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Found 1 result

  1. Since I finally have a computer, I am starting a project I've wanted to do for so long, ever since I got the second game of this series.What is it I want to do? Playthrough and do a record of the Baten Kaitos games. Since I do not have the technology to record it off my tv screen, I plan to do a written chronicle of the games. To make up for the lack of video, I will instead do a detailed description of events. I will insert pictures and even videos (none of which are mine) when I believe they are necessary. To those who have already played these games, please, do not spoil the plot I think one person spoiling it is enough. And so, without further ado, I present to you [spoiler=A general introduction to the game] The game was developed by Tri-Crescendo and Monolith Soft (of Xenogears, Chrono Cross and Xenoblade fame, among others) and published by Namco for the RPG-deficient Gamecube. It was one of a few in the genre for the system (like, the only other major RPGs I can think of are Paper Mario: TTYD, Tales of Symphonia, and maybe Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles), and was (according to the back of the box) Award Winning. So... why isn't it well known as ToS? I'm not sure, lack of advertising? No-one in the right mind thought it was good? Well, the game itself is a gem, and, really, the only things I would complain about are the Voice Acting (GCN games are, apparently, not really known for superb voice acting, if Super Mario Sunshine is any proof [or so the Mario series fans say]), and a few sections of the game itself which are cheap/bad. The good things that are obvious are the music, and the second disc plot twist (which I will be alluding to many times). In fact both this game and Baten Kaitos Origins have great selections of music, and their own plot twists, and, for the time, they have good visuals. So, while these games aren't contenders for "Best Game Ever" which we all know Chrono Trigger wins, they certainly has their own good points, and is superb in their own rights. And Now let's actually get to the actual playthrough. [spoiler=Prologue of the wings] (AKA "So you wake up in a hospital") [spoiler=Boring intro stuff]Upon first booting up the game, I am treated to a... very weird opening scene. [spoiler=WEIRD OPENING VIDEO] ...yeah. Let's continue shall we. Following that, there is the title screen. Continuing on, I hit New Game. And am treated to a screen in sepia. In the middle, Kalas, looking at the screen. Suddenly a voice speaks. "That Spirit seems to like you. If you can bond with it, Something wonderful may Happen to you... Are you ready?" Kalas raises his arms, and fancy visual effects happen. Since the player is referred to as a Spirit, and a name entry screen comes up, it is safe to assume that the player is a character in the game, which is referred to several times in the manual. [spoiler=Character bio: The Guardian Spirit] That's right, you, the player, take part in this story. This allows for in-character fourth wall breaking and other goodies like that. This also leads to (possibly) heart-rending scenes later in the games (especially in Baten Kaitos Origins). Now, for this game, I decided to choose to make the Guardian Spirit a female, and name her Daimon, for reasons that will become obvious soon enough. After hitting accept, Kalas accepts "me", and I'm treated to several cutscenes. Following the cutscenes, a weird picture with five floating stones appears, and a creepy voice over plays. It states something about the world being destroyed. Been there done that. Following that, The screen changes to another place, with Kalas waking up. Not knowing where he is, he is informed by a man about his location. The man, Larikush, is the doctor of the village of Cebalrai, where we find ourselves. Kalas was found knocked out in the nearby forest and was brought to the village. Larikush states that the animals there have been acting aggresive, and is perplexed as to why. He warns Kalas to stay away from the woods, He asks Kalas for his name, and he is formally introduced. He states that this is his first time in this area, and that this is why he got lost. Yep. Larikush states that Kalas was hit in the head, and was worried that he had amnesia, it's not the case. He also states that he left Kalas' winglet* by the window, and notes that it has a different design from most. Kalas replies that his grandfather made it, as was an excellent engineer. Larikush asks how Kalas' grandfather. He's doing ok... several feet under... for about two years. Larikush shows shows sorrow at this. [spoiler=Annotation] A man made wing, usually made for those in the Alfard Empire. Kalas has a winglet due to only having one natural wing. Getting up from the bed he was one, Kalas thanks Larikush, who states that Kalas was saved by "Meemai." Kalas looks for "Meemai" after replacing his winglet and cape. Now I can actually take control of Kalas. So OUT WE GO. [spoiler=SLIGHTLY more Interesting stuff] Kalas learns about save points and how to level up. And so Kalas heads into the village square and meets a boy with an annoying voice.The annoying voiced kid asks Kalas to meet Meemai, which is a bird thing, known as... *remembers* Greythornes. After talking to him, Kalas talks to a not so generic girl in the town. The HORRIBLY VOICED girl asks Kalas if he's also a traveler. Well duh. She says she came to see the ruins in the woods, and Kalas doesn't have a reason. Nice job picking up chicks. A weirdly dressed guy talks to the girl, who has to go... somewhere. She goes to say goodbye to Meemai and annoyingly voiced kid number 1 (he apparently has a name, Cedr. No portrait but you have a name? Yep, you're totally plot relevant.). Kalas walks to the world map. [spoiler='World map and (arguably) some of the best music you can find in video games] So we step onto the world map with pretty music. [spoiler='Picture and accompanying video] This is only a prelude of what is to come. So, we go to the left, to the forest and the first dungeon. The first area has two enemy icons, a treasure chest, and decent music. But it's not the area music I'm interested in, it's the fight music. [spoiler=The True Mirror/Motoi Sakuraba doing his thing] Yeah. I fight the enemies and kick their asses, and grab the treasure chest, and head to the next area.... which is blocked by a log. Yep. Time to head back. I lied about it being more interesting. After wandering around for several minutes remembering what to do, I talk to the mayor, and exit again, this time triggering the flag allowing me to explore the forest. Aren't I an idiot. BACK AT THE FOREST, I head to the second area, the log has "mysteriously" disappeared. I scoff. This time, there are two treasure chests I can get, which contain a leather hat magnus and a bamboo shoot magnus. Also I beat up an enemy and got a constellation magnus (for a collection sidequest). Not too bad. I head to the third area and BOSS FIGHT BOSS FIGHT. [spoiler=Sabre Dragon] [spoiler=video] [spoiler=For those who can't see the video] A Sabre Dragon kills Annoying Voice'd Girl's companions, and Kalas saves the day and helps kick it's ass. Following that, she reveals her name to be Xelha, and they decide to head to the ruins together. Like a couple. I'm ending this here because it's gone on for longer then I originally intended. So yeah, next time, probably tomorrow, we head to the ruins. I'm planning to continue most of my runs now that I have a computer, yes. Also, I beat the Saber Dragon with unripe bananas. Just saying. Also also, in my next post, I'm planning to put a table of contents, an explanation of the battle systems, and other goodies.
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