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Found 3 results

  1. Taken from the FEU thread [Below is the old content of the original thread post] v0.9.6 is here, finally, nearly half a year of work later. I really should have released this a long time ago. Direct integration of genderlock removal as well as streamlining of installation are just a few under the hood changes of many that have happened. Lucina can now recruit all 2nd gen across all paralogues with unique dialogue depending on whether or not she is the sibling, or the mother in the case of the Morgans. A ton of other changes, including the additions of the Valentian Falchion and Binding Blade as well as some experimental changes to stats have also been made, so check the patch notes for further details. Here is a link to the modded files. As ever, you need to dump your own roms. If you want to play the hack with Gay Awakening, you'll need the compatibility patch. You'll have to get Gay Awakening from its source. To install, simply right click on the game in Citra, select open mod location and paste the unzipped files into the romfs folder there. This tutorial will help for those of you with a modded 3DS or flashcart. You can view the notes for v0.9.6 here and the full changelog here (slightly outdated, to be fixed soon) Making this possible and accessible in the first place is because of Thane98. Thanks to the amazing tools in Paragon and Exalt, progress isn’t as slow as it could be. Highly recommend using these if you want to get into FE3DS romhacking! With enough feedback, I could make something cool out of this. This will probably be quickly updated, as I’m still playing around with a lot of the gameplay changes. There is a lot I still want to do! Oh yeah, and I have a discord for it too now. I hopefully want to create a space that helps progress 3DSFE hacking in general!
  2. Hello everyone and welcome to this insanity of a challenge! Some of you might remember what @Saint Rubenio and i did a while ago and tried to take on Berwick and Conquest in a linked challenge and failed spectacularly. This is something like that, but... with 5 people! @Edelguardiansing will play Awakening, @Interdimensional Observer Birthright, @Eltosian Kadath Conquest, me Revelation and @Punished Dayni Echoes: SoV! You heard that right, a linked ironman with 5 peeps! To those who don't know, this is a challenge where each of us will play a game, with the twist being every unit is linked with a respective unit from the other games. If a unit in one game dies, then their linked units in the other games 'die' as well. You can already imagine what a disaster it will be 😄 You can see the linked units and Rules in the image above (open in a different tab if it's too small for you). The Challenge officialy starts at Brach of Fates for Fates players, Ch.5 for Awakening, and the last Act 1 map for SoV! Maps before that are a "Free zone" where you can reset if you want or do some breathing/thinking/training, but once we reach the start point, there's no going back! Chapter Checkpoints: For Fates and Awakening, we check deaths chapter by chapter, where a Fates chapter is connected to (#Fates chapter - 1) chapter in Awakening. So, Ch.5 Awakening - Ch. 6 Fates With SoV we are gonna do the checkpoints act wise. Ch. 5 Awakening - Ch.6 Fates - Act 1 Finale SoV Ch. 9 Awakening - Ch. 10 Fates - Act 2 Finale SoV Ch.13. Awakening - Ch. 14 Fates - Half of Act 3 SoV (up to Dayni to choose wether to finish Alm side or Celica's first) Ch. 17 Awakening - Ch. 18 Fates - End of Act 3 SoV Ch. 21 Awakening - Ch. 22 Fates - Half of Act 4 SoV Ch. 24 Awakening - Ch. 25 Fates - End of Act 4 SoV Endgame Awakening - Endgame Fates (27&28 together) - Endgame SoV/End of Act 5 Kid Paralogues can be done whenever aslong as it follows Rule 5. As for the pacing, we can only move forward when everyone reaches the mentioned checkpoints! And while grinding is allowed, too much griding is discouraged. Hopefully we can all reach Endgame together than way! As if This Thread will serve as a log more than anything, to remind us of the fun chaos and to share the idea of linked runs around! It won't be a full LP since that might be a bit too much work. Hopefully anyone who takes a look at this Thread can enjoy the chaos with us, or start their own linked run!
  3. I am stuck. I'm not sure where parameters for supports within Awakening's files are. I've successfully added a brand new character to Awakening AND hooked up supports and dialogue to them. However, whenever they gain support points, they will never activate C rank and continue earning support points infinitely without triggering a conversation. I'm not sure why this is, but I'm guessing is because of some kind of lacking trigger. Any idea where I should look? I know it's not an issue with the way I implemented the supports because I added a new line to two previously unsupportable characters (Chrom and Walhart) and it went swimmingly. Any help is appreciated, cuz I dunno where to go next! this seems to be somewhat new for somebody to do based on my research. If anybody wishes, I can attach the modded files and my testing save so that they can play around with it themselves.
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