... and while I'm at it, anyone here want a FE:Fates Edition of the New 3DS XL? :P
  2. I've actually managed to get a new one as an early Christmas present. But I have a question. What sort of protection can you guys recommend for me for it? In regards for screen protection, I think I may have one possible selection. But I don't know what external covers are good. I know Nintendo products tend to be durable, but I'm still a little afraid. And as such, I don't want to take any chances for if the hinges on the 3DS happen to break apart like they did with my last one. Any ideas?
  3. HELP, Should I get an Awakening Limited Edition 3DS Fire Emblem or the 3DS XL version ? I want to get a 3DS but I can't decide which version. I REALLY WANT YOUR OPINION. Thanks.
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