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Found 8 results

  1. I think most people have seen that if you leave Uhai alive with low HP in Chapter 18/19 (depending on what mode you are playing in), he will try and run away from your characters toward the forts. Most of the time, blocking off his escape route makes him attack you as you would want. However, I have noticed that occasionally he will instead respond to such encroachment by just skipping his turn and staying in his starting spot. From testing, it seems to me like the times when this occurs are related to whether or not the nomads above and to the left of him have moved, but it would be great if someone who has extensive knowledge about the AI (Gryz?) could confirm this for me.
  2. I've never seen them do so for some reason, even when she was in range and an easy kill. So will the AI ever target her before she speaks to Roy? I'm just curious.
  3. Is it possible to write your own AI and insert it into either FE7 or FE8? Like, write your own AI codes and have enemy and green units point them into the game. Is there any documentation on it?
  4. I'm playing through Chapter 9 of Lyn Hard Mode and have noticed the following curious phenomenon in the enemy AI behavior. Depending on certain conditions that I have yet to determine, it appears that sometimes the bandit(s) who spawn in the SW corner of the map do not move off of their spawn point, which prevents certain enemies from spawning. I am currently doing a run where getting all of the EXP is extremely important, so if anyone has a viable workaround to this problem or even understands what causes it, I would be really glad to hear it.
  5. I very much hope for this game to improve enemy AI. In past games the tactic 90% of the time was if your units were still weak: - bait as little enemies at possible and then murder them by overwhelming odds. if strong - do not give a fuck about the actually enemy units Now with the new pair up for enemy AI this could be subject to change. It is debatable as especially the attack stance for enemy units is just a joke with the old AI. The only way I can see this to be a factor is if there are just overwhelming numbers of enemies or there are a lot of chokepoints. Do you think the AI is actually intelegent enough to pair the best matches? Or do you think think guard stance pair ups are premade? Do you think enemies won't start attacking anything in range and much rather stay together for the attack stance?
  6. Exactly that. If you were in a reverse situation of typical FE, that is, you have a massive army of "weak" units, your goal is to break through the small line of "elites" the player has and kill The Lord, how would you go about it? Charging haphazardly clearly does not work, so what to do?
  7. How to make enemy units and NPC units leave the battlefield: 1. Define escape tiles Escape tile format: 4 bytes: [x, y, exit, 00] x = x coordinate of escape tile. y = y coordinate of escape tile. The top-left corner of the map is (0,0). exit = Determines what animation is used when the unit steps on the escape tile. 00 = Move left then disappear. 01 = Move right then disappear. 02 = Move down then disappear. 03 = Move up then disappear. 05 = Disappear without moving. The game uses 00-03 for escape tiles located on the edges of the map. 05 is used on escape tiles located on stairs. Create a sequence of escape tiles and then terminate it with FF 00 00 00. Example - Chapter 7x escape points (01, 01, stairs) and (03, 01, stairs): 01 01 05 00 03 01 05 00 FF 00 00 00 The escape tiles used in FE7 chapters begin at address 0x1D3974. 2. Set pointers to escape tiles Enemy units and NPC units have separate pointers to escape tile data. The pointers are stored in the same order as the chapters in the Chapter Data Editor nightmare module. The enemy pointer table is at address 0xB97100. The NPC pointer table is at address 0xB971C0. Simple nightmare module for modifying pointers: (Chapters.txt referring to the same file used by the Chapter Data Editor) Enemy Pointers NPC Pointers Chapters without escape tiles point to FF 00 00 00. FE7 chapters without escape tiles point to the FF 00 00 00 located at address 0x1D3A5C. 3. Set enemy and NPC AI bytes with Chapter Unit Editor AI byte 1 - Aggression Factor 00 = Attack or steal from units that are in-range. 06 = Do not attack or steal. AI byte 2 - Looting and Escaping 04 = Open/loot doors-chests-villages. After no more targets, remain on the map and attack. 05 = Open/loot doors-chests-villages. After no more targets, move towards nearest escape tile. 0C = Immediately start moving towards escape tiles. Ignore foes. The standard in-game Brigand uses 00 + 04 for their first two AI bytes. The standard in-game Thief uses 06 + 05 for their first two AI bytes. You can't give units specific targets, so you have to manipulate their behavior through door/chest/village placement, starting position, inventory, and escape tile locations. Be careful with door placement. Even if all chests are opened, units will go after unopened doors (instead of escaping) if they still has Door Keys or Lockpicks. However, units will ignore unopened doors and begin to escape if inventory becomes full. Also, units won't use the five-durability Chest Key. ... Okay. Thanks for reading
  8. I was playing Awakening yesterday, and this enemy myrmidon decided it would be a good idea to attack Kellam, doubling him for no damage and taking 15 damage in return. Then I thought: "Overall, the AI may have become a lot better since FE1, but at least in FE1 enemies didn't just attack you for no damage" (well, unless it's Marth; the AI in that game always goes after Marth). Enemies attacking your units for no damage is something that has been bothering me for a long time now, especially when they take a lot of damage in return. I wanted to ask: what do you think of Fire Emblem's AI? What issues do you experience with the current (FE13's) AI? How do you feel it has improved over the course of the series, and do you think it has ever taken a step back (as in my example)? Feel free to share whatever odd things the AI has done in your playthroughs.
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