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Found 8 results

  1. I got this crazy idea for a crossover between Fire Emblem and Capcom's Ace Attorney series. Various FE characters are reimagined as crime dramady characters, some as witnesses or suspects, others as attorneys, be they heroic or sinister. Spearheading the heroic attorneys is none other than Owain Dark, cutting through contradictions and dispelling deception with all the flair of a master attorney. The weapon triangle concept of Fire Emblem is represented by a sort of rock-paper-scissors of Law, Emotion, and Logic, used both for investigation and interrogation as well as court room persecution and defense. Many of the cases involve the local national treasure, the Fire Emblem, whether it's the theft of the five stones set within it or a custody battle over ownership of the Emblem itself.
  2. Well,a few months ago I started the discussion of what's the best and worst Ace Attorney Case. Well, another topic regarding that matter would be cool,but now let's do something different!! The rival from the crossover with Professor Layton won't be included. Also,two rivals from Investigations 2 will be,well technically there were two,if one wasn't that smart is another story. My favourite rival gotta be Klavier Gavin.He was the first rival that wasn't a jerk to the defense attorney and actually helped you uncovering the truth,rather than just trying to incriminate the defendant. Well he certainly lacked character development,despite having the biggest potential in the franchise(We all know AJ:AA was rushed). I'd rank the rivals like this; Klavier > Edgeworth > Blackquill > Debeste > Lang > Godot > Franziska > Courtney Don't get me wrong, I like the concept of women being the main rival on Ace Attorney games,I just can't stand a person that freaking whips everyone in court and I think that Justine was quite a pain to deal with,because most of the times her arguments were too strong and it was frustranting to deal with her. Also,I never played SoJ and DGS,so that's why Nahyuta and Van Zieks are excluded from this list.
  3. Ace Attorney is a pretty old franchise and we have seen lots of entries recently.Ace Attorney is a franchise with absurdly good moments that few games achieved it It's games are pretty good in essence,but sometimes it fails do do so. I'm here to ask what is the best and also the worst case in the franchise.You can choose any entry to talk about,even those only released in Japan and this topic is totally spoiler free I'm starting now Worst Case: Probably my least favourite in the franchise would be the first spin-off, Miles Edgeworth Investigations. It had some good concepts,but failed in general. My least favourite case would be The Kidnapped Turnabout(Case 3). The case was so freaking long,the villain was really annoying and there wasn't anything good about it. While it introduced Lang and Kay to the franchise and it showed many references to previous cases the case was bad until the bitter end. Best Case: This one was harder to choose than the worst case.Many cases were really well written,but at the end the thing that's really important is the emotion.Bridge to the Turnabout(Trials and Tribulations last case) is apraised by many fans as the best case,but I have to disagree with then. It was a pretty good ending,but it failed to pass an sense of emotion. That's why I choose Farewell,My Turnabout(Justice for All last case),the name itself is a bit confusing,but it really fits it well. The case starts good(not spetacular),until Maya is kidnapped and the kidnapper asks for a not guilty verdict to release her,but you need to finish it in the first day. You gotta defend your new client and the game proceeds as usual.But at at the last testimony of the first trial day something seems strange. END OF SPOILER ALERT I'm not trying to convince anyone that Farewell,My turnabout is the best case,I'm just saying that it passed emotion to me and that's a hard thing to achieve in video-games, many time they try, many times they fail. Now I want to hear the other FE fans opinion on this question What is The Best and the Worst Ace Attorney case of all time
  4. Who do you guys think? Feel free to mention those not mentioned in the poll. Gavin get's both of my votes. That perm...just ruined!
  5. *ahem* So Maya is back after over a decade, not too much else was shown aside from her being involved in a case but that's just kinda obligatory really(also Pearl's back too). While everyone is freaking out over Maya, there's actually something else I'm more interested in here... This game seems to have dual story-lines, Phoenix and Maya doing stuff in this Kurain country(details on that are still vague), and Apollo and Athena holding the fort while he's away. Again, this is actually what I'm most interested about. Back when this game was announced I expressed some disappointment that Apollo wasn't the lead, because at this point in the story I felt the best direction to take would be to further develop him and tie up loose ends from his game. It seems that still may end up happening though, and hey this concept could lead to some actual character development for Athena too. It's unclear at the moment how the dual stories will be split up(separate episodes? episodes having more than one case that the player switches between?), there does seem to be about a 90% likelihood that they end up converging at some point, based off the previous trailer that showed Apollo in the foreign court and this other trailer that seems to show a new character in both settings: ...Said character being the new prosecutor. Aside from that, this trailer shows brief glimpses of other characters and confirms the return of the Mood Matrix, not enough footage was shown to tell if there's been any sort of changes to it. So looking at all we have now, I can definitely say that I am more excited than I was at the announcement, though some apprehension still remains. I just hope I'm not disappointed with the Apollo and Athena side of the story. EDIT: Oh yeah, that DLC Phoenix outfit is kind of amazing.
  6. I was wondering what were the most and least liked cases of AA, so I decided to just ask people here who played the series which are their favorite and least favorite cases. I've only beaten the first and the last game, but my favorite was the case 1-4. I don't really think I have a least favorite, though.
  7. The fifth installment of the main series, now back with Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist since his name was cleared and allowed to object in the court more than ever. The game itself with take place one year after the event of Apollo Justice, and now Phoenix will have new lackey from his attorney associate, Athena Cykes. Apollo would also return as playable character too, so his future to replace Phoenix might not be too far off. Listed "Fall" for the release as digital exclusive on Nintendo eShop. I'm currently excited with this as I have played the whole series. The story and the goofiness of the character is what make me really love this game. The music is also always perfect to build the mood of the game. Now as ESRB rated the game with "M", which makes my now up to the roof. I'm planning to use my $30 for this game. So, anybody will have the game when it is released? Don't be shy, lets talk about the series in this thread too.
  8. So Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies is on it's way (The localized version's been confirmed to be digital-release only, apparently due to how the previous game sales didn't meet expectation as time passed) Who else is excited for it? :D As usual. Nick has a new assistant hoho. Though I do miss Maya and Pearl. Here's hoping they reappear somehow, despite the unlikeliness of that happening... I'm a bit disappointed that they opted for digital-only, but what else can one do but support the series and hope they reconsider for future releases. Hopefully the unpiratabiity of the 3DS makes them change their minds.
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