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Found 5 results

  1. see title anyone doubting the veracity of my late index finger will be banned on sight
  2. Howdy, y'all. I've actually had this account for a while, but I never used it much. I'm thinking I will now, though, so I cleaned it up, updated everything, and now I reckon I oughta introduce myself. Name's MegaTheGamer in most places, friends call me Mega or my real name, Ronald. South Texas born and raised , I love all things video gaming and like many different types of music, too. I don't mind saying most anything about myself, so just ask away. I haven't been part of a forum in 7 years, so being back in the saddle like this is interesting. Other than, of course, Fire Emblem, I also quite enjoy Mega Man, Smash Bros, and Mario, among a host of others. I play Pokémon casually, but not competitively, and I've been really into mecha games recently (Super Robot Wars, SD Gundam, etc.). I like to meet fellow gamers and make gaming a social activity, which is why I stream on Twitch. I'd also like to go to more conventions and events in the future when I'm less broke. Every once in a while, I might get into an anime, too, but usually I'm gaming too much to commit to a long series. I'm also a dub elitist, so expect me to talk in terms of a dub if it exists. As for the kind of person I am, I'm pretty relaxed and optimistic. I stick to my word and expect the same from others. I'm very much an introvert, so don't be concerned if I pop in and out of here in bursts. My friends tell me I'm a good listener, and that makes sense since I rarely initiate conversation, but I pretty much let anyone come to me if they want to talk. Nothing really rattles me and I can generally stay calm no matter how I feel at the moment. I do have a fuse, though, however long, and if you manage to make me of all people angry, you're gonna have bad time. But that shouldn't be an issue, it takes a heroic effort to cheese me off. If anything, you may find me too blunt or direct. All in all, this seems like a community that has stood up well despite it's past issues, and there seem to be some nice people here. All the fan game projects look great and that's probably the board where I'll spend most of my time. And just for a lark, why don't I share a thing I wrote up on how I tier the FE games and why. It's a rather opinionated thing, but it's a good indicator of what I like in the games. Looking forward to meeting people and having a fun time. Let's game, y'all. Favorite FE notes.txt
  3. So, um... Some other people have been making these threads. I'm making another one so I can entertain myself through answering people's stupid questions. Nothing too weird... Alright? Answers will be done in the perspective of my manakete character, Chigai.
  4. I asked you all if you snorted coke (coca-cola). Now you can ask me a question. Sorry no butts, I false advertised. ...Wait, where are you going?... ...Please don't leave... ...Please...
  5. Hello, I'm Riobhain, better known to you as Rio. Ask me anything. I'll try to respond in the best way possible, though some questions I either can't or won't answer -- apologies in advance if yours is one of those questions.
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