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Found 1 result

  1. PLEASE TAG ALL YOUR GAME SPOILERS STATING WHAT GAME THEY RELATE TO. SOME PEOPLE HAVEN'T PLAYED THEM ALL. So I was wondering, we had this thread a while back at the NeoGAF boards and the discussion turned out quite interesting. I think it would be fun to talk about how certain characters would face against each other if they used the rules of their own games instead of going by Smash rules (where everyone is evened out). General consensus is that Shulk and Kirby are the most powerful, followed usually by Gods (Palutena, Rosalina) or God-like characters (Ness, Mewtwo, Pit) or characters with OP Ultimate forms (Sonic, Mario, I guess Link, I guess Pac-Man too, and some others). Of course, there's A LOT of room to debate this. Current Tier List: So what do you think? Who is the true most powerful Smash character outside Smash?
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