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Found 2 results

  1. Yeah, I did a review for Awakening a while back around the time it came out. Reread it recently when my resurgent Fire Emblem obsession came back around, and it actually wasn't a horrible review, so I thought I'd share it. I know most people know Awakening like the back of their hands by now so there's probably no untreaded ground here, but take from it what you will, I suppose.
  2. 'Sup, everyone? I made my debut here last night hanging out with some lovely folks on the chat. The name's Banryu; no need to capitalize it when addressing me, I just capsed it because it looks cool. I'm a big FE fan and I've known about SFF for a while now, so I suppose me joining is a bit late in coming, but better late than never I suppose? I'm in the US and thus my first introduction to the series was SSB Melee, as well as the followup US release of Blazing Sword. I've also played a bit of Sacred Stones and own Radiant Dawn and of course Awakening. I love both the strategy and the relationships, and I particularly like how most of the games up until the Shadow Dragon remake don't oversexualize their character designs, a simple design choice that I've always approved of. Eh, but maybe I'm going a bit overboard on introductions. Sorry, tendency to ramble and all that. Any other relevant information...? Well, I like to have intelligent conversations and debates with people, and I try to keep it respectful, though I do sometimes get a little heated / blunt / rude-- though usually I try to do it for comedic effect, I typically mean no offense. I might try to do some RP on here, or more likely just confer mad strats for Awakening Streetpass stuff. I suppose that just about does it…? Oh yeah, one more thing. I'm Batman.
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