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Found 1 result

  1. So I recently beat all three paths of FE Fates. Had a lot of genuine fun, cried at bs rng, laughed at Azama, even spent like 4 hours in one run to try and level up the villager and then realized it wasnt worth it. Needless to say, it has been a journey. Most recently I began a new playthrough on Birthright hard. Hard because Im not going through lunatic levels of reinforcements again and Birthright,because I want to recruit several copies of characters like Yukimura for my logbook. Of course after enduring more fates than reinforcements on lunatic, I wanted a fresh experience. So it was, wishing for more variety, that I decided that on this run I would exclusively use one class. My (unfortuneately) favorite class in all of Fire Emblem. A class I spent an unhealthy number of hours grinding to simply make feasible and an unpleasant number of restarts to save in FE Shadow dragon. I am of course referring to the Ballistician (now with extra tank!). I essentially used the mycastle to recruit a stupid powerful Xander and proceeded to clear Ballistician Blitz some 2 dozen times. I set the rule I may use 5 non ballisticans, but they must weild bows and that all male units must be promoted to Ballistician asap. This means Hayato sucks even more than usual. The first few chapters were interesting, but at chaprter 10 I noticed a discrepencie. It was as if the game wasnt balanced around the player's team having only archers?! Weird right? The enemy Ninja, if they got too close would devestate my tanks, I mean Ballistae. Likewise, the player phase decimated all enemy units. My low movement and defense created an interesting dynamic which revolved around baiting the enemy and punishing with my full pachyderm might.A lternatively it was a never ending stuggle to prevent my units from being one round ko'd. Seriously though, I just had a blast being frustrated while at the same time pleased with the silly results of my holy army of the Fuijin Tankumi. I thought it would be fun to read other peoples experiences of breaking the game with class issolation or really anything funny at all, especially in regards to challeng like runs. I do love this game and I grudgingly enjoy the dlc, but why oh why, can I beat this game using my (unfortuneately) favorite, weak ass, store brand armor knight, knock off archer, gimmicky, situtational, gets doubled by enemy generals and inadvertantly sets all units weapon rank to E class!? please tell me about you own thoughts or experience, Im dying to know what everyone else is doing.
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