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Found 3 results

  1. In every FE game, the protagonists, specifically the lord characters, are always young; specifically between early teens and... however old Micaiah actually is. And so FE games usually have a element of coming of age in the story: Marth having to deal with becoming ruler of Altea, Roy leading his people while Eliwood's health fails, Ike inheriting the mercenary company much earlier than anyone in the story expected, etc. Quite recently I was thinking about notable older protagonists (by this I mean at least middle-aged), such as Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Agent Gibbs from NCIS, Eddard Stark from season 1 of GoT, etc. That got me thinking; could an older protagonist work in an FE storyline? This is something I mentioned in a reply to a forum topic but then decided it was worth making a topic on. Do you think such a character could work in an FE game, and Why or why not?
  2. So it seems like most people don't care for what they did to Skittles - removing Lime flavor and replacing it with Green Apple. What do you think about that? Do you wish they kept Lime? Do you prefer Green Apple? Personally, I don't remember what Lime tasted like. I think I prefer Green Apple. It's my favorite of all of them too Bonus question - favorite flavor? oh also mods move this if you need to, idk if I put it in the right board
  3. I think I've finally got this. During one cutscene, Chrom is talking to Robin about his father and the war with Plegia. He says and I quote: "The campaign only ended with his death fifteen years ago." So Awakening takes place fifteen years after Chrom's dad dies. This is crucial because in the same cutscene Chrom says that Emmeryn was nine years old when their dad passed: "When our father died before her 10th year, he left her quite the legacy..." So that means Emmeryn was 24 at the beginning on Awakening. Now according to this concept artwork... Emmeryn is 6 years Chrom's senior. So Chrom is 18. Lissa's age is a little more confusing. She's apparently 10 years younger than Emmeryn and 4 years younger than Chrom which should be impossible. Chrom's mother was still pregnant with Lissa when their father died, so she could only at the most be three years younger than her siblings. That means that both Emm and Chrom had their 10th and 4th birthdays before she was born, so they're probably a bit older at the end of the Mad King's War. So their ages are likely: Emmeryn: 24 to 25 at the end of part 1, and 27 at the end of the game. Chrom: 18 to 19 at the end of part 1, and 21 at the end of the game. Lissa: 15 at the end of part 1, and 17 at the end of the game. Oh. And Donnel: 14 at the end of part 1, and 16 at the end of the game; considering he's younger than Lissa and all.
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