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Found 1 result

  1. So yep, Marvel movies. What do you guys think of them? This is for all Marvel movies, not just the Cinematic Universe owned by Disney. Sony's Spider Man films, marvel films from way back when, the X-men, Daredevil from Fox, if anyone remembers that. Basically, if it's a movie with Marvel characters, then it's open for discussion. Feel free to talk about movies still in development, like Ant Man or Amazing SpiderMan 2. Just...no DC. Just Marvel, okay? So yeah, chat away about what you liked, didn't like, want to see in later films, wished you had seen in films already out, idea you have for Marvel movies, etc. Well, I'll start off and say that I'm pretty excited for the upcoming films. Amazing SpiderMan 2 is only a few months away and I'm really excited for that, and I'm actually going to go see Ant Man. I feel like the only person who want to see that, does anyone else want to? I do have one majot complaint though, and it's how they're handling Deadpool. I mean come on! You mute the guy famous for being 'The Merc with a Mouth,' and then you make us wait well over a year for you to get the movie you promised for him out? I haven't heard news on that for a while, which makes me not happy!
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