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Found 1 result

  1. So as most of us know. Radiant Dawn was divided into 4 parts which served to split the game up into arcs of sorts. Part 1 was the Dawn Brigade and I feel this part is pretty solid, introduces our new protagonist and how Daein is liberated Part 2 was Crimea, which serves as a capstone and book ends to FE9 in general (Which I feel is where the writing is strongest in the entire game) Part 3 was the beginning of the War. Ike comes in with his badass crew and wrecks things, we see things from the Daein and Crimea POV every now and again but Ike takes center stage (Story wise I feel its both one of the stronger at first but then becomes one of the weakest as we continue through it to the Blood Pacts) Part 4 was the coming together and defeating the true evil. Basically Autobots roll out. (Thematically interesting but the writing could have used the longer Japanese script as could the rest of the game) My personal favorite would be either 2 or 3 thematically. From a gameplay perspective however 3 is the most yeah we are back baby Part 1 reminds me semi of Thracia starting off because Miccy is just plain out gunned for the first half or so. All n all I like this game and its various parts. The game has weaknesses yes but I want to here what your favorite part is and why?
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