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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome, chicos, to my blind run of the Jugdral FE games! I plan to do them chronologically. The first section will be the first generation of FE4, starting at the Prologue and ending at Chapter 5. Then, Thracia in its entirety will be played though, with the rest of Genealogy following that. Please do not spoil anything that happens in these games, as my intention is to play them with minimal help. However, gameplay mechanics that are important to understanding how the game works that I may not know are welcomed to be explained. Progress: Thracia Ch. 5 complete [spoiler=Gen 1 pairings]Midayle X Adean Lex X Ayra Azel X Raquesis Alec X Sylvia Beowulf X Ferry Levin X Tiltyu Jamke X Briggid Click here for navigable archive of updates [spoiler=Original text]My goal right now is to play through every single FE game, and I've decided to go to 1-5 to start that. I need some motivation to get these done. So, I'm going to do an Lp. I've touched most of these games a little, but otherwise I have no knowledge unless you count FE11. I hope to have a really derpy time with this. Send me off on the road to nowhere!
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