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Found 1 result

  1. Fire Emblem - Redemption Hello I'm Masterplan201 and welcome to my hack Fire Emblem - Redemption. I'm not native American so please excuse my grammatic errors. Story: Still Working on the story: Basically at the very begining there is a war going on and there are orphans that get saved by a group of bandits from some other bandits. The bandits pick up the children and live with them together for 2 years. Later the bandits have to move on and hand over the children to some knights of the holy kingdom Goa. After that, 15 years later the story starts with the children alll grown up. Two of the children stayed at Goa and became part of it but the third one flew and lived as a mercenary and become a giant general. Screenshots: Prologue: Chapter 1: Credits: [spoiler=x] All the people who made the hacking tools and various tutorials, without them this hack woldn't even be possible. Animations: Sqawl Yangfly Master Maps: Primefusion, Aurawulf To all FE hackers, you've motivated me through your awesome hacks to start my own hack Sorry if I forgot someone, but if I did I will update the credits. I know right now the screenshots don't show to much but I will try to post more screens and often.
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